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9 Ways to Dance, Sing & Party with Trolls

Thought you’d seen the last of the so-ugly-they’re cute Trolls dolls from your childhood? Think again! Trolls are back with a new look, new songs, and their iconic crazy ‘dos! Watch the trailer for the upcoming DreamWorks’ Trolls movie, and you’ll see it’s going to make a fabulous girl’s birthday party theme.

Need some Trolls-themed party ideas? Turn up Justin Timberlake’s bop “Can’t Stop The Feeling” from the movie soundtrack, and check out our favorite DIY Trolls party plan. We’ll help you fill your Trolls party with games and activities kids will love.

1.     Make Hair-Raisingly Fun Favor Bags


What You’ll Need:

The real star of this flick might be Princess Poppy’s stylish up-do. Turn ordinary paper favor bags into the Trolls’ signature coiffure for adorable Trolls themed favor bags.

1.     For the first bag, use scissors to cut ½” strips from the top edge down to ½” from the bottom of the bag. Then fringe the second bag in a similar way, instead, stop midway down the bag.

2.     Place the halfway cut favor bag inside the fully-cut favor bag.

3.     Fill up the middle with Trolls party favors, like fuzzy Trolls rings, stickers, and tattoos. You can also stand one of these Trolls pencils upright inside to help hold the shape of the bag.

4.     Gather up all the fringed ends and tie them together at the top with curling ribbon.

5.     Decorate the base of the bags with stick-on foam flowers to recreate Poppy’s headband.

2.     Strike a Pose like Guy Diamond at the Trolls Photo Booth

 Poppy’s uninhibited and party-loving pal, Guy Diamond, knows how to strike a pose, and kids will love working the camera just as much when you set up a Trolls themed photo booth!


What You’ll Need:

1. Hang the tablecloth or sheet so it’s taut in front of a wall.

2. Hang  cute Trolls swirls and tissue paper decorations from the ceiling in front of the backdrop.

3. String a length of garland or a birthday banner on the backdrop, just above where your guests will be posing.

4. Set out accessories like Trolls bracelets and rings for your glam guests to put on before their close-up.

5. Assemble the Trolls photo props and display them in a glass jar, vase, or flower pot for guests to grab.

6. To take your photo booth to the next level, pick up a super cool Fujifilm Instax™ Mini 8 Camera for Polaroid-style shots. Snap plenty of silly selfies for little girls to take home when the show is over.

3.     Scrapbook with the Snack Pack


What You’ll Need:

One of Poppy’s favorite pastimes is crafts, but she’s got a special knack for scrapbooks. With this craft, you’ll keep guests busy making memory pages of your Trolls birthday party too!

  1. Use the snapshots from the photo booth to decorate your guests’ mini scrapbooks.
  2. Spread out your photos and crafting supplies, like markers, glitter, glue, and stickers on a table, or at a designated crafting area for kids.
  3. Pass out scrapbook pages to each guest.
  4. Let kids grab their favorite snapshots and glue them onto construction paper. Then, decorate pages with the Trolls stickers, glitter, or doodles!

4.     Create Your Own Wearable Troll Hair


What You’ll Need:

These cone-shaped hats are a party classic, but just add a few simple crafting supplies, and they get a whole new Troll look! Kids will look just like Poppy with this fun and easy Trolls party craft!

  1. Let each guest pick out a color of felt – this will be the faux Trolls hair.
  2. Show your crafters how to use their scissors to cut the felt into strips almost all the way down, leaving about an inch of room at the bottom. Make sure to use scissors appropriate for the guests’ ages.
  3. Using a hot glue gun, glue the uncut end of the felt sheet outside the rim of the paper hat. (This step is best done by parents, not the little ones!)
  4. Gather up all the strips and tie them at the top of the hat with green curling ribbon. This is easiest if one person holds the hat upside down while the other one ties it.
  5. Guests can personalize their Trolls party hats with felt flowers, pom poms, and other decorations.

5.     Troll Town Flower Pots


What You’ll Need:

These DIY flower pots make another great birthday keepsake. Bright colors and glitter make these Troll-worthy flower crafts an ideal birthday activity. Best of all, no watering or sunshine required!

  1. Protect your table with newspaper or a plastic table cover.
  2. Give each guest a mini clay pot and paintbrush. Let your little artists paint their names, music notes, butterflies, or anything else they want on the outside of their pots. Then set aside.
  3. While pots dry, guests make flowers using craft sticks and adhesive felt flowers, foam flowers, and pom poms.
  4. Show kids how to roll a large lump of air-dry clay into a ball and place it into the pot. Then, press the faux flowers into the clay.
  5. Let dry according to the clay package instructions.

6.     Relay Race to the Big Show

What You’ll Need:

Everyone wants to see Princess Poppy perform. In this fun and fast-paced party game, your little Trolls fans will have to finish the relay race to get to the concert on time!

  1. Have all the superstars get into teams of 3-4. Line each team up at one end of the race area.
  2. Create a finish line 20 feet away (or on the other side of the room or yard).
  3. Give each team a basket of concert gear. When the referee yells, “Go!” the first player from each team has to get decked out from head to toe in all the fun accessories, run to the finish line, then run back to her team, crossing the starting line.
  4. The first player removes all of her accessories and hands them off to the next player.
  5. Repeat for all the players on each team until one team’s players have finished. Give the winning team horns, cymbals, or other musical prizes to take to Poppy’s concert. Or, guests can divide up necklaces and other props as prizes.

7.     The Case of the Bergen’s Stolen Birthday Cake

What You’ll Need:

  • Index cards or slips of paper
  • A pen or marker
  • The birthday cake or favor bags

Those pesky Bergens have stolen the birthday cake, and it’s up to the birthday girl and her friends to track it down! Best of all, everyone wins with this scavenger hunt party game! Once your Trolls cake has been found, everyone can eat the winnings. If you don’t want to hide the cake, pretend the Bergens stole the Trolls’ treasure and have guests hunt down their Trolls’ goodie bags.

  1. Before your guests arrive, number the index cards 1-20 (or up to as many clues as you want). Write a clue on each card, in the order you want them to be discovered. The answer to the first clue should lead you to the second clue, the answer to the second leads you to the third, and so on. Use clues that can be found around your home or party space. Here are some of our best Trolls-themed clues.
  •  “Trolls love adventuring near and far, and your next clue is hidden somewhere in the yard!”
  • “The Bergens are hungry, where will they eat? Look for the clue, where they take a seat!” (Dining table or chair)
  • “Branch is all dirty, he’s covered with mud. You’ll find the clue where there’s soap and suds!” (Bathtub or shower)
  • “DJ Suki totally rocks. She left you a clue in the mailbox!”
  • “Biggie is tired from running around. A place to take naps is where this clue can be found!” (Bed)
  1. Arrange the clues at the hiding places in the correct order. The answer to Clue 1 is where you place Clue 2, the answer to Clue 2 is where you place Clue 3. The final clue should lead to where you hide the birthday cake, goodie bags, or another prize.
  2. To begin, hand Clue 1 to one of your players to read out loud. They will be playing together as a group. As they run from clue to clue, whoever finds the index card first should read the clue out loud for everyone to hear.
  3. The game ends when the group solves the last clue and discovers their prize!

8.     Pump Up the Fun with a Trolls Piñata


What You’ll Need:

No kids birthday party is complete without a piñata, and luckily for you, we have two Trolls piñatas to choose from! Both have a safety-conscious pull-string feature and are just the thing for ending a Trolls birthday bash with a bang.

  1. Fill your piñata with up to 2lbs. of candy, small toys, and Trolls favors
  2. String a length of rope through the built-in plastic loop on top of the piñata, double knot it, then hang it around a thick tree branch, beam, or other secure spot.
  3. Line kids up and instruct the first player to choose a pull-string and firmly tug on it. If it doesn’t open the piñata’s hidden trapdoor, their turn is over and they should get back in line.
  4. Have the remaining players continue to take turns tugging on the pull-strings until one finally opens the piñata’s bottom and releases the Trolls-themed favors inside.
  5. Once the magic string is pulled, candy will rain down for kids to collect in their goody bags.

9.     Last-Minute Trolls Party Games

You don’t need to spend a ton of money or plan in advance for these quick and easy Trolls party games. Music and dancing are the heart of the Trolls movie, so no Trolls party is complete without a few musical party games. Have a speaker handy (and the Trolls soundtrack!) so you can pump up the jams for a freeze dance party, hot potato game, or musical chairs. All these games have similar play styles, dance, run around chairs, or pass around a Trolls doll “hot potato” until the music stops. Whoever is caught moving (freeze dance), without a seat (musical chairs), or with the “hot potato” when the music stops is out. Keep going until there is one party guest is left standing (or sitting) and they will be crowned the winner. Make sure you have plenty of Trolls prizes and party favors on hand to give the game winners.

These Trolls birthday ideas are just the beginning! You’re sure to think of even more creative ways to get kids doing the boogie at your Trolls birthday celebration. Just remember the Trolls’ secret to happiness: Dance. Sing. Hug.