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How To Make DIY Pom Pom Earrings

Pom poms make everything more fun! We’re seeing these fluffy embellishments added to handbags, home décor, gift wrap, jewelry and even accessories!

Pom Pom Earrings

Pom pom earrings are trending right now and not losing momentum anytime soon! After seeing them pop up on some of our favorite style blogs, we just had to create a pair of our own. They’re easy to customize in your favorite colors and only take about 30 minutes to MAKE!

Here’s what you need to get started:

• Loops & Threads® Impeccable™ Yarn, Solid – Arbor Rose – 4.5 Oz

• DMC® 6 Strand Embroidery Floss, Group 2 – 891 DK Carnation

• DMC® Embroidery Needles – 3/9

• Bead Gallery® 6/0 E Glass Beads – Cobalt – 6/0 MM

• Eye Pins Mix By Bead Landing™ – Gold Tone

• Bead Landing™ Gold Flat Earring Posts

• Gold Earring Backs By Bead Landing™

• Clover Pom Pom Maker, Small

• E6000® Amazing Crafting Glues Multipack

• Bead Landing™ Bead Organizer & Tool Set

• Scissors

• Ruler

Now, let’s MAKE some pom poms!



Using your pom pom maker, create two medium and two small pom poms with yarn. If you need a little help, check out this handy video!
Maker Tip: Use two strands of different colored yarns for a fun & multicolored pom!


Your pom poms may be a bit unruly, so use your scissors to trim them down so that they are even all around, and more compact.



Take two gold eye pins and slide on your blue beads, leaving ¼” of the eye pin showing at the top. Then, use the jewelry pliers from the toolbox to bend the piece of the eye pin remaining at a 90° angle.  Curl the pin back in the other direction into a small loop. Repeat this process on the other end.
Here’s a quick video demonstrating how to make the wire loops:


Cut four pieces of floss 6″ long.



Thread one strand of floss through the needle. Slide the needle up through the medium pom pom, through the eye pin, and back down through the bottom of the pom pom. Remove the needle and tie a tight knot with the ends of the floss strand. Don’t forget to trim off the excess!


Repeat Step 5 on the smaller pom pom for the other end of the same eye pin. Then, repeat Steps 4-5 to create the second earring for a matching pair!


On the backside of the smaller pom pom of each earring, trim the yarn so that there is a flat surface on which to attach the earring back.


Use E-6000®  adhesive to attach the earring back to the flat part of the pom pom on both earrings. Follow the package directions, let them dry thoroughly and you’re all set!

These earrings are perfect for a party outfit or to dress up a plain tee. Either way, you’ll be proud to say that you made them yourself.

Now that you have mastered making pom poms, how will you wear them? Show us your DIY pom pom projects on Instagram by tagging your photos with #MakeItWithMichaels!

MAKE Magic with Unicorns & Tie Dye!

If you haven’t noticed, unicorn everything – and we mean EVERYTHING – is trending right now. Our friends at Tulip® took this trend to the next level by pairing it with the equally popular tie-dye! Here’s how you can MAKE your very own mystical sparkle unicorn tie dye tee using the Tulip One-Step Sparkle Party for 6 Kit.

Sparkle Party for 6

You can get this kit exclusively at your local Michaels store. It comes with everything you need to make multiple tie-dye shirts.

Inside you’ll find:

  • 10 bottles of Tulip One-Step Tie Dye Colors
  • Rubber Bands
  • Silver Glitter Fabric Spray
  • 2 Glitter Iron-on Design Sheets
  • 12 Gloves
  • Reusable Surface Cover
  • Project Sheet

This kit is perfect for a fun tie-dye party with friends. Pick up 6 white t-shirts (or even tote bags!), while you’re at the store and you’ll be ready to go!

Tie Dye Your Shirts

Before you begin: Lay out your surface cover and prepare your work area. Fill up the tie-dye bottles in the colors of your choosing with water and shake well. Put on your gloves and let the tie-dye party begin!

1 pinch shirt in middle

  1. Start with a damp t-shirt. The dye saturates the fabric more easily when it’s wet.
  2. Lay your 100% cotton shirt flat on the table and pinch the shirt in the middle, pulling the fabric upwards.
  3. Bind your shirt with rubber bands in several sections as shown. Then, lay your bound fabric flat on your table/surface.

2 tie as shown

4. Squeeze the dye on your shirt as shown, making sure to saturate all white areas. Flip it over as you add dye to make sure you dye both sides!

3 add dye

5. Wrap your tie-dyed shirt in plastic wrap or a plastic bag and let it set for 6-8 hours.

4 wrap and let set

6. After it has set, cut off the rubber bands carefully with scissors, and then rinse under cold water until all the dye is out and the water starts to run clear.

7. Wash your shirt in cold water and tumble dry on low.  

Iron On Your Designs

5 add unicorn iron-on

  1. Take your finished tie-dyed t-shirt and lay it flat on an ironing board or hard surface.
  2. Peel your unicorn iron-on designs from the sheet and place in the middle of your bullseye design.
  3. Lay an ironing cloth over the design and turn your iron on to the cotton setting.
  4. Iron continuously for 40 seconds. Check to make sure the transfer is set and re-iron if needed.

6 cover in glitter spray

For even more shimmer, use the glitter fabric spray to add sparkly effects that match your transfer. More sparkles = more unicorn magic!

Maker Tip: Take it to the next level by fringing the bottom of your tee; learn how here.

finished unicorn shirt

Here’s what your completed shirt will look like once finished. It’s perfect for a music festival, a day at the beach, or matching outfits for a girls’ night out. We can’t promise that this shirt will give you magical powers, but we promise the compliments will magically appear the minute you wear it!

Have you been inspired by this unicorn trend? Share with us in the comments below!




10 Makers to Inspire You to Think Pink

The Michaels Trend Team is seeing pink pop up everywhere! From fabulous florals to parties, paintings, and more; this rosy hue is a trend we can get behind!

Get inspired by these 10 Makers who are living the pink dream.

Trend Alert: Crochet Bun Beanie

The messy bun is our go-to hairstyle around here so when we saw this bun beanie hat trending on Pinterest, we just knew we had to make one for ourselves!

Messy Bun Beanie Hat Crochet PatternYou can’t let cold weather get your bun down. This crochet bun beanie pattern has a hole in the top to fit your pony tail or bun through. It’s genius and we’re obsessed!

We’ve got the exclusive pattern for to share with you too.  bunbeanie3bunbeanie2

For the pattern to the Loops & Threads® Impeccable™ Messy Bun Hat featured above, click HERE.

Bun Beanie Crochet Hat

We love Caron® Cakes™ yarn and the way it color blocks when you’re crocheting, so we had to make a bun beanie with their new Spice Cake flavor!

Caron Cakes Spice Cakebun beanie

For the pattern to the Caron® Cakes™ Messy Bun Crochet Hat featured above, click HERE.

If you already know how to crochet, these hats are fairly easy to make. We whipped them out in just a couple of hours. bunbeanieblog3

If you’re interested in learning how to crochet, check out our in-store classes at your local Michaels. It’s the perfect time to learn something new!

Make sure you show us your messy bun beanies on Instagram by tagging your pictures with #MakeItWithMichaels!

DIY Planner Accessories

Today we have a very special guest post from Kari who blogs at U Create where she encourages “U” to create by providing tutorials, patterns, craft tips, and endless inspiration.

My favorite trend in the craft industry right now is definitely “planners” – they are EVERYWHERE.  I have to say at first I didn’t understand the hype and wondered why people didn’t just use their cell phone apps and calendars, but after chatting with My Planner Envy, I understand it completely and now I’m hooked! She told me how her readers are using this as another “creative outlet” and even use them like a scrapbook or journal.

I was surprised to see all of the different sizes, themes, and accessories for the planners, too!  Well, today I’m teaming up with Jessica at My Planner Envy to bring you two different DIY accessories that can spice up your planners!

DIY Planner Tassel




  Directions: tassel-tutorial

  1. Wrap the DMC floss around chipboard or thin cardboard to desired length of tassel (we used 5” piece).


  • Slide off cardboard and cut loop.



  • Thread one end of floss into the jump ring and place jump ring in the middle of tassel.tassel-diy-steps



4. Grab a different color (or same color) and wrap around the top of the tassel to secure it, thread the floss and hide inside the tassel. 5. Comb the tassel to even out and trim edges. tassel-clip Now you have a fun, bright tassel that also works great as a bookmark to save your place!

DIY Interchangeable Planner Charms

planner-charms-tutorial Supplies:











  1. Cut chain to desired length. (Tip: cut to the size of your wrist as a bracelet so you can wear it, too!)
  2. Add a lobster clasp to each jump ring and charm.
  3. Lay out your design and the order you want the charms placed evenly. Attach to chain.
  4. Find secure place to attach your chain to the planner. We went right up the center of the top ring on The Happy Planner.
  5. Attach with findings and lobster clasp.

Use as a decoration for the outside, a marking place, and of course a bracelet for you to wear! The charms are super easy to interchange, too!


Are you jumping onto the planner bandwagon? Show off your DIY planner accessories on Instagram using #MadeWithMichaels!



Trend Alert: Beautiful Bones

Year after year, October marks the beginning of pumpkin season. It’s that time of year when you’re sure to find Jack-o’-Lanterns chilling out on porches and pumpkin spice lattes warming hearts and hands everywhere. But around here, we’re a little partial to skulls. It’s one of the hottest trends of the season, but just remember that your standard old bag of bones just won’t do. No, we like ’em stylized, colorful and oh so cool.

Skull Canvas

This chic Stenciled Canvas project shows you how to whip up a great décor piece in about half an hour. Super easy to create, the simple black and white design will look great on a wall or tabletop, or you can even use it as a backdrop for your candy station. Pro tip: the Stencil1® Set has four different stencils courtesy of designer Ed Roth, so if sugar skulls aren’t your thing, you can rock a look with skulls and crossbones or classic craniums, or use all four in a creative montage.

Skull ClocheGlam up your décor with this fabulous Glitter Skull Cloche. Bright and bold, the fun color mix gives this simple piece a modern look that will add spooky sparkle to entryways, breakfast bars and party tablescapes.

Skull BraceletShow your bones with this beautiful Turquoise Skull Bracelet. Made with faux turquoise skulls and classic spacer beads, this trendy bracelet is sure to become a favorite jewelry piece that you’ll wear year-round! For some added pop, you can mix and match the turquoise beads with these colorful skull beads that feature shimmering rhinestone eyes.

Skull Mason JarsHalloween isn’t Halloween without that perfect eerie glow, and now you can get it with these Skull Topped Mason Jars. As one of our favorite Mason jar projects of the season, they’re perfect for party table toppers and centerpieces, and you can even use them to light your pathway for all of the neighborhood trick or treaters.

Find more skull-tastic ideas on our Día de los Muertos Pinterest board! How do you incorporate skulls into your Halloween décor?