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Floral Crown

Festive Floral: Craft Your Own Crown

Floral crowns have become one of the hottest accessories for the modern girl.  Often seen at concerts and art fairs, these accents are perfectly simple and simply perfect.  With festival season quickly approaching, let’s add some floral to your fashion!
Floral Crowns

Start with the following supplies: floral wire, a few of your favorite spring bush stems from Ashland®, a glue gun, glue sticks and wire cutters.

Floral Crowns

Use the floral wire to measure your head for the perfect fit.

Floral Crowns

Cut the wire so that you can make two loops. Leave a bit extra so you can twist together.

Floral Crowns

Loosely twist the two wires together. To close them, twist tightly.

Floral Crowns

Cut flowers off the stems. Leave approximately ½” of stem to glue to the wire headband.

Floral Crowns

Hot glue the flowers to the headband.

Floral Crowns

A crown fit for a rock princess!

Floral Crowns

For a little more flower power, try this version.

Floral Crowns
Supplies include: floral wire, felt, several of your favorite spring bush stems from Ashland®, a glue gun, glue sticks, scissors and wire cutters.

Use floral wire to measure your head. Make three loops and cut with a wire cutter. Twist the ends together.

Floral Crowns

Cut felt strip 1½”x 9” and hot glue this around the floral wire.

Floral CrownsPull flower blossoms off the stems of the bushes.Floral CrownsGlue the blossoms to the felt headband. Get creative with different types of flowers and color!


 If you’d rather your flower not share the spotlight, this sweet statement-maker is for you.


You’ll need these supplies for your finished look: felt from Creatology™, elastic lace headband, a floral stem of your choosing, scissors, a low heat glue gun, glue sticks, and wire cutter.

Floral Crowns

Cut two circles out of the felt, each about 1½” in diameter.

Floral Crowns

Once your flower location has been decided, hot glue felt circles on each side of that spot.

Floral Crowns

Cut the flower from the stem; leave ½” of the stem. Hot glue the bloom to the outside felt circle.

Floral Crowns

Delicately Daring!


The key is to have fun and be original!! Your floral crown will be as rare and radiant as its creator.

Trend Alert: Mini Pallet Projects

You may have noticed a growing trend in the craft world that fits right in with chalkboard paint and corkboard: raw wood surfaces! Try something new and create some unique craft projects using these adorable new mini wood pallets, now at Michaels.


How cute is this whimsical décor piece? A bit of calming color and some stenciling is all you need to make a pretty piece of wall décor that can sit with your frames or work great by itself. Add a personalized message to make it your own!


What’s better than a pretty piece of wall décor? A useful pretty piece of wall décor! Give your pallet a beautiful rustic look, and then hang it for some extra storage. You can give that same look to your Mason jars too, which will complement the wood and help keep you organized.


Add a pop of color to brighten up a room and help make it feel more like… well, home! Creating some unique string art for your home is surprisingly easy, and you can personalize it however you like. The possibilities are endless!

The mini pallets are just one of the many pieces in Michael’s new line of unfinished surfaces inspired by nature. You can find more project ideas from the Raw Bar here!