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Top 10 Essential Tools for Holiday Baking

It’s the holiday season, and that means it’s also the busiest time of year for baking. Many of us are looking for ways to save time and make a lot of cookies all at once. These ten tools will help make your cookie baking more efficient and enjoyable!

1. Unbleached Parchment Mega Roll, 100 Feet

Parchment Paper

This unbleached, silicone-treated non-stick parchment means there’s no need for spraying or greasing the pan, saving on clean-up time. Use it to line baking pans and cookie sheets. The on-trend, kraft paper color also comes in handy for gifting. Use it to line tins and gift boxes for cookie swaps, or even wrap gifts in this paper.

2. 3-Piece Large Cookie Sheet Set

Cookie Sheets

Keep the baking marathon going with a set of three cookie sheets. They feature a nonstick surface for quick release and easy clean up and are designed for easy handling in and out of the oven – even while wearing oven mitts!

3. Holiday 4-Piece Grippy Cutters

Cookie Cutters

This 4 piece set features classic Christmas icons: a stocking, tree, star and gingerbread boy. The cutters make for save and easy cutting with a comfortable grip and deep plastic sides, so the kids can easily join in on the cookie making fun.

4. The Really Big Spatula

The Really Big Spatula

Big baking jobs call for big tools, so say hello to the Really Big Spatula. It’s safe for non-stick pans and over six inches wide, so you can lift more cookies in one scoop. It features a stainless steel handle and can scoop up as many as six cookies at once.

5. 3-Tier Cooling Grid

3 Tier Cooling Grid

Do you have a cramped kitchen? This 3-tier cooling grid is a fantastic space saver. Stack the cooling grids on top of one another – the sturdy steel wires allow ample airflow for treats large and small, and the nonstick coating gives easy release and clean-up.

6. 3-Pack Cookie Icing

Cookie Icing

Save some time with ready-to-use cookie icing in the colors of the season: red, green and white. The icing comes in a microwave bottle and sets quickly to give your cookies a smooth finish in just one hour. A 10-ounce bottle covers about 12 3-inch cookies.

7. Candy Cane Decorating Icing

Candy Cane Icing

Add some flavor to your decorating while saving time with the ready-to-use candy cane flavored decorating icing pouch. The easy to squeeze bag comes fitted with both a round tip and a star tip and works like a traditional bag and tip.

8. Holiday Sprinkle Mix Mega Pack

Holiday Sprinkles

Big baking jobs call for a lot of sprinkles! Get all the variety you need with this mega pack of four different types of sprinkles: green sugar, red sugar, snowflake mix and holiday nonpareils. The plastic bottles make for easy pouring and storing and are perfect for cookies, cupcakes, cakes and more.

9. 3-Pack Melting Bottles

Squeeze Bottles

These melting bottles have a variety of uses. They’re perfect for filling with royal icing for all of your cookie decorating, and can also be used with Candy Melts candy to get the perfect drizzle on all types of sweet treats.

10. Large Santa Cookie Box

Santa Cookie Box

Ho, ho, ho! Give cookies to everyone you know in these cute Santa cookie boxes.

All of these essentials can be found at you local Michaels. For more sweet treat inspiration, check out our Holiday Desserts Pinterest Board.


Top 10 Craft Room Must-Haves

Top 10 Craft Supplies


Ever wonder what the top ten craft supplies are that our craft room divas use every day here at Michaels? Let’s take a peek behind the curtain and see which items they can’t get enough of.

top10craftroom2-u#10: Card Stock. It may seem ho-hum, but card stock has a ton of uses. Use it to trace and cut out patterns, decoupage it to canvas to add a pop of color or as a simple base for your paper craft creation! Card Stock comes in varying weights and sizes, so choose the few that work best for your projects, and keep a wide variety of colors and textures in your stash.


Pretty, Pretty Paints

#9: Paint. This is a basic staple, but the right paint for your projects is key! Knowing which type to use (Acrylic, Spray, Oil, Gloss, Enamel, etc.) is not only essential to get the desired result in your project, but also saves you re-do time. Not quite sure where to start? Most brands have starter sets you can pick up which will let you test out paint on your surfaces.  Don’t forget to pick up a few different types of paint brushes to use with your paint samples.




#8: X-ACTO® Knife.

X-ACTO® Knife


Getting the detail you want in your projects can be done with the right precision cutting knife. There are many on the market today, and all are great for cutting many types of lightweight materials.

top10craftroom5#7: Tape Runner. Ever wonder how we get that perfect strip of glitter on a project? Or how we make ribbons perfectly stay in place without showing where we glued it? Glue without the mess by using a tape runner. These little devices come in all sorts of adhesive strengths and styles, from actual tape to dots, permanent and removable. Use it to attach paper, ribbon, trim and glitter to almost any surface!




#6: Scissors. Super sharp, perfect balance, the right pair of scissors can make your projects easy. You’ll want a pair for every type of craft you do – one for paper, one for fabric, one for wired ribbon, one for general all-purpose stuff, even one for the kids and a few of the decorative kind that make fun borders.


#5: Ribbon. Use it as a trim, a finishing touch or to hide that little “mistake”. (Of course, there are no mistakes in crafting, only happy accidents!). Keep a few of your favorite ribbon styles and colors on hand to use in a pinch. And, don’t forget about specialty ribbons, like Jute or Tulle.


Rolls and Rolls of Ribbon
Ott Lite


#4. OttLite®. This is a gem! OttLites® create low heat, low glare natural light that provides energy efficient true color results. Alright, enough of the sales pitch – you want one of these! It’s the best craft light we’ve ever found, bright enough to light up your work, but it doesn’t get hot and you can use it for hours. And, there are tons of styles, everything from pretty floor style to industrial looking craft table ones and everything in between.



#3:  Liquitex® Gel Medium . Every time we ask Kathy Kromer about decoupage, or glue or some sort of all-purpose medium to do crafting with, the first thing she says is “Liquitex® Gel Medium”. She can’t get enough of this stuff, and neither can we. It’s used for everything from a transfer medium, to glue, and even top coat varnish! And not just on canvas, we’ve seen her pull this stuff out on chargers, wood plaques, candles, you name it, she’s using Liquitex Gel Medium on it! Check out Kathy using it on this easy canvas background project.

Glue Guns Galore!#2: Glue Gun. Yes, the simple glue gun is of course a craft room staple. For most products, a low-heat gun is perfect, but for those projects you need a bit more stick to, try a high-temp model. They are now even available in beautiful patterns and colors to match your craft personality!


#1: Sharpies®. Our top item every craft room must have: Sharpie Markers. They are perfect for everything from drawing on your child’s lunch sack, to writing love notes, detail lettering or just making your mark. They come in all sorts of colors, and even metallic and neon! Pick up some to keep in your craft room and your all-purpose drawer.

Sharpie® Markers