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Maker Tips for Creating a Bunny-Approved Easter Tablescape

Creating a beautiful Easter tablescape doesn’t have to be daunting. Michaels has everything you need to pull it off! To help, we’ve gathered 5 simple Maker tips to help you create an eye-catching Easter display that is sure to wow your guests. Easter Tablescape

1. Use Varying Heights

Use items of varying heights to create a visually appealing tablescape. A good rule of thumb is to start with a few larger pieces of graduated heights and then fill in the spaces with smaller décor items like the metallic eggs and baby chicks seen below.Vintage Easter Tablescape

Here we’ve created various heights with the Greenery Pedestal Arrangements. First, flip basswood canvas boards over and glue them to different size candlesticks. We painted them a neutral gray that allows the décor to shine and then added detail on the edges with a gold paint pen. Add a greenery mat inside the board and then top with sweet floral blooms, gilded eggs or a foiled bunny!

2. Mix Ready-Made Décor with DIY

candy buffet

Mixing pre-made with handmade makes a unique and one-of-a-kind display. Make a beautiful dessert buffet by mixing a little DIY with ready-made décor pieces for a set up that is any bunny would approve.  Easter Candy Pedestals

These simple, colorful Easter Candy Pedestals are just two products glued together: cute candy jars atop wooden candlesticks. Not only are they fun candy vessels, they also help you create varied heights as mentioned up above!

Ribbon Embellished Cookie Basket

Putting your signature touch on a pre-made décor piece is really very simple! It’s as easy as weaving a grosgrain ribbon through a colorful berry basket. Just add a parchment paper liner for a simple and sweet Cookie Basket.

3. Choose Transitional Décor  Natural Easter Scene

When adding new décor pieces to your home around holidays, choose color palettes that extend throughout the season like this Natural Floral Arrangement. Soft blush pinks and organic arrangements are key trends this year; which means this arrangement will stay fresh far past the Easter holiday.

Natural Floral Arrangement

Free flowing organic blooms like roses and peonies that are arranged loosely play with multiple textures such as smooth eucalyptus and feathered blooms.

Maker tip: place your largest florals first and then fill in the spaces with foliage and smaller flowers like baby’s breath sprays.

4. Use Floral Bushes

Peony and Tulip Floral Arrangement

Floral bushes are a great value. Multiple floral blooms per bush add volume when complementing single floral stems. This arrangement is made up of one cream peony bush that was fluffed to make a base for the stems. We then added pops of color with a few yellow tulips, pink peonies and a purple mini flower stem.

5. Little DIYs Go a Long Way

Easter Bunny Stamped Napkins

Even if you’re pressed for time between preparing the house and juggling the menu, a little DIY project can make a big statement. These Easter Bunny Stamped Napkins are simple to make in under an hour. The napkins are cut from a mini fabric bolt, and then the edges are fringed simply by pulling out the threads – no sewing required! The best ink to use is StazOn® as it will last through the wash.

Maker tip: Practice stamping on a scrap sheet of paper first to get a feel for the appropriate amount of ink and pressure needed.

Mercury Glass Egg Place Card

For a finishing touch, customize place settings for your guest by adding fresh herbs to finished décor pieces like these Mercury Glass Egg Place Cards. It not only adds an organic look and feel, but gets your guest excited for the meal to come.

What are your go-to decorating tips? Share them with us in the comments below!

Thanksgiving Traditions

Thanksgiving Day Traditions: Make Yours Fun!

When I decided to write about Thanksgiving traditions, I of course thought about food. After all, the Thanksgiving Day turkey feast is the star of the day. And, I am sure your family has its own set of traditions regarding stuffing vs. dressing, baked turkey vs. fried turkey or canned cranberries vs. homemade cranberry relish.

However, instead of focusing on food traditions I prefer to focus on the experience, not the food. I like a home that feels warm and inviting for its guests. Decorating the front porch or entryway is a good place to start. And, a prettily set table complete with a fall centerpiece makes the day festive.

Thanksgiving Tablescapes

Sticking to a simple color palette, like white and gold makes the occasion special without being stuffy. Or, you can make an impact with wood chargers, candlesticks and napkin rings painted in coordinating colors.

Watch how to create this fall metallic place setting, including how to paint gold designs on plain votive holders.

My ideal Thanksgiving includes an activity. It makes me feel less guilty about all the calories I consume and best of all, it’s fun!

Here are seven Thanksgiving Day activity ideas to get you started:

1. Visit the zoo – my favorite activity! The weather is cool, the animals are frisky and there are no crowds. (Be sure to check ahead to see if your zoo is open or has alternate hours. Restaurants or other attractions may be closed.)

2. Volunteer to serve food at your local shelter. (This is more about having a rewarding experience that makes you feel good about yourself.)

Mason Cookie Jar

Let your guests decorate a Mason Jar with wired jute ribbon and a burlap flower clip. They can then take it home filled with leftover cookies or candies.

3. Gather everyone together and work on a craft project. Choose something easy or kid friendly that doesn’t take a lot of time – something your guests can take home with a feeling of pride.

4. Go outside and play football instead of watching football games on TV.

5. Take the family and the dog out for a walk to burn off some of those calories you consumed.

Boy Holding 2 Handmade Puppets6. Watch the children perform a play or a puppet show and record it on video for playback at next year’s Thanksgiving celebration.

Christmas Tree and Decorations

Ready-made decorations or DIY, Michaels has everything you need for the holidays.

7. Go shopping at Michaels to stock up on great deals on Christmas trees and decorations, as well as gifts.

This Thanksgiving, I hope you pause to count your blessings and savor the experience of having the people you love around you.

You can find more decorating and project ideas for your Thanksgiving celebration on our website.

What are your favorite Thanksgiving traditions? Are you going to start a new one this year?

Spring Party Decorations Made Easy

Paper Craft It Party DecorationsLooking for a quick way to toss together a spring celebration, yet make it look like you are the queen of Pinterest? Check out our new line of really awesome, coordinating pieces from Recollections® called Paper Craft-it! It takes your love of papercrafting, party decorating and fun, then rolls them together in to one, easy-to-combine line of your favorites!


What is this wonderful, matchy-matchy goodess? Well, it’s a bit of all your faves, including Washi Tape, Twine, Clothespins, Banners, Letters, Paper Straws, Goodie Bags, Boxes and Tags (the list goes on!) that will leave you wanting all the pieces.

favor bags

See how easy it is to make quick work of favors, just bag, clip, tag and done!

Paper Straw Letter

Check it out – we even used some of the paper straws as a monogram for a girl’s room!

washi jar

Or try this:  Washi Tape as (OMG!) quick and easy labels. So simple and yet, so colorful!

Chore Chart

Take a look at this fun chore chart – so simple for the classroom, or for Mom’s little household helpers!

So, pick up a bit of this and a dash of that, and create your own party décor, favors and gifts. It’s so effortlessly easy!


Throw a Patio Party!

patio-party-1As the days get longer and the temperatures rise, it is almost a requirement to move as many activities as possible outdoors. After hibernating inside under blankets and soft clothes, it’s finally the perfect time of year to step out in a sundress and host a patio party. The patio is the perfect setting for a get-together with friends and family. It is simply an extension of the home that allows everyone to enjoy the fresh air and enjoyable conversation late into the night. It’s easy to create a natural spring accents and decorations for the perfect patio party!

For a quick decoration with impact, use twine to hang a variety of grapevine balls over the dining table.


Create an eye-catching centerpiece by placing artichoke arrangements, gold candles, and palms in moss pots along the middle of the table.


Serve a variety of delicious appetizers on wood tier platters. Pair these gourmet treats with a refreshing drink of lemonade poured inside a mason jar. Display the cutlery for the party inside mason jars wrapped in yarn and jute. Decorate the chair backs with grapevine nest wreaths hanging from a ribbon.



Invite your friends to the party with invitations to match the natural décor. Set the table with personalized birch coasters and silverware wrapped in burlap. Bake a minimalist gold cake and display the charming confection on a wood platter cake stand.

When you combine these beautiful decorations with a warm spring day and the people you love, you have everything you need for the perfect patio party! Do you have any plans for hosting parties this season? What are some of your favorite decorating and hosting ideas?


Bring the Outside In – Host a Garden Party

Garden Party 12

Garden Party 2

When I think about a garden party, I am immediately overcome with a variety of senses. I can practically smell the fragrance of spring blooms. I hear the sounds of birds chirping and a faint buzz of bees floating lazily above the full flowers. Lace accents cover the table, allowing the sunshine to filter through the delicate details. I feel the warmth of the sun and almost forget the frigid temperatures of winter. However, I soon come back to reality when look out the window, see the clouds, and hear the cold wind howling. Even though spring party weather is still in the not-so-distant future, I love the idea of bringing the elements of a beautiful garden party inside the home and creating my own a slice of springtime. Give these projects a try to host your own garden party…

Garden Party Block 1


Welcome your guests with a cheerful, framed chalkboard sign. Upcycle a set of glass bottles and create this charming recycled bottle holder project. Place more blooms on display inside a chalk paint “whitewashed” clay pot.

Garden Party 4

Decorate your bicycle, or anything your heart desires, with colorful pom-poms. Mix yarn colors to create a unique look!

Garden Party Block 2

Sweet treats are a must at any garden party. Treat your guests to a plate of beautiful and delicious rosette cupcakes! Use silver leaf to transform a plain candle into a shimmering accent. A bouquet of pom-pom blooms adds a touch of whimsy to the decor! Give the decor a personal touch and create a this spring floral wood letter covered in green succulents.

I can practically feel the warmth of spring already! Don’t let the lingering temperatures of winter keep you from welcoming spring! Bring the a touch of blooming beauty inside your own home and create a garden party to remember.