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January Trend // Seeing Stars

January Trend: Golden Stars

Adjusting to the pace of the post-holiday flow has some of us seeing stars.

Stars have made a home amongst the trends of the season and have come to life through beads, stickers, glitter paper and découpage.

Hair clips from the early 1900s inspired me to take a risk and make a headband adorned with gold glitter stars. Initially I thought it would simply be a great accessory for New Years Eve, but I quickly realized that these five pointed friends have a longer life than that! Quite literally too, I hear stars in space live a long, long, long, long time… Why not enjoy them?

Iron-on star shaped studs make for a quick and simple embellishment to any piece of clothing and gold glitter star shaped stickers can be a stellar addition to just about any project.

Golden Stars

1. Sparkling Star Necklace

2. Starry Succulent Rose Pot

3. Starry Headband

4. Gold Starburst Wreath

5. Star Adorned Dress

 These beauties from the sky aren’t going anywhere… embrace them!

– Sara, Trend Expert