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Crafts on the Go: 10 Road Trip Activities for Kids

It’s prime Spring Break time so we know many of you are hitting the road on vacation with children in tow. No matter how many snacks you pack, you’re bound to hear an “are we there yet?” or two before you reach your destination. Keep kiddos creative and busy with these fun and mess-free road trip activities.

1. Felt Tic Tac Toe

Felt Tic Tac Toe

This tic-tac-toe board is not only fun to play, but it folds up into a handy pouch for easy traveling!

2. Travel Memory Game

Matching Game

Flex your children’s memory skills with a foam shape matching game.

3. Lap DeskLap Desk

The lap desk is a game changer when it comes to on-the-go activities. Store your books, crayons and other supplies inside the lap desk. Pro Mom Tip: pack a few dry erase markers for your kids to scribble on the outside of the tote and clean with a baby wipe for reusable fun!

4. Fishing Game

Fishing Game

The classic magnetic fishing game can be fun while riding in the car!

5. Felt Picnic

Felt Picnic

Encourage make believe play with a felt picnic. Have your kids describe what type of foods they would pack on their picnic adventure.

6. Paper Puppet Show

Dory Puppets

Print and cut out your puppet shapes in advance so your children can color them on your road trip. You’ll have a rear-view mirror puppet show before you know it!

7. Dino Matching GameDino Matching Game

Matching games are always fun, especially when they involve colorful dinosaurs.

8. Counting Abacuscounting abacus

Sneak in some learning with a colorful bead counting abacus that’s easy to make!

9. Crayola® Dry Erase Fold & Go Travel Pack

crayola dry erase travel pack

We love this Crayola dry erase travel pack. It comes with everything you need for hours of coloring fun on-the-go!

10. Morph


Morph is a super light, super fun sensory sensation.  It shapes, it builds, it bounces, it even floats!

How do you keep your kids busy on long car rides? Let us know in the comments below!

Let’s Go Camping!

Indoor Camping

As students, Spring Break was the only thing to look forward to between Christmas break and those sweet End-of-Year parties. Whether you were headed to day camp or looking forward to a week full of belly-floppin’ pool time, this tiny mid-year break was non-stop, free, play fun! But now, as adults, you fall into one of 3 categories:

1. Jealous and slightly bitter that adult Spring Break is not a widely observed holiday.

2. Lucky, in that you were able to align “family vacation” with Spring Break and are laughing at this while you sip your fancy umbrella drink on the beach.

3. Racking your mind for ideas to keep your kids from driving you even further insane (and it’s only Spring Break Day 3).

So, for all of you that fall under #3, here’s a fun activity for you to do with your kiddos.

Indoor Camping

Host an indoor campout for your littles and their friends that’s full of engaging activities all in the comfort of your own home!


First off, a campout is not a campout unless it has a campfire, right? This campfire is child-proof and crafted from empty paper towel tubes, foam and tissue paper.


But just in case your fire goes out (impossible), you’ll need these glowing camper lanterns. They’ll come in handy during spooky story time.


This matching game is a great opportunity to help the kids learn animal tracks. Do I see a Bigfoot print in there?


Everyone loves a puppet show. Let them use their creativity to craft felt puppets on sticks and put on a show for their guests. You can craft a theater stage out of a presentation board and paint it to match your play’s theme. The best part of this project is hearing the wild stories that your kids can come up with using their imaginations!

How are you staying busy during Spring Break?



Snow Day Boredom Busters

We know that lots of you have been snowed in with the kiddos lately. And, while the kids are screaming “Woohoo! SNOW DAY!”, many parents are ready for sunnier skies to ship their little loves back to school. While playing outside in the snow has long since lost its charm, I’ve rounded up some snow day boredom busters to help beat these weather blues. The best part? Each of these projects uses everyday household items that you most likely have in your pantry.

Thanks to TwoDaloo, we’ve found some projects that aren’t only fun – they’re simple, smart, purposeful play ideas and activities to help you connect, engage, and stimulate your child’s development at home. WIN – WIN!

Rainbow Snow Painting

Well, I’m sure you have lots of this stuff within reach.

Rainbow Snow Painting

Foaming Hearts Sensory Play

Kind of like those exploding volcanoes, except way cuter.

Foaming Heart

Marbled Salt Dough

Make little Valentines or string them into a garland. This craft only takes 3 ingredients!

Marbled Salt Dough


Our friends at Elmer’s® show you how to make SLIME! I’m pretty sure there will be lots of little volunteers for this project.

Rainbow Loom® Magic

And lastly, Made by Mommy has some pretty rad Rainbow Loom® tutorials for you to check out. I’m pretty sure that Unicorn will keep the kids busy for at least an hour.

Made By Mommy

How are you all staying busy during the inclement weather?