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Wilton ProductsIt’s no secret that we are Peeps®-obsessed over here. Not only are we snacking on the marshmallow treats for our 3pm sugar boost, but we’re in love with the Wilton® line of Peeps® products. There are bunny & chick shaped cookie cutters, pans and molds; they even have a giant 3-D Chick Cake Pan. We’ve gathered up some Reci-Peeps to inspire you this Spring.

Bouquet of Bunny Peeps®

Bouquet of Bunny PopsThis Bouquet of Bunny Peeps®  can be made in no time flat and is sure to be a hit at your Easter gathering.

Peeps® 3-D Chick Cake

3-D Chick Cake Wowzers. Make this 3-D Chick Cake for the next Easter party you go to and you’ll never be asked to bring chips and dip again.

Bunny Cookie Pops & Peeps Party Cupcakes

Cookie Pops & CupcakesAs usual, treats on a stick are a fan-favorite. So you won’t miss the mark when you bring in Bunny Cookie Pops. Looking for something easy, yet homemade? Add bunnies and chicks to the tops of your cupcakes and you’ll be ready in a flash!

Do you love Peeps? Share your reci-peeps with us in the comments!

- Jillian


Easter Baskets for Everyone

Creating Easter baskets for your loved ones is always a fun activity. Personally, I love finding little trinkets and toys that I just know my nieces and nephews will love. Michaels has Easter Basket Stuffers for just about anyone you can imagine! From bubbles to Star Wars to My Little Pony – you’re sure to find something for everyone. We’ve crafted some baskets with specific people in mind. Take a look!

For the Dog Lover

Boo the Dog Easter Baskets

For the Football Fan

Football Plushie Basket

For the Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink

For the Bunny Rabbit Buffs

Plush Bunny Basket

For the Little Bitty Ones

Plushie Basket

For the Loom Lover

Rainbow Loom Easter Basket 

For the Metallic Admirer

Metallic Shiny Basket

For the Artist

artist basket

For the Yarn Fanatic

yarn basket

Who are you making Easter baskets for this year? Share your basket stuffers with us in the comments!

- Jillian


6 Fun Easter Egg Crafts

What’s more fun than gathering around the table and decorating Easter eggs with your family? This tradition is celebrated in many households each Spring. While I always loved dip-dyeing hard boiled eggs, many egg hunts included plastic eggs filled with treats. But you can do more with them! Plastic and papier-mâché eggs make great family crafts! I’ve rounded up 6 Easter Egg crafts you can enjoy with the entire family.

1. Plastic Egg Fortune Cookies

Fortune EggsNot only is this perhaps the simplest project ever, it’s also a pretty genius idea for those that are wanting to limit sugary goodies in their kid’s Easter baskets. Fortune eggs are also great for school parties and fun exchanges around the office.

2. Easter Egg Mini Clay Pots

Clay Pot EggsBasically anything that comes in ‘mini’ is my favorite. These tiny clay pots make perfect egg holders!

3. Découpage Easter Eggs

Decoupage Eggs Tissue paper découpage is a classic craft. Bring papier-mâché eggs to life with this simple technique!

4. Framed Twine Wrapped Eggs

Twine Eggs in a FrameI bet you never thought you could decorate your home with plastic Easter eggs! Just wrap them in twine and suspend from a painted frame.

5. Metallic Succulent Eggs

Succulent EggsLet your eggs bloom with these Spring Succulent Metallic eggs.

6. Terrarium Easter Eggs

Terrarium Easter EggThese Terrarium Easter Eggs are easily my favorite! It’s like creating a tiny diorama scene inside your egg. Kids will love this one!

Looking for even more ideas? Check out my segment on The Broadcast for a fun Chalkboard Egg craft!


- Jillian


April Trend // Fresh Fruit

Fruit Craft Trend

Ripe for the picking this season is fruit, fruit, fruit! Ok, so maybe I have an affinity for some Carmen Miranda vibes, but this fresh trend goes from food to fashion and is in no danger of decomposing any time soon. As we venture towards summer, lettuce take a few risks and don our favorite fruits (sorry for the bad vegetable pun).

Fruit Crafts

Clay molds give life to a golden strawberry necklace, while wood plaques provide the perfect surface for fruit slice coasters.  Create a bountiful textile with fabric paint or doodle strawberries onto your fingertips with a DecoNail Art kit. 

1. Golden Strawberry Necklace
2. Fruit Slice Coasters
3. Berry Nails
4. Pineapple Print Tee
5. Watermelon Slice Earrings

Make Carmen proud and add these bursting fruit accents to your ensemble!

- Sara, Trend Expert


Guy DIY: Easy Cement Planters

I’ve always liked the modern cement planters that you see on Pinterest and Etsy, so I thought it might be fun to take this on as a Guy DIY project.

Cement is an ideal material for making your own modern design projects. It’s very easy and inexpensive to work with, and it fits well with nearly any style of décor.

I used Michaels ArtMinds™ Stepping Stone Cement Mix for my planter, but you can use any kind of quick dry cement you’d like. You can also personalize your planter by using containers with unusual shapes and textures, and adding paint.

Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

DIY Cement Planter Supplies

Step 1: Find Containers

I made my planter with recycled cardboard milk cartons, but take-out and plastic storage containers work great for this project too.

TIP: Check your recycling bin or local thrift store. You might just find something cheap and unique.

Step 2: Mix Cement

DIY Cement Planter Pour

Pour the cement mix into your bucket. Add water and stir until your mixture is the consistency of sour cream.

NOTE: The thicker your mix the rougher the surface, and the wetter the mix the smoother your surface.

Step 3: Pour into Mold

DIY Cement Planter Set

Fill your base mold about half way up with cement. Next, insert your smaller mold, and backfill with the mix until you have reached the top. You may want to fill the center container with sand, or tape it down to secure it.

TIP: If you first coat your mold with cooking spray, it should make it easier to remove once your project is dry.

Step 4: Let Dry

DIY Cement Planter Mold

Let your newly formed planter set for at least 24 hours. Once dry, use a pair of scissors or a knife to cut the molds away.

Step 5: Sand Rough Edges

DIY Cement Planter Sand

Use Sandpaper to clean up your planter and get it exactly how you want it. You may also want to consider drilling a hole in the bottom for drainage.

DIY Cement Planter Final

Happy Planting!

kids easter crafts

Fun Easter Crafts and Activities for Kids

Kids Easter Crafts

Peter Cottontail is coming to visit sooner than you think! I love spending this holiday with the littles in my family. Whether we are creating Easter crafts or dying eggs, I’m always reminded of when I was a kiddo … dressing up in my twirly Sunday dress, hunting for those bright hidden eggs and finding a chocolate bunny in my basket. So for this year, I’m rounding up inspiration for Easter activities and crafts. Take a peek at some of these fun ideas!

Carrot Headdress

Sparkly little carrots come together with ribbon to create a headdress that is fit for the Queen of the Bunny Rabbits. Maybe a Crocheted Bunny Headband is more your style?

Perler Egg

Test your eye-hand coordination with these cute Perler® Easter Eggs!

flower sandwich cookies

Making these Flower Sandwich Cookies is a fun activity to do with your kiddos. After you bake and cool the flower cookies, sandwich two with frosting and let your little one do the dipping in the sprinkles. And then lick the spoon … of course.

Bunny Mouth Pops

While we’re licking frosting off of spoons, let’s talk about these adorable Bunny Pops. Not only are they delicious, but they make great photo props too! What a perfect idea for an Easter party or just a tasty treat!

Easter Rainbow Loom Projects

Now for all you Loomers out there… have you attempted any Easter-themed Rainbow Loom creations? If you can recreate this Easter Egg or Bunny Charm share it with us using the hashtag #MichaelsRainbowLoom. We want to see your loom skills!

Do you have any Easter traditions with your kids? Let us know in the comments!

- Jillian