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kids valentine ideas

5 Fun Valentine Ideas for Kids

Valentine Ideas for Kids

I absolutely LOVED Valentine’s Day as a kid. School parties were the best. I have fond memories of crafting Valentine boxes & making tiny, pink frosted heart cookies with my Mom. I was always on the hunt for the most unique box of Valentine cards at the grocery store. Whether it was My Little Pony or Pound Puppies, (don’t judge); I had to have the coolest Valentines for my classmates. Now that I think about it, store-bought Valentines aren’t very creative. So we thought up some of the coolest, crafty Valentine ideas for kids and rounded them up for you.

1. Safari Toobs® Animal Valentines

Safari Toob ValentinesThe perfect way to tell your Valentine “I’m Wild About You”.

2. Crayon Heart Valentines

Crayon Heart ValentineThese are super fun to make, and a genius way to use up all of those broken crayon pieces!

3. Rainbow Loom® Valentine Pencil

Rainbow Loom Valentine PencilI have a feeling there will be lots of Rainbow Loom® Valentines this year.

4. Glow Bracelet Valentine

Glow Bracelet Valentine These Valentines will make your heart “glow”.

5. Rainbow Loom® Lips Charm

Rainbow Loom LipsAdd a Lips charm to your gift or tie it on to a Valentine card. How fun!

Are you DIY’ing your valentines this year? We’d love to see them! Tag @MichaelsStores on Instagram and show us!


- Jillian



RL craze

The Rainbow Loom Craze: Kids Need Real World Engagement

One in three kids now learn to use a mobile phone or tablet before they can talk. And, 29% start using gadgets as toddlers and have likely mastered them by primary school.

While technological know-how has increased for these youngsters, basic life and motor skills have taken a backseat. It used to be a childhood right of passage to learn to ride your bike without training wheels. Over the last decade, this once-beloved childhood activity has seen a 20% decline in participation.

It is a curious thing, then, when something like the Rainbow Loom rubber band bracelet making kit hits the scene and becomes the hottest activity for kids all over the country. There is no touch screen. No USB port. No batteries, even.

Just the plastic loom with its rows of carefully calculated pegs, a hook and a few bags of colorful rubber bands.

rainbow loom

Kids are hungry for activities that will engage their minds and bodies in ways motion controllers and virtual worlds can’t. They don’t even realize it, but they are craving very elementary life skills childhood is supposed to teach. Basic motor skills. Social and emotional skills. First-hand, in-this-world engagement.

No tablet or smartphone can replace:

The nervous, excited and wobbly first bike rides after the training wheels have been taken off.  The overwhelming sense of independence as you zip down the street, wind in your hair, pedaling like a maniac.

Nor can they replace:

Feeling like a total creative genius after successfully completing a new bracelet on the Rainbow Loom. Blowing your own mind by creating a new pattern. Feeling your heart grow at least one size after seeing the smile on the loner kid’s face when you give him the bracelet you made.

Rainbow Loom Hands

Tech devices have their very important place and aren’t going anywhere. However, instead of altogether replacing real-world lessons from childhood, find ways to combine them with hands-on activities, like the Rainbow Loom. Use the computer or tablet to watch instructional videos to learn new techniques or share your new creations with the world using #michaelsrainbowloom.


RL birthday party ideas

10 Rainbow Loom® Birthday Party Ideas

If you haven’t heard by now, the Rainbow Loom® is THE hottest new kid’s craze in town. I’ve seen Rainbow Loom – wearing children every place I go. Heck, I even see adults rocking the colorful rubber band bracelets.

Since looming is the all the rage right now, I’ve rounded up some colorful ideas on how to host a really rad Rainbow Loom Birthday Party.

#1 Invitations

Set the theme for your rainbow – inspired party with colorful invitations. Customize your own invites online to make them uniquely yours. Plus, who can resist chevrons and rainbows?rainbow invite

#2 Décor

Creating a backdrop really sets the scene for a party. They make a great focal point for the dessert table and are are an easy way to “decorate” without having to drape streamers, pom poms and balloons across your entire home. Gwynn over at Gwynn Wasson Designs has three ah-mazing rainbow backdrops. They’re all so fun; I’m not sure I could pick just one.rainbow backdrops

#3  Rainbow Loom Station

Set up a bracelet making station with bowls of rubber bands filled with every color of the rainbow. What a great idea from Mom of 6!

Rainbow Loom Station

#4 Rainbow Wearables

Encourage your friends to bring plain white t-shirts or sneakers and spray a rainbow onto them with Tulip® Fabric Spray.

Rainbow Sneakers

#5 Rainbow Popcorn Snacks

Everyone loves popcorn, but I think it’s even better with a little chocolate drizzled on top! Check out this delicious treat made by Wants & Wishes.

rainbow popcorn

#6 Rainbow Cookies

Sweet Sugar Belle designed these fun rainbow cookies that can be personalized with each guests name.

Sweet Sugar Belle Rainbow Cookies

#7 Rainbow Cake

How fun is this cake? It looks a little daunting to make, but it’s not. I made one last year and it was super simple!

rainbow cake

 #8 Custom Water Bottle Labels

Your guests will surely need to wash all of that popcorn and cake down with a nice cold beverage. Print these labels from Wants & Wishes and stick them on. What an easy way to incorporate your theme!

water bottle labels

#9 Rubber Band Party Favors

Kiddos are addicted to looming, so there’s no doubt that you’ll make their day with favor boxes full of extra rubber bands to take home. Get these fun favor printables from Mom of 6.

Party Favors

#10 Thank You Notes

It’s never too early to learn the importance of sending a thank you note. Make this card with your child to thank all of the guests that came to your party.

thank you note


Do you have a Rainbow Loom? Share your rainbow inspiration with us on Pinterest by tagging @MichaelsStores!

- Jillian


Craft Crush | October

Craft Crush

Do you remember your first crush? I sure do. I think we are all pretty familiar with that feeling we used to get inside when we saw our crush coming down the hallway … or when someone even dared to mention their name. Well, I’m not ashamed to admit that sometimes I still get that feeling when I’m up at all hours of the night pinning the midnight oil and I come across that project that makes my jaw drop.

I want it. I need it. I must have it. Re-Pin.

I’m sure you can all relate. And, I’m sure you all have Pinterest boards full of beautifully handmade creations that make your heart flutter. We’re friends, right? I’ll let you in on a little secret… here’s what I’m crushing on right now:

Craft Crush October

Clockwise from top left:

Bungee Quad Strand Necklace // This necklace is made out of BUNGEE? Who would have thought that bungee could be so chic?

Rainbow Loom Bandz Bracelet Obsession by @sewthisisit // Do I see a Minion in there??

Glo-in-the-Dark™ Dotted Pumpkin // The perfect glowing walkway markers for trick-or-treaters.

Animal Topped Mason Jars by Mason Jar Love // Oh, how I want to fill these with pom-poms, ric-racs and tchotchkes.

What have you been crushing on lately?

- Jillian