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Announcing: Cricut Explore™

Cricut Explore

Anyone who’s been around the craft world for a few years is familiar with the Cricut™ Die Cutting System. And, it’s been an awesome system, I know mine has seen a lot of use over the past decade between birthday cards, scrapbook layouts, holiday décor, scouts and even a motorcycle rally I helped my dad with. They’ve made a few changes over the years, we’ve seen the size get bigger, and then smaller. We’ve seen cartridges go by the wayside for an online downloadable system, but we’ve seen nothing like the newest generation, the Cricut Explore™! Take a quick peek at some of the projects that you can create with this new machine:

Cricut Design StudioThe main thing I noticed with this system is that the cartridges are gone – you’re going to do everything in the Cricut Design Space™, a free online design program that lets you either choose cartridges you already have, or select new ones then design your cut online before you hit start! No more moving the first dial to 4″ and the second dial 1/8″ to the right to get your letters in the middle of the paper. No more cutting the same thing 8 times before you get the right size. You design it and go. So simple!


Cricut Design Studio


Also, with Design Space, there are hundreds of pre-designed projects from Cricut that you can make, just select your project and follow the instructions – all right there on screen. Now, that’s pretty cool.



New Blade

It looks like Cricut listened to you as well. They created a blade housing that allows you to cut and write at the same time – making it quicker to do the more complicated projects! No more switching your markers and your blades and having to re-align your paper to the perfect position.




Cricut Explore


They’ve even added an easy button! Dial up your material selection and the machine will cut with the right depth for your project. Or, select a custom material and tell the machine how deep to cut. The options are endless!

We know you’re going to love this machine as much as we did when we saw it. Get ready – all this crafty goodness will be in stores in March!