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Maker Monday: Mandy from Sugar Bee Crafts

Every few weeks we are going to spotlight one of our Michaels Makers bloggers and today marks the inaugural Maker Monday post – an inside look into what really gets these bloggers crafting.

MandyMandy Beyeler

You may know her as Sugar Bee Crafts – loves to blog and enjoys all things crafty, sewing and DIY. She feels that if she can do something, you can too, and provides tutorials to help you along the way. She loves being a mom to four awesome kiddos and blogs from the Kansas City area. To get an inside look into her world, read below!

1.     When did you start crafting?

Crafting is such a part of who I am, I’m not sure there was ever a start!  It’s just always been something I’ve loved to do, even as a kiddo.  The process of creating is just so fun and fulfilling, I can’t imagine ever not crafting.

2.     Describe your ideal environment to create a craft project. 

Craft Room

I have a craft room which is great, but like anyone, I dream of bigger and better.  I would love a room with lots of windows and natural light, tons of storage space and tons of work space.  It would be clean and ready for creating (that’s how I know it’s a dream – my craft space is always in disarray!)

3.     What is your favorite type of craft?

This is tough – like asking to pick a favorite child!  I don’t know if I can narrow down a favorite craft, but I love things that are simple.  It is really gratifying to be able to create a project in one sitting, without getting frustrated with the process.  I love crafts, sewing, and DIY projects – just love them all!

4.     What craft tool can you not live without?

Glue GunSuper tough question – I try to put myself on a deserted island with only one tool, and I think the most versatile would be a hot glue gun.  It can be used in so many crafts and even can substitute for sewing if needed.

5.     What inspires your blog posts?

Simple projects – it’s what readers can replicate and enjoy, and so I love sharing those.  I love being inspired by bright fun colors and current trends and pulling those into crafts and DIY.

6.     What project have you always dreamed of doing, but haven’t tackled yet?

Ha!  I have a “to-do” Pinterest board full of projects I want to get to, “someday” – – I tend to put off the projects that are a little more involved and time consuming, but I really love when I tackle them and have a great sense of accomplishment.  Room redecorating is probably what I currently want to tackle the most.

7.     What project are you most proud of?

Giant Picture

I really, really love my giant picture – it’s super thrifty and anyone can make their own version.  I love the impact that it has and that it showcases my family.  It always gets compliments and I love that as well.

8.     What project was your biggest craft fail?

Craft FailWhen things start failing, I give up or change course pretty quickly!  Recently I was trying to make a pendant necklace out of sprinkles, but the sprinkles were dissolving in the solution – – for sure a fail!  But I was able to start over with different supplies and made it work – phew!

9.     Describe your craft style.

Bright ColorsMy craft style is bright and bold and simple.  I love bright colors and bold patterns and anything that is just FUN in style and function.

10.  What is your favorite craft trend right now?

Personalization is everywhere, and I love that – monogram projects, photo projects – anything that gives my project a personal touch.

11.  Who is your favorite person to craft with?

Sugar Bee Kiddos

I have different people I love to craft with for different reasons. Crafting with my kids makes me feel like a supermom – we get to have a fun activity to do together and I’m able to encourage their creativity and watch them explore their ideas.  I even craft with my husband (more like rope him into helping!) and that’s a fun way to spend an evening.  And then of course it’s super fun to get together as a group of friends and craft – that’s one of my favorite things to do!


Michaels Makers Online Shopping Challenge

Michaels Makers June Challenge: Online Shopping

The day is finally here. That’s right, it’s Friday. And to make it that much better, our first Michaels Makers challenge is complete – and we are impressed! This month we asked all of the Michaels Makers to explore our brand new, revamped online shopping website and all of its features. Each blogger picked out a project by using the one-click shopping option – this allows you to fill your basket with everything you need for the craft project and purchase without going from page to page. Seriously, it’s just one click! Each blogger put their own creative spin on it and we are absolutely blown away with all of the cool ideas they shared with us. Here are all 30 projects – enjoy!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve needed something to spark my summer craft project inspiration and I think these gals did the trick. Share with us which project inspired you!

Michaels Makers

Introducing the Michaels Makers Bloggers

We have exciting news! This week marks the launch of our Michaels Makers blogger program. We have handpicked 30 of the top craft and lifestyle bloggers to inspire you by sharing new projects, reviews, DIY tips and techniques throughout the year. These DIY experts will participate in a Michaels craft challenge each month showcasing their skills. Each challenge will be featured here on The Glue String – one project, 30 different craft interpretations, full-on inspiration.  You won’t want to miss it!

Who are these Michaels Makers you ask? We proudly introduce…

Michaels Makers

A Thoughtful Place, Lil Blue Boo, Make It and Love It, Aunt PeachesChase the Star, Lovely IndeedSkip to my Lou, A Pumpkin and a PrincessMother HuddleGiggles Galore, Happy TogetherJaderbombEat Sleep Make, Tatertots and JelloJust Destiny Mag, Eighteen25, Kara’s Party IdeasU CreateA Night Owl, Lil’ Luna,  Lia Griffith,  Love the Day, Sugar Bee Crafts,  Positively SplendidDIY Show Off, CakiesBy Stephanie Lynn,  Crafting Chicks, Design Dazzle and The Project Girl.

 Check back on Friday for their first challenge. Guess in the comments below what you think their first creative endeavor will be. We will give you a hint – it’s related to a major recent change here at Michaels.com!