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2014 Dream Tree Challenge

Michaels Makers 2014 Dream Tree Challenge Reveal

We just can’t wait any longer! Today is a very special day for all of us at Michaels… that’s right – it’s the Third Annual Dream Tree Reveal! It’s time to get inspired for the holidays and we know just how to do it. Michaels’ Annual Dream Tree Challenge is our one-of-a-kind holiday kick-off and the Michaels Makers did not disappoint. Each of them has spent weeks creating a dream tree of their own, and we now have 30 fully decorated, fabulous and unique trees that will blow you away! We know that getting ready for the holidays is a huge undertaking, but after seeing what they came up with, you’ll be so inspired, you won’t be able to stop yourself. Enjoy!

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Which tree is going to be your inspiration this year? Stop by our Make it Merry inspiration book for more helpful tips and holiday projects!

Michaels Makers

Maker Monday: Rubyellen from Cakies

Rubyellen of Cakies

The Michaels Makers just wrapped up our favorite challenge yet – DIY Halloween Costumes. Be sure to take a look if you haven’t yet – there’s still time to make your own costume this year! Today we’re featuring Rubyellen Bratcher, the brains behind the blog Cakies. She shares everything from the project she is most proud of (did you know she wrote a book?!) to the stuffed animals she made as a kid. Enjoy!

Rubyellen Bratcher is the author of Let’s Sew Together and popular lifestyle blog Cakies.  She has been featured in Family Fun MagazineMartha Stewart LivingBabiekinsMollie Makes, Apartment Therapy, Design for Mankind, HGTV, and many other print and online venues. A former elementary school teacher, she is a mom to four girls: True, Brave, Soul, and Glow. Rubyellen and her family live in Southern California.


1. When did you start crafting?

I’ve been crafting since I was a little girl. Some of my fondest memories are making “stuffed” toys for my siblings out of brown paper bags and cotton stuffed inside, and stapled all the way around. I have always loved drawing and my dream was to be an animator. Somewhere along the way that changed, but my mom always enjoyed going on extra mile in the creative department for our family, and I think she instilled that same sense into me.

2. Describe your ideal environment to create a craft project. Cakies Craft Space

I’ve turned a room in our house into my craft space, so I love going in there and make a big mess making something, and the great thing is it has a door so no one sees my giant mess. I love it clean, but it doesn’t stay clean for long.

3. What is your favorite type of craft?

Sewing is by far my favorite way to create, so much so that I’m fortunate enough to have written a book about sewing called Let’s Sew Together (published by Potter Craft).

4. What craft tool can you not live without?

Sewing MachineMy sewing machine! And I guess scissors – you use those for most crafting projects (sewing and non-sewing).

5. What inspires your blog posts?

My blog posts are inspired by our family life. We might be making something for our house, eating, celebrating, maybe one of the girls requested a particular project, or I’m making something for them.

6. What project have you always dreamed of doing, but haven’t tackled yet?

I have wanted everyone in the family to paint their own self-portrait. I think it would be fun to see what each girls’ self-portrait would look like.

7. What project are you most proud of?

Koushi LampBesides my book, which was a labor of love, and makes me proud because everyone in the family had a hand in it – I think it is my most recent project of making my own Koushi Lamp inspired by Mark Eden Schooley’s Koushi and Nelson Sepulveda’s lamp. I love the ethereal feel of both lamps, and thought it would be a good craft to make myself. It took me an afternoon, but I love how it turned out. I used copper wire and cheesecloth, and it is indeed exactly what I needed for this space.

8. What project was your biggest craft fail?

When I sew myself clothes, I make a mistake from time to time. I don’t use a pattern and sometimes I make something too short or too tight. I’ve gotten better with time and experience, but the occasional mishap still happens.

9. Describe your craft style.

I love things to be simple and functional, a little quirky, and throw in a pop of color too!

10. What is your favorite craft trend right now?

I love the whole weaving trend! I haven’t gotten into it myself, but I love the textures different weavings have.

11. Who is your favorite person to craft with?

Reubyellen and her kids!My kids, of course!


Michaels Makers October Challenge

Michaels Makers October Challenge: DIY Halloween Costumes

Halloween is just two short weeks away and I don’t know about you, but a lot of us here at Michaels haven’t decided what we’re going to be yet. The only thing we have decided is that this year we are going all out! It’s a good thing our Michaels Makers delivered some extra cute (and creepy) projects this month. That’s right, DIY Halloween costumes was the challenge and it looks like we have a lot to live up to. Check out their blog posts below to see what our favorite ladies came up with… And better yet, try to make it yourself with their step by step costume tutorials!

Share with us what you’re going as this year! Check out our Halloween Market Lookbook for even more ideas.DIY Halloween Costumes

Michaels Makers September Challenge: Fall Market

Football games, tailgates and home-cooked meals are finally here and all we can think about is what our first bit of fall décor is going to be. We know that entertaining, party planning and decorating is in our future and luckily our Michaels Makers came to us with some pretty great ideas to get us started! We all have a favorite when it comes to decorating for fall – whether it’s your dining room table, your front porch or you like to go all out and decorate the whole house, these 30 ladies have got you covered. Check out what projects they came up with this month – all different and all inspiring us to get to work!

Which project would be fit perfectly in your house this season?

Michaels Makers

Maker Monday: Kimberly from A Night Owl

It’s time for another Maker Monday! Take a look at today’s Michaels Maker, Kimberly Sneed, her favorite crafts and inspiration and everything that goes into her blog, A Night Owl.


A Night Owl is a creative lifestyle community featuring DIY/crafts, decor, recipes, family, and more! Kimberly Sneed is a working mom on the go. An MBA who works in digital advertising by day, Kimberly enjoys finding the creative aspects of everyday life and fills her weekends with glitter, glue, and other crafting goodness.

1. When did you start crafting?

I have always been drawn to creative things. I took in on as more of a hobby after my boys passed the “baby stage” and I found myself in a house full of guys, trucks and video games!

2. Describe your ideal environment to create a craft project.

I have a craft room! But honestly I do 90% of my crafting on my kitchen island or table. I like to be around my family while I work. So give me a large table or work area and I’m all set.

3. What is your favorite type of craft?

Quick and easy. My favorite comment I get about the work I do is when folks say “hey, I could even do that.” It’s not an insult to me – I always try to create things that are fun, functional and easy to replicate. That’s the point of sharing what I create, right?

4. What craft tool can you not live without?ano#2

Chalkboard paint. Seriously, if it’s not tied down (even sometimes if it is!) I’ll put chalkboard paint on it. I always have a few bottles and cans on hand.

5. What inspires your blog posts?

Holidays, seasons, trends…I find inspiration all around me. I love walking around Michaels to browse new products and think of fun and new crafts and projects.

6. What project have you always dreamed of doing, but haven’t tackled yet?

It’s always home projects that get put off. I’d like to tackle some DIY in the kitchen and update my boys rooms; I’m sure I’ll get to that some day!

7. What project are you most proud of?






















I think one of my favorite crafts to date are these Neon Paint Dipped Pumpkins we did for Michaels Halloween last year! They’re super fun and a new take on Halloween, don’t you think? They were really popular and I just love how they turned out.

8. What project was your biggest craft fail?

Jewelry. I was trying to make a bracelet a few weeks back and it did not go over well. It’s on my list to take some classes and get better at making jewelry this year. I’ve done a few projects and it’s so much fun – just a skill I need to hone.

9. Describe your craft style.

Simple, easy and functional.

10. What is your favorite craft trend right now?

Definitely the RAW movement that Michaels has really capitalized on. I love everything available in the new RAW Bar line. I was just there yesterday oogling all the chalkboard, burlap and cork board products. I love that they are functional pieces that can be easily incorporated into everyday life for added interest and texture, like our new Cork Flower Vases.

11. Who is your favorite person to craft with?

I’d have to say my mother. She’s who I got all my crafting mojo from; she’s been making things ever since I can remember. I love that she lives nearby so she can come to all my crafting events like the #MPinterestParty we hosted both at our house last year and at our local Michaels. We always have such a good time and she’s such a wonderful and supporting friend.

Michaels Makers August Challenge: Back to School

It’s always sad to see summer go. It seems like we were just planning trips to the beach and DIYing our flip flops and totes. The change of seasons is always a great time to get organized, whether you’re sending kids back to school, redecorating your classroom or just shaking out the sand and refreshing your home for fall. Searching for some inspiration? We were too, so we asked our Michaels Makers to share some of the creative ways that they tackle the back to school season. Take a look at their projects and let us know what you think!

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Which project are you going to take on before the fall sets in? Do your kids have a favorite back to school project too?