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Patriotic Party Ideas

rwb-picnic-2It’s hard to believe that the Fourth of July is almost here! I can practically hear the burgers sizzling on the grill and the fireworks exploding across the sky.  Celebrate the Fourth of July with a patriotic party complete with red, white, and blue decorations and treats. Get inspired to create a star-spangled celebration with our patriotic party ideas.rwb-picnic-1Red White & Blue Mason Jar Floral Containers:   Paint a trio of mason jars and fill with patriotic petals. Use red and white paint to create the the stripes of the American flag!rwb-picnic-3Bandana Tablecloth: Set the table for a patriotic party with this festive bandana tablecloth. Match the tablecloth to any party or decor by simply changing up the colors of the bandanas. rwb-picnic-4Patriotic Wood Crates: Add height to your table setting with these painted wood crates. Set each crate on their side and fill them with napkins, utensils, and place other party snacks on top. rwb-picnic-5U.S.A. Mini Cupcake Flag: End this Fourth of July celebration with a batch of mini cupcakes that resemble the American flag! Use blueberries, strawberries, and coconut to create this sweet version of Old Glory.

You can find more ideas for your patriotic party on our website here. Get inspired and have a wonderful Fourth of July! How will you celebrate the holiday?


DIY Pet Love Gifts

pet love 1

Clearly people around the Michaels office love their pets. I mean, what would we do without our furry family members? They are always there to cheer us up when we are feeling blue! Our dogs, cats, and other pets are constantly providing us with joy, comfort, entertainment, and companionship. If you would be lost without your precious pet, show your best friend a little appreciation and give one of our Pet Love projects a try! These DIY treat jars and accessories also make great gifts for other pet lovers in your life.

Get Fido looking fancy for a trip to the park with this cozy crochet collar cover topped off with fluffy yarn pom-poms.

pet love 3

Keep treats stored inside this terrarium treat jar! The decorative accent on the lid will remind your pup to stay out of the “dog house” if he wants a special snack!

pet love 2

This treat jar makes a great gift for your friends and family who love their pets as much as you do! Personalize this project by using paints that match their home decor. Also, dress up your puppy with a personalized bandana! Use fabric paints to transform a basic bandana into a custom accessory for your pet.

pet love 4

Immortalize your pet with this custom canvas silhouette art piece! Simply trace and cut out an image of your pet, then use a gel medium to adhere.

During this love-filled month, don’t forget to show your loyal companions some appreciation with a little pampering! Pick your favorite project and get started today!

Do you have pets? Which project are you excited to try?

- Meredith

alt storage ideas

8 Alternative Storage Ideas

Get Two Weeks of Your Life Back

According to the National Association of Professional Organizers, the average American spends 55 minutes a day searching for things they know they own, but cannot find. We did the math and that equates to roughly 7 hours a week; 28 hours a month; 336 hours a year.  Soak that in.

We spend 14 days just looking for stuff.

Make a resolution to stop living in The Bermuda Triangle and you’ll have plenty of time back in your life to spend lounging on the beach somewhere else.


1. Tame the jewelry drawer

2. Corral the craft area

Craft Room Storage IdeasCheck out our Recollections® Craft Storage for some great pieces you can mix & match to fit any space.

3. Give the car keys their very own place to call home.

Zebra Baskets

Pop one of these zebra print trays by the door and you’ll have a handy spot to drop keys and mail.

4. Reclaim use of the hall closet.

Hall Closet Before and After

Once you do…

Here are a few of our favorite easy DIY storage ideas using everyday items to help you get started – one little area at a time. They’re really simple and you don’t have to spend a ton of money on supplies.

5. Hang a basket on the wall for towel storage.

Towel Organization

Use one you already have, or check out your Michaels store for tons of baskets in all sizes and colors.

6. Use a glass container to hold make-up brushes. 

Makeup Brush Holder

Add polished river rocks, glass gems or marbles to hold the brushes upright.

(We’ve also been obsessed with this make-up holder since 2011. And we happen to have just about everything you need to make this bad boy – from the jewelry studs to the floral foam and spray paint!)

7. Fill mason jars with spices and dried foods to create a utilitarian yet chic display in the kitchen.

Mason Jar Storage

Use fabric and twine to dress up your jar lids. And if you’re hankering for more mason jar ideas, look no further!

Over The Door Storage



8. Repurpose an over-the-door-organizer for use in the pantry or guest bathroom.

Taking a storage element out of its intended environment and using it for something entirely different is liberating! Try it with some of these.


Check out our décor guide for more inspiring organizational ideas and please share your favorite tips for getting and staying organized!

- Renee











December Trend // Have Yourself a Quirky Little Christmas

December Trend AlertThis holiday season, experiment with color, pattern, exaggerated sizes, and non-traditional icons! Red and green absolutely have a place in Christmas history, but don’t feel like you must be tied to it year after year. If your heart longs for a pink, glitter hammerhead shark to adorn your tree, by all means bring it to life! Stencils make it easy to produce your own patterns, like the bright tree forest that is displayed inside of an embroidery hoop. Nostalgia has also made its way back into our hearts. Mason jars can be filled with miniature bottlebrush trees and teeny deer that can be found on the Holiday aisle, right next to the adorable gumball machine that is smaller than an actual gumball… I need to borrow some tiny quarters.

Gift giving is no doubt the most gratifying part of the season. Why not add something special to a one of a kind package? Don’t be afraid to draw on your gift bags or use fun scrapbook paper to wrap small boxes.

Quirky Little Christmas

1. Mason Jar Minis
2. Pink Glittered Shark Ornament
3. Fun Wrapped Packages
4. Over-sized  Felt Stocking
5. Stenciled Embroidery Hoop

Bottom line: be yourself this Christmas and continue to enjoy the sights, colors, and animals that make you happy.

- Sara, Trend Expert




Craft Crush | November

Craft Crush

It’s about that time everyone! I really struggled to round up my crushes this month. There’s just SO much magic happening in the DIY world right now with upcoming holidays and events. Am I right? My Pinterest board runneth over. But seriously, my goal this holiday season is to pin less and make more.  Also on my list of goals: don’t over do the holiday sweets. I’ll report back and let you know how that one goes.

Without further ado, here’s my November Craft Crush:

Craft Crush November

Clockwise from top left:

Maple Glazed Apple Donuts from A Pumpkin and A Princess // If you don’t already know, I have a bit of a donut obsession and these babies make my mouth water. I’m definitely making them soon.

Pom Pom Pumpkins from One Sheepish Girl // Our very own Meredith is a pom pom prodigy. These little pumpkins are super simple to make and serve as perfect Thanksgiving decorations.

Framed Toy Story Dolls Shadowbox by By Stephanie Lynn // What a genius idea to custom frame favorite toys and preserve childhood memories! No worries folks, I’m pretty sure they can still escape to go on adventures.

Advent Christmas Tree by Lil’ Luna // I love how Lil’ Luna combined the tradition of an Advent Calendar into her tree design. It’s absolutely stunning.

Mercury Glass Mason Jars by Mason Jar Crafts Love // I’m a sucker for vintage. But, sometimes it’s hard to find the good stuff. This tutorial shows you have to create mercury glass look perfection.

So, tell me … what have you been crushin’ on lately?

- Jillian



Craft Crush | October

Craft Crush

Do you remember your first crush? I sure do. I think we are all pretty familiar with that feeling we used to get inside when we saw our crush coming down the hallway … or when someone even dared to mention their name. Well, I’m not ashamed to admit that sometimes I still get that feeling when I’m up at all hours of the night pinning the midnight oil and I come across that project that makes my jaw drop.

I want it. I need it. I must have it. Re-Pin.

I’m sure you can all relate. And, I’m sure you all have Pinterest boards full of beautifully handmade creations that make your heart flutter. We’re friends, right? I’ll let you in on a little secret… here’s what I’m crushing on right now:

Craft Crush October

Clockwise from top left:

Bungee Quad Strand Necklace // This necklace is made out of BUNGEE? Who would have thought that bungee could be so chic?

Rainbow Loom Bandz Bracelet Obsession by @sewthisisit // Do I see a Minion in there??

Glo-in-the-Dark™ Dotted Pumpkin // The perfect glowing walkway markers for trick-or-treaters.

Animal Topped Mason Jars by Mason Jar Love // Oh, how I want to fill these with pom-poms, ric-racs and tchotchkes.

What have you been crushing on lately?

- Jillian