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Light Up Your Holidays

Hello everyone, my name is Maggie Massey and I am thrilled to be here today coming to you from the Heidi Swapp Media Team.

It’s Christmastime again! The most wonderful time of the year…and the very best season for decorating. I try to switch up my Christmas décor every year…and this year is all about lights, light, LIGHTS!

Our Christmas tree is in our living room – which is completely closed off from our kitchen (which is, of course, where we spend most of our time) – so I wanted to make sure to add a little bit of the holiday to the room where we hang out the most.

Last year, I decided to make one of the walls in our kitchen a chalk wall…and I’m so glad I did. This wall has become decorating-central and it was the first place I thought of when I was planning my kitchen Christmas décor.

Because I wanted to focus on adding a lot of lights, I decided to use a couple of key pieces from Heidi Swapp’s Christmas Marquee Love and Lightbox Collections…these pieces are so easy to put together and their impact is HUGE.


I started my little vignette with a small Christmas tree…I love the size and it fits perfectly in this fairly small room.

Then came my Marquee Love JOY banner.


This piece actually comes with a number of parts and can be used in a variety of ways to achieve a variety of looks.

mm_christmas-15 The letters themselves are made of a thick chipboard and are incredibly sturdy. You add the lights to them by simply popping the included bulb caps through the holes and then inserting the lights into the backs of the bulb caps according to the included directions. mm_christmas-16 mm_christmas-17 mm_christmas-18 The letters can then be strung (using the enclosed twine) and used as a banner – or you can attach them to a frame (I used the large frame from Heidi’s Gallery Wall collection) like I did here to keep them more stationary. There is a paper banner also included in the set (see above photo), but I decided to leave it out of this project. No doubt it will show up somewhere else in the house this season, though!

Next I added a couple of paper garlands to my wall.

mm_christmas-21 The Marquee Love Reindeer Light Garland comes with two different banners…mm_christmas-7 …the sleigh/reindeer banner and the “TO ALL A GOOD NIGHT” lighted banner. To string the sleigh/reindeer banner, you simply fold the small paper tab on each of the pieces over a length of fishing line (included in the kit) and adhere it to the back of the piece…it’s that easy!

mm_christmas-14mm_christmas-13  There is already a piece of tape included on each piece, so all you have to do is remove the paper covering it, fold and adhere…and done! You do the same thing with the “TO ALL A GOOD NIGHT” banner…remove the paper covering your double-sided tape on each letter…

mm_christmas-9 fold over the light string and adhere the front to the back.

mm_christmas-8 mm_christmas-10 These pieces look fantastic alone or together! I decided to use both for my wall and I’m so glad I did.


My last – and most exciting – piece of my wall is my Christmas Countdown Lightbox.

mm_christmas-24 Even though my kids are getting older, they still LOVE the counting the days down to the 25th – and so do I! Heidi’s Lightbox Christmas icons and letters packs were just what I needed to make my lightbox perfect.


If you’ve never used this lightbox before, here’s how it works: you simply slide your chosen acetate tile between the guides on the box. YEP! That’s all!

mm_christmas-2 mm_christmas-3 mm_christmas-4

I’m keeping the rest of our countdown numbers in our silverware drawer where they’re easily accessible so we can make sure to change out that number each day. I set my lightbox on a stool my husband made…and I love the vintage-y, homey look it adds to the vignette…plus, having the box easily reachable/movable will make it much easier for the kids to change.


I’m so happy with this statement wall. I love the way it looks in our kitchen and it really brings in that wonderful holiday feeling this room was lacking…and everything just looks so pretty when it’s all lit up!