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Tie Dye Book Covers with Aunt Peaches

Our friends at I Love to Create teamed up with Aunt Peaches to bring you this awesome Tie Dye book cover project – just in time for back to school. Check it out!


Textbooks are expensive. Many teachers advise their students to cover their books to minimize damage. Also, book covers just look cool! Traditional paper textbooks covers are great, but not nearly as durable as fabric. These no-sew tie dye book covers offer an endless variety of colors and patterns, and what an awesome way to keep your books in great shape all year long. Let’s get started!

2-tie-dye-fabric-book-coversChoose a different color for each book, or perhaps a designated color scheme for every person in the family. The possibilities are endless.



When you open your Tulip One Step dye kit you will find several plastic squeeze bottles, each filled with a small amount of pigment powder – simply add water and shake. Your dye is ready to go! You will also find four pairs of gloves and some extra durable rubber bands. No need for mess or extra materials.

Inside your kit, you will also find an instruction booklet on how to achieve a variety of tie dye patterns. Beginners may want to start out free-form, then move up with each new project. Warning: it’s a little addictive.

6-pinch-twirling-fabricTo achieve a random sort of spinning pattern, pinch the fabric in the middle then swirl until the entire garment is enveloped. Use the provided rubber bands to secure in place.

Use your Tulip One Step squirt bottles to soak different areas of your fabric with dye. Segmenting each color will create stronger patterns, but layering dyes of similar values (like blue and purple) will create additional variations in colors. Set inside a plastic bag and let it set overnight.

After removing rubber bands and rinsing with water, throw your newly dyed fabric into a washing machine on the hottest setting with a teaspoon of detergent. Dry as usual. Now stand back and admire your work!

9-size-of-fabric-on-bookTo cut your fabric to size, cut a rectangle that is wide as your book plus 10”, and twice as tall as your book plus 1”.


Fold the fabric into one long tube that is just barely as tall as your book. There should be a 1” overlap seam running down the middle.


Use your Fabric Fusion glue to draw a thin line down the middle. Press to secure and allow to dry for at least one hour.

After the glue has dried, slip the fabric tube over the front and back cover of the book. To achieve a smooth finish, you may find it easier to pull back the covers from the spine (sort of like the wings of a bird) then slip the cover on all the way, then close the book as usual.


And there you go! Leave as is or use fabric paint and markers to make a design on the front and spine.