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Blogger Challenge Roundup: Ornament Frames

With the holidays just around the corner, we teamed up with a few of our favorite bloggers to Think Beyond the Frame this season. We sent each blogger our Studio Décor® festive ornament frames in a variety of shapes and colors and asked each blogger to dream up five creative ways to use the frames in unique ways this holiday season. Take a look at what they came up with, it’s sure to inspire you too!

1. Whipperberry


Whipperberry came up with 5 beautiful ways to use the ornament frames. From napkin rings to gift tags and even a beautiful wreath. Click through to see more ideas!

2. Sugar Bee Crafts

Sugar Bee Crafts

Sugar Bee Crafts made stocking holders, place settings & more!

3. Craftaholics Anonymous

Craftaholics Anonymous

Craftaholics Anonymous spray painted the frames for a more modern look. Love it!

4. Eighteen 25

eighteen 25

Eighteen 25 incorporated scrapbooking stickers, ribbon and little premade stockings for quick and easy gifts.

5. Lil’ Luna

Lil' Luna

Lil’ Luna had some unique ideas too! Aren’t those photo gift tags precious? What a great way to give two gifts in one!

Skip on over to our Holiday Style DIY Pinterest board to see all of the ornament frame projects and more DIY inspiration. What are you making this season?

- Jillian



Holiday Pinterest Parties

A few weeks ago some of our favorite bloggers teamed up with us to host our Pinterest event at Michaels locations across the nation. In the spirit of the season, they also hosted Pinterest parties at home with their friends. It looks like everyone had a great party and made some awesome projects to kick off the holiday entertaining season. Take a look at some of our favorites:


Create.Craft.Love. made fun Ribbon Wrapped Wreaths.


create.craft.love pinterest parties

A Night Owl Blog created Handmade Ornaments.


A Night Owl Blog

The Paper Mama & friends made fun Felt Garlands.


The Paper Mama

By Stephanie Lynn created some really beautiful Holiday Wreaths.


By Stephanie Lynn

Skip on over to our Pinterest board to see the rest of the blogger’s Pinterest Parties & crafts. Pin less, make more. What would you make at your Pinterest Party?



Guy DIY: Figure-rarium (a.k.a. Figure Terrarium)

When my brother and I were kids, we used to love playing with our Star Wars action figures out in the garden. So, when I saw how popular terrariums and figure-rariums have become on sites like Pinterest, it immediately took me back to the little worlds we used to create (and then destroy) with our action figures.

Below is my take on re-creating some of these fun little domains. Hopefully, you won’t want to destroy yours when you’re done.

Setting up a terrarium is easy. Here’s how to get started:


Find the perfect container, and be sure to wash and dry it completely. I found this one in our Home Decor Department.

Step 1: Add potting materials (rocks and soil).

Terrarium Rocks

Your rock layer should be about an inch thick. Gravel, stones and craft-store pebbles can all be used for drainage. You may also want to mix some charcoal in with your rocks to keep things smelling fresh. Something I forgot to do with my terrarium. : /

The soil layer should be about 2-3 inches thick, depending on the size of your largest root ball.

Step 2: Add plants.

Terrarium Plants

Dig your holes, insert your plants and then firm up the soil around each plant. You can find plants for this project at any nursery or home improvement store. And if you really don’t trust yourself with live plants, Michaels has all kinds of life-like plants to choose from.

Note: You may want to consider consulting someone with a green thumb before choosing your plants. I called my Mom, because she just knows about this kind of stuff.

Step 3: Create a scene.

Terrarium Complete

This is the step where you add the fun! I included a few different looks to give you a better idea of all you can do. I used Safari Toob figures from our Kids Department, and painted the dinosaurs with Liquitex® Spray Paint to give them a different look. The other figures came already painted.


Terrarium Looks

You can also finish off your project with a Basswood Country Round® to give it a more complete look.

Another note: You may want to consider using a drop cloth for this project. Something else I forgot to do when building my terrarium.

Oh, and terrariums make great holiday gifts.

Dig in!


Second Annual Michaels Dream Tree Challenge

Now that Halloween has come and gone, who else is ready to dive head first into the holidays? I’ve already begun my Christmas shopping and may or may not be jamming to a holiday music station on Pandora. But, nothing gets me in the spirit more than decorating my home for the holidays every year. It’s time to bring out the wreaths, unpack those ornaments & start untangling those Christmas lights.

In preparation for the holidays, we challenged 30 of our favorite bloggers to create the Christmas Tree of their dreams … prepare to be wowed.

I present to you, the Second Annual Michaels Dream Tree Challenge.

[slideshow_deploy id='3413']

Check out all the trees & more inspiration on our Dream Tree Pinterest board. Which tree is your favorite?

- Jillian

Bone Appetite

Bone Appétit!

Halloween Skulls Tablescape

Ever since I can remember, I’ve always been a fan of skulls – from colorful Mexican Day of the Dead sugar skulls to the notorious Jolly Roger. My old skateboard even had an iconic image of a skeleton ripping through the bottom of it.

So, when I think about Halloween decor, the first thing I think of … skulls.

I’ve chosen several of my favorites below. I think these would make a great addition to any frightfully festive Halloween display.

5 Skull Tealight Holder Skull Pillar Candle

Skull Jar Candle Holder Skull Tealight Hider

Clockwise from top left: 5 Skull Tealight HolderCelebrate It™ Skull CandleSkull Tealight HiderSkull Jar Candle Holder.

Of course, if skulls aren’t your thing, Michaels also has a number of other creepy creatures and themes to choose from like spiders, owls, monsters and more! Be sure and check them all out today in our Glitter & Ghouls Lookbook, or visit your local Michaels store for more Halloween inspiration.

Happy haunting!

- Stephen

fall porch makeover

Fall Porch Makeover

Fall Decor Porch Makeover

Autumn is in the air. It’s the perfect time to change up your style and try something new. Michaels has a number of inspiring decorating tips and ideas to help you create the perfect autumn porch display, and keep your home looking stylish all season long. You can start by taking an inventory of what you may already have, and then visit your local Michaels and add to it as you see fit.

Fall Garland

fall garlands

Create a festival of fall color for your front door. Drape your doorway with Ashland® Fall Garland.

Tip: If you want to take it a step further, you can embellish your garland by adding picks, sprays, small decorative pumpkins and ribbon.

 Harvest Décor Scarecrows

Fall Decor Scarecrows

Make a statement about fall. Celebrate It™ Harvest Décor Scarecrows are a fun way to greet neighbors, guests and passersby.

Tip: Harvest Scarecrows can do double duty for both fall and Halloween decorating.

 Fall Pumpkins


Have bushels of fun with pumpkins and gourds. Ashland® Fall Pumpkins look great grouped together in baskets and wheelbarrows and stacked in planters.

Tip: If you’re really in the spirit of things, you can decorate your pumpkins with glitter, paint, tape, decoupage and more.

 Fall and Harvest Baskets

fall baskets

Create a cornucopia of color for your front porch. Fill Ashland® Fall and Harvest Baskets with mini pumpkins, gourds, Indian corn, leaves and more.

Tip: Many of our fall baskets can be re-purposed for holiday decorating. Simply add pinecones, berries, nuts or branches and coat with shimmering metallic paint from Design Master®.

Keeping up with the latest trends is easy with Michaels. Be sure and take a look at our Fall LookbookPinterest boards, or get in store for even more creative ideas and inspiration.

Happy decorating!

- Stephen