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Custom Framing: What It’s All About

Have you ever walked into a Michaels store, seen the Custom Frame Counter and wondered what goes on over there? Thought maybe, just maybe, it’s a bit too expensive for your budget? Or, that a custom frame is too grand for your favorite family snapshot? Well, let us debunk those myths with a bit of help from our Michaels Makers!


Let’s talk about the cost. Now, through December 14, 2014, you can get any small picture or piece of art, up to 8″x10″, framed for $49! Yep, for less than the cost of your bi-weekly mani-pedi, you can get a custom framed piece, using one of 9 select metal mouldings, 2 basic mats with specialty openings, preservation mount, fit and conservation clear glass. A fully framed piece ready to hang in your home or give as a gift and you didn’t have to D.I.Y a thing! Just take your art or photo to the custom frame counter at your local Michaels Store and a Certified Framing Expert will give your piece the white glove treatment it deserves.

We told a few of our Michaels Makers about this awesome offer, and take a look at what they did with the help of their Certified Framing Experts.

How peaceful are these leaf prints that Just Destiny Mag had framed? A beautiful, soft trio for the perfect wall collage.


 Sugar Bee Crafts decided to use our custom framing in the first phase of her living room makeover. We love it!


The Crafting Chicks decided that their framed pieces would make great holiday gifts. We couldn’t agree more!


Finally, A Pumpkin and A Princess framed one of her favorite family quotes. Don’t forget to visit her blog to download the printable for your own home!

cf-a-pumpkinSo, stop on by, and let one of our Certified Framing Experts help you create a masterpiece. Share your custom framed pieces with us on instagram, facebook or twitter! #framedwithmichaels




DIY Fall Wreaths

Fall is here! With the leaves changing colors and holidays just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to spruce up your home décor for the season. And what better way to welcome autumn than welcoming your guests with an amazing fall wreath on your door? We’ve gathered up some of the biggest trends in crafting and incorporated them into these beautiful DIY wreaths that are perfect for fall.


A floral wreath doesn’t have to be overflowing with flowers and foliage – how about taking a more minimalistic approach? This burlap wrapped wreath has both a warm and natural texture along with a modern and sleek look. A true statement piece!


This mesh fall wreath has a classic look with a trendy twist. The mesh and ribbon make this wreath look fuller, positively bursting with autumn colors.


This one’s sure to surprise your guests, they won’t believe that you’re using yarn in your wreath! This décor piece is simple, unique, and an elegant way to warm up your home.


This adorable and distinctive clothespin wreath is incredibly easy to make and even easier to personalize with Washi tape. Check out the video below and Jo Pearson will show you how simple it is to make this crafty piece of wall décor.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UieXUy5uGPo&w=560&h=315]

A wreath is one of the simplest ways to get into the spirit of the season. Why not try making one yourself this year?


Guy DIY: Easy Photo Transfer on Wood

Creating a photo transfer on wood is simple. In fact, if you’ve ever used Silly Putty to lift an image from the Sunday comics, then you understand the basic idea behind this easy technique. Instead of using Silly Putty to pull the image from our paper, we use gel medium.

Here’s how you get started:


First, find an image you like and print it on a laser printer. If your picture has words, you may want to flip it horizontally (think mirror image) before you print it.

Next, find the perfect piece of wood. I used a Basswood Country Round® from our Wood Crafting Section, but you can pick up wood at any home improvement store. You may even find that perfect piece of wood at home in your garage.

Cut out your image to match the size and shape of the wood, and you’re ready to get started.

Step 1: Add gel medium to wood.


Spread the gel medium on in a thick, even coat. I used Artists Loft™ Acrylic Gel Medium, but you can use any gel medium you like.

Step 2: Apply your picture.


Make sure the image is face down. Then, smooth it out with a brayer or your fingers. Some bubbles and creases are okay – they add character to your artwork.

Note: Try not to get gel medium on the backside of your paper. It will only make it harder to pull your paper off once it dries.

Step 3: Let it dry.

A few hours should do the trick, but you may want to leave it overnight.

Step 4: Rub off paper with a damp cloth.

The next day…Use a damp washcloth to rub the paper away, but be sure not to rub your image too hard. You don’t want to take your picture away with the paper.


There will be some paper residue left behind, so continue to work with your image until you get it exactly how you like it.


You may also paint, stain, or sand your project to give it a more personalized look. You can even add another layer of gel medium to create a clear coat, or add brackets to hang on the wall.

Have fun with it!



The History of Bird Cages

Bird Cage Decor

Ok everyone, gather around. It is time to learn about the history of bird cages.

Wait! Come back! Don’t fly away just yet. I know, I know…the history of bird cages sounds like the beginning of a long-winded, and possibly made up, story you hear from your grandparents. I mean…it’s a cage. For birds. End of history, right? I am happy to say I was proven wrong thanks to thanks to Richard H. Randall Jr.’s research article, “A Gothic Bird Cage”. I am always ready to learn new things and Randall’s article definitely taught me more about bird cages than I knew before..

Bird Cage Lanterns

Looking through the different bird cage products and projects from Michaels I had to wonder…when did the idea putting birds in cages begin? When did we start using them as decoration?

In Randall’s article, he discusses how many ancient Greek vases depict tall wicker cages characteristic in the fifth and fourth centuries B.C. He also mentions different symbols associated with bird cages. For example, he describes an early Christian sarcophagus from the Vatican cemetery that looks like a domed bird cage with the bird sitting on top of it, signifying that the soul of the person had been liberated from its earthly prison.

Wood and wicker were the most common materials used to make bird cages in medieval times. The wicker cages had a conical or rectangular shape and were hawked by peddlers along the streets. Iron cages were also common in the palaces of Louis XI and Isabella of Bavaria. In 1379.

Charles V of France had decorative bird cages made out of “gold and silver filled with birds of enamel and precious metals, set with the finest gems. These minute birds were sweetly perfumed, and the cages hung in the wardrobes and chambers of the palaces as sachets.”

Apparently the idea of decorating with bird cages has been around a lot longer than I thought. I know for a fact that I could never rock a  bird cage hair style but I might be able to pull off a few bird cage decorations in my apartment.

If you want to try to bring a little of this history to your own home, Michaels has several projects that continue the history of bird cage décor. Why not try making the Bird Cage Bamboo Wind Chime, Turquoise Bird Cage succulent display, or Bird Cage Lanterns.

Bird Cage Decor 2

Have fun incorporating bird cages into your home décor!



Blogger Challenge Roundup: Ornament Frames

With the holidays just around the corner, we teamed up with a few of our favorite bloggers to Think Beyond the Frame this season. We sent each blogger our Studio Décor® festive ornament frames in a variety of shapes and colors and asked each blogger to dream up five creative ways to use the frames in unique ways this holiday season. Take a look at what they came up with, it’s sure to inspire you too!

1. Whipperberry


Whipperberry came up with 5 beautiful ways to use the ornament frames. From napkin rings to gift tags and even a beautiful wreath. Click through to see more ideas!

2. Sugar Bee Crafts

Sugar Bee Crafts

Sugar Bee Crafts made stocking holders, place settings & more!

3. Craftaholics Anonymous

Craftaholics Anonymous

Craftaholics Anonymous spray painted the frames for a more modern look. Love it!

4. Eighteen 25

eighteen 25

Eighteen 25 incorporated scrapbooking stickers, ribbon and little premade stockings for quick and easy gifts.

5. Lil’ Luna

Lil' Luna

Lil’ Luna had some unique ideas too! Aren’t those photo gift tags precious? What a great way to give two gifts in one!

Skip on over to our Holiday Style DIY Pinterest board to see all of the ornament frame projects and more DIY inspiration. What are you making this season?