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5 Ways to Use a Rolling Cart

The mobile rolling cart is a genius invention. It allows you to move your most used items around the home for the ultimate convenience! We’ve seen our fair share of mobile craft carts, but today we’re sharing 5 new ways to style the Lexington rolling cart.

1. Coffee Station Cart

Coffee Stand Cart Coffee Station Cart

Our friends at The Merrythought are after our own hearts with this Coffee Station Cart. It’s perfect for a small kitchen or to roll wheel out when you’re having a get-together.

2. Mobile Flower GardenFlower Garden Cart flower cart

A Pumpkin and a Princess used the Lexington cart as a mobile garden that allows her to bring her house plants out for a little sunshine from time to time.

3. Kitchen Cart

kitchen cart

Amy from Homey Oh My thought up the next 3 uses for this rolling cart. Another small kitchen hack is using this cart as a mini pantry for produce and snacks, as well as a space for any knick knacks or extra dishes that would otherwise take up precious counter space.

4. Nightstand 

nightstand cart

Perfect for those that need more storage flexibility, the nightstand cart has space to hold your books, your glasses and even your charging phone.nightstand cart

5. Bathroom Cartbathroom cart

Another small space solution is the bathroom cart. Use it to store your toiletries or as a shower caddy.

Do you have a rolling cart in your home? Tell us how you use it in the comments below!

How to Custom Frame Your Artwork


Hello everyone, I’m Lucy from Craftberry Bush.

I recently painted a large watercolor piece to reside over our mantel and decided to take a trip to my local Michaels to have it custom framed. I have never had any of my work custom framed before, but having now experienced the process and seeing the final results, I’m hooked and will undoubtedly have a few more pieces professionally framed.


It’s a fairly large piece, but I love how much impact it has in our family room.


I thought it might be fun to share some of the process, should you ever consider having your work custom framed at Michaelsmichaelsframing-6

To begin, Michaels has a plethora of frames to choose from. At first, it can appear a little overwhelming as the selection is vast, but the frames are cleverly separated by different decor styles. As they are continually adding to the options to ensure recent/changing trends are represented, there really is something to accommodate everyone’s style. The frame I chose was crafted by Michaels own designers.


When you bring your piece into the framing studio, the very knowledgeable representatives put on their fancy white gloves to avoid any oils transferring onto your piece. They then offer assistance with the selection of matting according to what you like and what coordinates best with your piece. The possibilities are endless, but they make it easy for you by talking through the process, helping to eliminate options and narrow down the choices.


Once you’re happy with the matting choice, the piece is placed directly under an overhead camera, which then projects the image onto a computer screen.


The projection includes the matting and framing choices you have selected, providing a really great idea of what the end result will look like. To me, this is genius as I sometimes find it difficult to visualize the final piece.


All of the matting is completed on the premises and is ready for pick up in 10-14 business days.


They also have a frame express service for those who may not want to go through the selection process, but simply have their piece inserted into already made frames available in the store.


A nice touch for me is the no-glare glass as I find it challenging to take photos of framed art due to the glare. As you can see, you can’t even tell that there’s glass over it.



I love the final piece and hope it will be treasured and passed from generation to generation.

Thank you so much for joining me today.

Have a great day!


19 Ways to Give Your Neighbors Front Door Envy

When fall is in the air, transform your entry and create porch envy with these easy-to-do front door décor ideas. For more inspiration, see our newest fall products here! Read on for 19 envious entry ways:

1. Spell it out on pumpkins with marquee letters:1_UGC_KarasPartyIdeas_FB

Image via MichaelsMakers Kara’s Party Ideas

2. Top a crate with a lantern, pumpkin and leaves – done!


Image via MichaelsMakers The Crafting Chicks

3. Create impact with a DIY pumpkin garland:


Image via Michaels.com

4. Rustic leaves, sunflowers and ribbon wrapped on a grapevine wreath:


Image via Instagram @laurenshileimhere

5. Welcome fall and friends with a tabletop vignette:


Image via Instagram @golaville

6. Add a monogram to the door:

Image via Michaels Pinterest

7. Drop dried floral leaves and wheat in a basket:


Image via Instagram @Happytogether

8. Go trendy with white pumpkins and burlap wreath:


Image via Instagram @chapelcottagechicks

9. Deck out your porch with pumpkins and fall flower:


Image via Instagram @raquel_russell

10. Add spooky spiders with cardstock!


Image via Instagram @luluco1

11. Wrap your door as a mummy:


Image via Instagram @nickylyounger

12. Drape it with friendly monsters:


Image via Michaels.com

13. Brighten up your front door.


Image #MadeWithMichaels via Instagram user @peachesandpolish

14. Bring the harvest to the front porch.

file-1 (002)
#MadeWithMichaels by @ashtonwearsthings

15. Make it stand out with mesh!

DIY instructions via Michaels.com

16. A new twist on your halloween front porch!

DIY via Michaels.com

17. Put a floral twist on it:

Image via Michaels Maker A Night Owl

18. Go boho for Fall!

Image via Michaels Maker Jennifer Rizzo

19. Set the scene with a cute scarecrow!

Image via Michaels Maker Giggles Galore

Green is the New Black: 10 Ways to Welcome Succulents into Your Life

Succulents are everywhere! From home décor to garden accents, we cannot get enough of this trend. Here are 10 Ways to Welcome Succulents into Your Life:

1. Make your table décor look oh-so-fancy.

Image courtesy of @jeanlaurentguaugy via @lecactusrouge on Instagram

Image courtesy of @jeanlaurentguaugy via @lecactusrouge on Instagram

2. Upcycling! Turn any broken pot into a succulent masterpiece.

Image via Instagram by @sunshine_succulents

Image via Instagram by @sunshine_succulents

3.  Gorgeous garden upgrade with low maintenance!

Image via Instagram by @thefancygarden

Image via Instagram by @thefancygarden

4. An adorable gift with no green thumb required.

Image via Instagram by @pumpkinandaprincess

Image via Instagram by @pumpkinandaprincess

5. And add sass to any front door!

Image via Michals Maker Pretty Providence

6. Garden gnomes + mini succulents? Who can say no to that?!

Image via Instagram by @oneworld.twopeople

Image via Instagram by @oneworld.twopeople

7. Teeny tiny & oh-so-cute! Even the smallest apartment has room for a mini wreath!

Image via Instagram by @jenssuccs

Image via Instagram by @jenssuccs

8. They look awesome in letters.

Image via Instagram by @jenssuccs

Image via Instagram by @jenssuccs

9. Shadow box+succulent = an instant home upgrade!

Image via Michaels Maker Jennifer Rizzo

Image via Michaels Maker Jennifer Rizzo

10. And last but not least, coffee table perfection.

Image via Michaels Maker U Create Blog

Image via Michaels Maker U Create Blog

dipped milk bottle vase project

DIY Floral: Dip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah!

Spring is in the air and flowers are in full bloom; sounds like it’s time to spruce up your home décor with some quick and easy floral designs. While we’d all love to surround ourselves with fresh flowers every day, weekly trips to the local flower shop can put a bit of a strain on our schedule (not to mention our wallets), and no one likes when beauty becomes a chore. So what’s a gal to do?

Embrace the world of faux flowers! Available in a rainbow of colors and styles, floral stems can add brightness and life to any room. From roses and lilies to ranunculuses and lilacs, our stores have tons of seasonal blooms to choose from, so take your pick and let’s get started.

Put that old standby vase back in the cabinet. It’s time to freshen up your floral décor with this trendy DIY take on vintage glassware. Get the look of dipped paint without all the mess with our Dipped Milk Bottles project.

Dipped milk bottle stepouts

Everything you need to make your own dipped milk bottle floral arrangement.

Easy enough for even a beginner, this painting project whips up in a snap. By using masking tape and foam pouncers, you get more control over the paint while keeping drips and drops to a minimum. Simply tape off the area you want painted, pounce away with your paint, peel off the tape, wrap your floral bundle and voilà!

You can create one for your desk or a bunch for a party—they’re so cute and quick to make that we bet you can’t stop at just one! Single them out on party tables to create you’re very own Parisian sidewalk café, or use them to create lovely tablescapes for a baby shower. They’d also make fabulous gifts that look wonderful in kitchens, bathrooms or any room in the home.

Dipped soda and milk bottle vases

To add a little variety, consider using different types of bottles (think soda bottles and mason jars), or mix up your paint hues and finishes—a stylish chalky finish is sure to stand out. Share your projects with us using #MadewithMichaels. We’d love to know how you would use them!