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How to Make an Easy Americana Tablescape

Hi! I’m Jen, a member of the Heidi Swapp media team and the creator and party-planner behind the Create Often blog. I’m thrilled to be sharing this DIY patriotic party décor idea with you today.

Outdoor dining is number one on my list for the upcoming summer holidays. While my husband is planning his BBQ menu, I love creating a tablescape that guests will remember. This Americana tablescape is easy to pull together, in just a few simple steps!

Americana_JenEvans-16 Americana_JenEvans-3

I picked up a table runner, chargers and candleholders from my local Michaels. Their new Summer Heritage Décor collection is versatile enough to style any patriotic holiday this summer. Keeping the color scheme with white, blue, and gold will allow me to use the décor later in the year, but adding touches of red pulls Memorial Day and 4th of July in nicely.


I love a centerpiece I can use anytime of the year! These beautiful succulent photo holders are customized for the summer holidays but the flag and photo can be changed out for other summer occasions like graduation, a wedding, or even a baby shower. The best part is you can make it in minutes and you don’t have to have a green thumb!

Here’s how to make them:

Americana_JenEvans-5 Americana_JenEvans_Collage

Start off using the Heidi Swapp Instax Photo Frame Kit. The kit comes unfinished, which makes it easy to customize each shadow box to match your color scheme.

  1. Paint the wooden frames.
  2. Add floral foam to the frame box with hot glue. Here, I cut 1 block in half to use in both boxes.
  3. Gather a variety of faux succulents, cacti or even small floral stems to add a little glam to the centerpiece.

Maker Tip: Look for florals that have a touch of red to tie in the colors of the summer holidays.

Americana_JenEvans-2 Americana_JenEvans-13 4. Glue craft moss to the floral foam to hide it. Trim the succulents & stems and push them into the foam. Arrange the tall ones in the back and small and medium in the front. Use hot glue if necessary.

5. Cut gold floral wire to 12” long with wire cutters. Use your finger to wrap the wire twice and press together to make a photo holder. Measure it to stand 7” tall and snip off excess. Then just poke the wire into the foam and add your photo.

The best part of this center display is the custom Instax photo! When using the Fujifilm Instax Share™ Wireless Printer, you can print image from your phone into an Instax print!

Americana_JenEvans-4 Americana_JenEvans-20

Fun prints with sayings and sentiments are the latest trend in home décor and adding these to your tablescape is a fun way to foster feelings of nostalgia for your guests. I created these patriotic images that you can download for free!


Click here to download these free printables! 

I saved the files to my phone and added more holiday stickers to them using a photo-editing app. Then I printed them using the Fujifilm Instax Share™ Wireless Printer. Watch how easy it is!

 You could easily swap out your favorite photos on this centerpiece to go with any event.


 Add a couple of American flags and just like that, your patriotic centerpiece is ready to party! Celebrate the summer holidays with a beautiful tablescape, good food, family and friends. Memories are sure to be made.

What are you making this summer? Share your projects with us on Instagram using #MakeItWithMichaels!



Light Up Your Holidays

Hello everyone, my name is Maggie Massey and I am thrilled to be here today coming to you from the Heidi Swapp Media Team.

It’s Christmastime again! The most wonderful time of the year…and the very best season for decorating. I try to switch up my Christmas décor every year…and this year is all about lights, light, LIGHTS!

Our Christmas tree is in our living room – which is completely closed off from our kitchen (which is, of course, where we spend most of our time) – so I wanted to make sure to add a little bit of the holiday to the room where we hang out the most.

Last year, I decided to make one of the walls in our kitchen a chalk wall…and I’m so glad I did. This wall has become decorating-central and it was the first place I thought of when I was planning my kitchen Christmas décor.

Because I wanted to focus on adding a lot of lights, I decided to use a couple of key pieces from Heidi Swapp’s Christmas Marquee Love and Lightbox Collections…these pieces are so easy to put together and their impact is HUGE.


I started my little vignette with a small Christmas tree…I love the size and it fits perfectly in this fairly small room.

Then came my Marquee Love JOY banner.


This piece actually comes with a number of parts and can be used in a variety of ways to achieve a variety of looks.

mm_christmas-15 The letters themselves are made of a thick chipboard and are incredibly sturdy. You add the lights to them by simply popping the included bulb caps through the holes and then inserting the lights into the backs of the bulb caps according to the included directions. mm_christmas-16 mm_christmas-17 mm_christmas-18 The letters can then be strung (using the enclosed twine) and used as a banner – or you can attach them to a frame (I used the large frame from Heidi’s Gallery Wall collection) like I did here to keep them more stationary. There is a paper banner also included in the set (see above photo), but I decided to leave it out of this project. No doubt it will show up somewhere else in the house this season, though!

Next I added a couple of paper garlands to my wall.

mm_christmas-21 The Marquee Love Reindeer Light Garland comes with two different banners…mm_christmas-7 …the sleigh/reindeer banner and the “TO ALL A GOOD NIGHT” lighted banner. To string the sleigh/reindeer banner, you simply fold the small paper tab on each of the pieces over a length of fishing line (included in the kit) and adhere it to the back of the piece…it’s that easy!

mm_christmas-14mm_christmas-13  There is already a piece of tape included on each piece, so all you have to do is remove the paper covering it, fold and adhere…and done! You do the same thing with the “TO ALL A GOOD NIGHT” banner…remove the paper covering your double-sided tape on each letter…

mm_christmas-9 fold over the light string and adhere the front to the back.

mm_christmas-8 mm_christmas-10 These pieces look fantastic alone or together! I decided to use both for my wall and I’m so glad I did.


My last – and most exciting – piece of my wall is my Christmas Countdown Lightbox.

mm_christmas-24 Even though my kids are getting older, they still LOVE the counting the days down to the 25th – and so do I! Heidi’s Lightbox Christmas icons and letters packs were just what I needed to make my lightbox perfect.


If you’ve never used this lightbox before, here’s how it works: you simply slide your chosen acetate tile between the guides on the box. YEP! That’s all!

mm_christmas-2 mm_christmas-3 mm_christmas-4

I’m keeping the rest of our countdown numbers in our silverware drawer where they’re easily accessible so we can make sure to change out that number each day. I set my lightbox on a stool my husband made…and I love the vintage-y, homey look it adds to the vignette…plus, having the box easily reachable/movable will make it much easier for the kids to change.


I’m so happy with this statement wall. I love the way it looks in our kitchen and it really brings in that wonderful holiday feeling this room was lacking…and everything just looks so pretty when it’s all lit up!




Christmas Tree Trend Alert: Pretty in Pink

We often look to our Michaels Makers for the latest in hot trends and for this year’s Dream Tree Challenge, they did not disappoint!

These Christmas trees rebel against the classic red and green of the season and bring a trendy twist on the traditional tannenbaum.  Soft pink shimmers and fun fuchsia decorations make these trees remarkably pin-worthy.

Kara's Party Ideas - Vintage Inspired Tree

Kara’s Party Ideas created a sweet blush pink, vintage-inspired wonderland. Shimmery, frosty and oh so sweet!

Rose Gold Floral Tree by Craftaholics Anonymous

Linda from Craftaholics Anonymous jumped onto the rose gold trend with her pink and gold floral tree.

This Charming Life Glittery Glam Tree

Kaelah from This Charming Life, fully embraced all of the girly glitz with her Glittery Glam Holiday Tree.

Pretty Providence Mid-Century Modern Tree

The ladies over at Pretty Providence put a retro spin on their Mid-Century Modern Christmas Tree. We’re loving the pink pom poms and scallop-edged details! A Little Inspiration DIY Floral Christmas Tree

If you prefer floral to fir, check out A Little Inspiration’s take on the classic tree. She used faux and paper flowers to make this glorious DIY Floral Christmas Tree.

Candy Tree Lines Across

Rachel at Lines Across took a more playful twist with her candy wonderland tree. Just look at that gummy bear topper!

The Paper Mama Punny Christmas Tree

We love a good pun here at Michaels so this tree is a favorite! The Paper Mama printed out these silly puns with her Silhouette Cameo and made them into garlands.

What colors are you using in your Christmas décor this year? We’d love to see how you Make it Merry! Share your holiday décor with us on Instagram using #MakeItWithMichaels.

Christmas Tree Trend Alert: Mad for Plaid

It’s no secret that plaid & flannel are making a serious style comeback. Fashion gurus are rocking gingham, buffalo check and tartan designs every where you look. The latest trend has creeped its way into our homes and is bringing a warm, cozy vibe to holiday décor. And we aren’t mad about that one bit!

A few of our talented Michaels Makers hopped on the holiday plaid train and made absolutely gorgeous trees for our Dream Tree Challenge.

DIY Playbook Pretty and Plaid DIY Playbook Pretty and Plaid

This Pretty and Plaid Tree from DIY Playbook uses a classic plaid ribbon and lots of plaid presents mixed with a little kraft gift wrap.

Simple As That

Rebecca from Simple As That blog used the oh-so-popular black and red buffalo check to add character to her Outdoor Adventure Themed Tree.

By Stephanie Lynn Tartan Plaid Tree

Lots of tartan ribbons cascade down By Stephanie Lynn’s rustic tree while shimmering red berries and grapevine ball ornaments give it a beautiful and natural look.

Love The Day Dream Tree

Lindi’s tree from Love The Day is a winter wonderland village! Tiny cottages are nestled in the flocked tree while classic red and green plaid ribbons intertwine with snow frosted pine cones and berries.

Just Destiny Dream Tree

We love the way Just Destiny pulled the pattern into her holiday décor with plaid wrapped gifts and stockings. Not to mention those cute Santa marquee lights!

Design Dazzle Mrs. Claus Tree Design Dazzle Mrs. Claus Tree

Toni from Design Dazzle went with a classic red and white gingham that puts any picnic to shame. Can you believe that she hand-painted that ribbon??

Positively Splendid Plaid Tree Positively Splendid Plaid Tree

And finally, we can’t get over this Traditional Plaid Tree by Positively Splendid. The deep navy & red and white candy striped ribbons mixed with classic flannel plaid give this tree a luxurious and rich look and feel.

If plaid isn’t your style, be sure to check out our exclusive holiday collections. You’re sure to find something that matches your style. Show us how you’re decorating this holiday season by using #MakeItWithMichaels on Instagram!

Michaels Makers December Challenge: Make It Merry

The holidays are a time for family, friends and memories. The twinkling lights of the tree, the aroma of cookies fresh from the oven or the perfectly wrapped gift – these are things that make the holiday merry.

And it’s the time of year when the personal touch matters most. Michaels is the place that helps you fill every moment with love, joy and the pride of making it yourself. This month, we challenged our Michaels Makers to show us how they Make It Merry during the holidays. From DIY décor and ornaments to making family memories, our Makers have lots of easy and fun ideas to share with you!

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Let us know how you Make It Merry during the holidays in the comments below!


3 New Ways to Decorate Your Gingerbread House

One long-standing tradition for the holiday season is decorating a gingerbread house. When it comes to decorating, the possibilities are endless – you just have to use your imagination! We can help get your creativity moving with these three new ways to decorate your gingerbread house.

1. Color Mist

Silver Gingerbread House

Give your gingerbread house a fresh paint job with Color Mist Food Color Spray. Make your house shine bright for the holidays with a beautiful silver finish, or use red for a house filled with holiday cheer. Use pearl Color Mist to add a coat of shimmer to any color, or use it on the gingerbread alone for a subtle sparkle. For the most even coverage, let each coat of Color Mist dry for at least 5 minutes before starting the next coat. Use white icing to pipe windows, doors, icicles and snowflake detail on the house. Get the how-to here.Color Mist Gingerbread House

2. FoodWriters

Artfully Drawn Gingerbread Cottage

Have a knack for drawing? If yes, this idea is perfect for you! Use assorted FoodWriters to draw doors, windows, shingles and designs on each panel of the house. This is also a fun and easy way for children to add their own personal touch to gingerbread decorating. It’s easiest to draw on each panel before assembling your house, but you can also use FoodWriters on a finished house to add accents and finishing touches. Use a straight edge or a ruler to help draw straight lines. Draw on each panel before assembling your house, then attach with icing according to the instructions. See how it’s done here.

Artfully Drawn Gingerbread Cottage

3. Fondant

Gingerbread House with Fondant Decorations

Fondant is an easy way to add beautiful accents to your gingerbread house, and fondant pieces make great detail for the roof. Roll out chocolate fondant to 1/8 of an inch thick, then use the round end of tip 1M to cut out small circles. Use a food safe paint brush to wet the back of each piece with water, then attach the pieces to the roof. Make sure to offset and overlap each piece to look like shingles. Get the full details here.

Gingerbread House with Fondant Decorations

I hope these ideas have inspired you to try something new with your gingerbread decorating tradition! Share your gingerbread creations with us on Instagram using #MakeItWithMichaels!