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5 Clever Parchment Paper Tips to Make Holiday Baking Easier

Parchment paper is the one baking staple you should always have on hand, but especially around the holidays, when you’re baking the most. Often confused with wax paper, which is not heat-resistant, parchment paper is silicone coated making it not only oven-safe, but non-stick (unlike aluminum foil). Wilton Parchment Paper is heat resistant up to 450° F and non-stick, so it’s perfect for baking Christmas cookies, brownies, bars and all of your holiday treats. Take a look at these 5 life-changing tricks to make your holiday baking even merrier.

1. Serve Better Brownies & Bars

Line Your Brownies with Parchment Paper

Ever baked a beautiful batch of brownies, only to make a complete mess of the first bar? The struggle is real. But, with a little parchment paper you can save yourself the trouble. Simply cut parchment paper to match the width of your pan, place inside with a little bit overhanging the sides. Repeat, layering parchment in the opposite direction. Bake, let cool and voilà! Use the excess parchment paper overhanging the sides to easily lift the entire brownie slab out of the pan. That’s the secret to slicing and serving every single brownie with absolute perfection.

2. Store or Gift Cookies that Stack Up

Stack Cookies with Parchment Paper

Your beautiful Christmas cookies deserve to be protected until they’re ready to be presented, whether as a gift or served at your holiday party. The secret to preserving their beauty until you’re ready to devour the deliciousness? Parchment paper. Don’t just pile the cookies on the plate. Stack them neatly with a square of parchment paper in between each one to keep cookies from sticking to each other, keep crumbs out of your icing and serve them looking as good as they taste.

3. Quicker, Easier Clean Up

Line Cookie Sheets with Parchment Paper

Using your favorite Christmas cookie cutter shapes, like the iconic gingerbread boy, candy cane, and stocking, is part of the fun. Having cookies stick to your sheet and leaving a burned on mess? Not so much. Line your cookie sheets with a layer of parchment for cookies that slide right off and a quick and easy cleanup after they’re done baking.

4. The DIY Decorating Bag

DIY Decorating Bag

Royal icing gives Christmas cookies that classic, smooth glossy coating that dries hard and looks perfect. It’s great for covering cookies and decorating with fun color dragging designs. When you’re in a pinch and don’t have a decorating bag, don’t worry. You can use “parchment triangles” to make a DIY disposable decorating bag in any size. Just cut parchment into a triangle, bring the same size ends together and fold. Snip the tip of the bag and decorate. It’s also great for giving cookies or other treats a beautiful drizzle of melted candy!

5. Christmas Cookie Presentation

Wrap Up Edible Gifts

Wilton makes traditional white parchment paper and unbleached, Kraft-colored parchment paper. Both make great giftwrap for your homemade cookies. Unbleached parchment gives your gifts a rustic, timeless presentation that is easily dressed up with any style ribbon or string. The classic white parchment paper gives your gift a wintery feel that looks great with snowflake-inspired gift tags and blue ribbon. It’s equally as adorable wrapped in red and green, too. Just stack and wrap. Finish with decorative ribbon or string and add a gift tag.

What are you baking this holiday season?


8 DIY Ornaments to Make in 15 Minutes or Less

Some of the most meaningful ornaments hanging on the tree are handmade with love. DIY ornaments add a special, personal touch to your holiday décor. Make them for your own tree or as gifts… you can even host an ornament-making party for your friends! I’ve rounded up 8 DIY ornaments that you can whip up in just 15 minutes or less.

1. Embellished Galvanized Ornament

Galvanized Ornament

Add Mod Podge® and glitter to these fun galvanized ornaments to dress them up and add a bit of sparkle.

2. Mason Jar Lid Ornament

Snowy Scene Lid Ornament

Repurpose mason jar lids and tiny snowy scenes. Make them all a little different and create a tiny village.

3. Christmas Wish List Ornament

Christmas Wish List Ornament

I love this idea of ornament time capsules for your kids. Preserve your child’s Christmas wish list each year in a plastic craft ornament.

4. Plaster Ornaments

Plaster Ornaments

These plaster ornaments come pre-made, you just add the paint! Use colors that match your theme and add a coat of gloss to finish.

5. Snowy Scene Snap Ornament

Cardinal Snap Ornament

These plastic ornaments open all the way so you can fill them with just about anything! We’ve added snow, pine cones & a traditional cardinal. Add your fillers and just snap them closed. It’s that simple!

6. Pearl Filled Plastic Ornament

Pearl Filled Glass Ornament

Clear plastic ornaments are a crafters dream. The possibilities are endless. For this elegant frosted tree, we just filled the ornament with pearls and it made quite a statement.

7. Chalkboard Label Ornament

Joyeux Noel Chalkboard Ornament

This one is another simple plastic ornament project. Just fill it with pom poms (or anything really!) and then add the chalkboard label to the front with a special message.

8. Santa Belt Chalkboard Ornament

Santa Belt Chalkboard Ornament

These ornaments come with a chalkboard finish that is ready to be decorated. Using a chalk marker, draw a Santa belt or any design you wish.

Do you DIY ornaments for your tree? We’d love to see what you’re making. Share your photos on Instagram and tag it with #MadeWithMichaels for a chance to be featured on Michaels’ social media channels.


Top 10 Essential Tools for Holiday Baking

It’s the holiday season, and that means it’s also the busiest time of year for baking. Many of us are looking for ways to save time and make a lot of cookies all at once. These ten tools will help make your cookie baking more efficient and enjoyable!

1. Unbleached Parchment Mega Roll, 100 Feet

Parchment Paper

This unbleached, silicone-treated non-stick parchment means there’s no need for spraying or greasing the pan, saving on clean-up time. Use it to line baking pans and cookie sheets. The on-trend, kraft paper color also comes in handy for gifting. Use it to line tins and gift boxes for cookie swaps, or even wrap gifts in this paper.

2. 3-Piece Large Cookie Sheet Set

Cookie Sheets

Keep the baking marathon going with a set of three cookie sheets. They feature a nonstick surface for quick release and easy clean up and are designed for easy handling in and out of the oven – even while wearing oven mitts!

3. Holiday 4-Piece Grippy Cutters

Cookie Cutters

This 4 piece set features classic Christmas icons: a stocking, tree, star and gingerbread boy. The cutters make for save and easy cutting with a comfortable grip and deep plastic sides, so the kids can easily join in on the cookie making fun.

4. The Really Big Spatula

The Really Big Spatula

Big baking jobs call for big tools, so say hello to the Really Big Spatula. It’s safe for non-stick pans and over six inches wide, so you can lift more cookies in one scoop. It features a stainless steel handle and can scoop up as many as six cookies at once.

5. 3-Tier Cooling Grid

3 Tier Cooling Grid

Do you have a cramped kitchen? This 3-tier cooling grid is a fantastic space saver. Stack the cooling grids on top of one another – the sturdy steel wires allow ample airflow for treats large and small, and the nonstick coating gives easy release and clean-up.

6. 3-Pack Cookie Icing

Cookie Icing

Save some time with ready-to-use cookie icing in the colors of the season: red, green and white. The icing comes in a microwave bottle and sets quickly to give your cookies a smooth finish in just one hour. A 10-ounce bottle covers about 12 3-inch cookies.

7. Candy Cane Decorating Icing

Candy Cane Icing

Add some flavor to your decorating while saving time with the ready-to-use candy cane flavored decorating icing pouch. The easy to squeeze bag comes fitted with both a round tip and a star tip and works like a traditional bag and tip.

8. Holiday Sprinkle Mix Mega Pack

Holiday Sprinkles

Big baking jobs call for a lot of sprinkles! Get all the variety you need with this mega pack of four different types of sprinkles: green sugar, red sugar, snowflake mix and holiday nonpareils. The plastic bottles make for easy pouring and storing and are perfect for cookies, cupcakes, cakes and more.

9. 3-Pack Melting Bottles

Squeeze Bottles

These melting bottles have a variety of uses. They’re perfect for filling with royal icing for all of your cookie decorating, and can also be used with Candy Melts candy to get the perfect drizzle on all types of sweet treats.

10. Large Santa Cookie Box

Santa Cookie Box

Ho, ho, ho! Give cookies to everyone you know in these cute Santa cookie boxes.

All of these essentials can be found at you local Michaels. For more sweet treat inspiration, check out our Holiday Desserts Pinterest Board.



Made With Michaels Live

In case you missed it last week, we had some serious fun with our Creativebug friends for a holiday crafting Made With Michaels Live stream event!

Creativebug’s Courtney & Michaels Store Manager Alaina walked viewers through so many fun holiday projects. From DIY ornaments, to handmade cards and tree decorating tips, there was a little bit of crafting magic for everyone.

Here are some fun behind the scenes shots from the stream:


Our creative and bubbly hostesses.BTS1

A little pre-show run through. BTS3

Michaels in the marquee lights!BTSgroup

A final group shot with the whole crew after filming. Such a fun bunch!

If you missed out on the live streaming event, no need to worry! We DVR’d it for you, so that you may watch it at your leisure and pause, rewind and fast forward to your heart’s desire.

A few of my favorite projects that they made during the stream are below. Which were your favorites?

Knitted Mug Cozy

Knitted Mug Cozy

How cute is this tiny mug sweater?? And, here’s a tip: When temperatures warm up again this cozy doubles as an ice cream pint hand warmer. You can thank me later.

Paper Punched Tree Garland

Paper Punched Garland

You can create a truly custom garland for your Christmas tree just using scrapbook paper, punches and a sewing machine.

Ikat Chalkboard Ornaments

Ikat Ornaments

These chalkboard ornaments are trendy and simple to make. Design them to match your tree or customize them as holiday gifts.

Feather Place Card

Feather Placecard

This quick feathered place card project is a sweet way to make your guests feel welcome. Plus, they’re so simple to make that you can whip them up just moments before your party.

Painted Wood Ornament

Painted Wood Ornament

These ornaments would be fun to craft with the kids! Use any color or design to match your décor and add pom poms and tassels just for fun!

Don’t miss out on our next Made With Michaels Live streaming event coming up in December where we’ll be showing you some of the best holiday entertaining tips, how to create a gorgeous holiday partyscape and unique gift wrapping ideas.  I’ll see you there!


Michaels Makers 2015 Dream Tree Challenge Reveal

Today is the day we know you’ve all been waiting for… the 4th Annual Dream Tree Challenge Reveal! It’s our one-of-a-kind holiday kick off and our Michaels Makers have been working tirelessly to create the trees of their dreams. This year we have 50 hand-crafted, gorgeous trees that will simply take your breath away.

As if this post could get any better … You could win a $1,000 Michaels Gift Card in our Spruced Up Tree Sweeps! Submit photos of your decorated tree and fill out an entry form to be entered for the chance to win.

Now let’s have a look at those Dream Trees!

After seeing our Makers’ trees, I know you’ll feel inspired to kickstart your holiday decorating. From now until November 14, you can get FREE shipping on all Christmas trees that are 6ft or taller on Michaels.com.

Easter Eggs

7 Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs

Each Spring, we continue to see embellished Easter eggs topping the DIY trend charts. Personally, I like to challenge myself to decorate the most creative Easter eggs and Pinterest has exposed me to more and more ideas each year. My problem is time… I’m sure you can all relate. I want beautiful, easy eggs. And, I just hate to go through all the work decorating and then a couple of days later … YUM! This Easter, I chose to decorate with craft-able eggs that will last year after year. I plan to accent the décor in my house, my Easter table setting and simply just have fun making them!

Let me show you some fun, fast and easy ways to craft all kinds of eggs available at Michaels.

1. The Chalkboard Egg

chalk-eggThese come ready to decorate. If you make a mistake… no problem, wipe off and redo! What a perfect way to mark your guests spot at your Easter table  brunch.

Easter Table Place Setting

 2. The Bunny Egg

Egg BunniesSay no more… kids will love this crafted bunny. The best part is the candy placed in the middle!

3. The Modern Art Egg


This egg is simply Mod Podge® and tissue squares. It shines, pops with color and is a great base for a black sharpie. Imagine the results… stained glass!

4. The Metallic Egg

A color trend that is emerging everywhere these days, why not on eggs? Simply apply Rub ‘n Buff® to these plastic craft-able eggs and you’ll have everyone exclaiming “I want it now”!

Rub n' Buff Eggs

5. The Marbleized Egg

Marbelized EggHere’s a fun one to do with the kids. Pour a little paint into a plastic tub and roll plastic eggs to your marbled desire.

6. The Sequin Egg

Sequin EggRemember seeing this at grandma’s house? Well, today we just color blocked a Styrofoam® egg for a bit of modern with memories and reflection on the past.

7. The Terrarium Egg

Terrarium EggCreate a miniature scene inside Celebrate It™ Easter Egg Ornaments with moss and mini chenille chicks. Hang them from branches or even your Easter wreath. 

All the products used above can be found at your local Michaels store.  Now that you are inspired, go craft some eggs, eggs and more eggs! Share your creations with us on Pinterest & Instagram using #MadeWithMichaels. Happy egg decorating!