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Easter Eggs

7 Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs

Each Spring, we continue to see embellished Easter eggs topping the DIY trend charts. Personally, I like to challenge myself to decorate the most creative Easter eggs and Pinterest has exposed me to more and more ideas each year. My problem is time… I’m sure you can all relate. I want beautiful, easy eggs. And, I just hate to go through all the work decorating and then a couple of days later … YUM! This Easter, I chose to decorate with craft-able eggs that will last year after year. I plan to accent the décor in my house, my Easter table setting and simply just have fun making them!

Let me show you some fun, fast and easy ways to craft all kinds of eggs available at Michaels.

1. The Chalkboard Egg

chalk-eggThese come ready to decorate. If you make a mistake… no problem, wipe off and redo! What a perfect way to mark your guests spot at your Easter table  brunch.

Easter Table Place Setting

 2. The Bunny Egg

Egg BunniesSay no more… kids will love this crafted bunny. The best part is the candy placed in the middle!

3. The Modern Art Egg


This egg is simply Mod Podge® and tissue squares. It shines, pops with color and is a great base for a black sharpie. Imagine the results… stained glass!

4. The Metallic Egg

A color trend that is emerging everywhere these days, why not on eggs? Simply apply Rub ‘n Buff® to these plastic craft-able eggs and you’ll have everyone exclaiming “I want it now”!

Rub n' Buff Eggs

5. The Marbleized Egg

Marbelized EggHere’s a fun one to do with the kids. Pour a little paint into a plastic tub and roll plastic eggs to your marbled desire.

6. The Sequin Egg

Sequin EggRemember seeing this at grandma’s house? Well, today we just color blocked a Styrofoam® egg for a bit of modern with memories and reflection on the past.

7. The Terrarium Egg

Terrarium EggCreate a miniature scene inside Celebrate It™ Easter Egg Ornaments with moss and mini chenille chicks. Hang them from branches or even your Easter wreath. 

All the products used above can be found at your local Michaels store.  Now that you are inspired, go craft some eggs, eggs and more eggs! Share your creations with us on Pinterest & Instagram using #MadeWithMichaels. Happy egg decorating!

Classroom Valentine Party Craft

Classroom Valentine Party Ideas

As Valentine’s Day quickly approaches, I know many of you are helping your little Cupids craft handmade Valentines for their classmates and friends. Whether you’re a teacher or crafty room mom, we have gathered up a few classroom Valentine party ideas for you.

Valentine’s Day Teacher’s Door Décor

Valentine Door DecorDecorate the classroom entryway with this lovely door décor. Each student can decorate their own heart to hang.

Valentine Card Box63221

Decorate a cute mailbox for your Valentines! These boxes come with a pre-cut slot so all you need to do is add tape, stickers, doodles & a little love!

Foam Heart Bear59691

Of course we need a fun craft for the kids! This foam heart project is the perfect way to say “I Love You Beary Much”.

Whimsy Kraft Treat BagsWhimsy Kraft Treat Bags

Dress up simple kraft bags with doilies, felt hearts & a doodle. Fill them up with treats or even fun finds like erasers, stickers & little toys.

Valentine’s Day Teacher GiftValentine's Day Teacher Gift

Don’t forget about the teacher! Show her how much you care with this sweet mason jar gift. I am sure we all agree that she could use a relaxing soak in the tub!

Valentine’s Day CupcakesValentine's Day Cupcakes

No party is complete with out some sweet treats! Valentine paper liners & picks make these cupcakes just a bit more sweet. If you’re in a pinch, you can add these glittery heart  picks to store-bought cupcakes for that extra touch of love.

Are you crafting for the classroom this Valentine’s Day? Share your projects with us on Instagram & Pinterest using #MadeWithMichaels!

Candy Melts

Get Creative with Candy Melts®

Whether using store-bought cookies, take-n-bake or homemade cookies, you can dress them up with easy-melting Candy Melts® candy by Wilton®. You don’t have to worry about clumping and burning, like you would with regular chocolate. Candy Melts Candy comes in tons of vibrant colors and limited edition Christmas flavors too!candy-melts-bars

Use Candy Melts Candy to Dress up Christmas Cookies

  • Melt candy and dip half, or your entire cookie for instant color.
  • You can add interest with sprinkles, while the candy is still wet.
  • Drizzle Candy Melts candy back and forth for a ribbon-like effect.
  • Draw a unique design, or try something simple like a sprig of holly.

peppermint-drizzleVisit Wilton.com for instructions on how to add detailed drizzles to your Christmas cookies.


3 Ways to Decorate Slice and Bake Christmas Cookies

The holidays can be hectic, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on baking holiday cookies that look and taste great. Use pre-made, slice and bake cookie dough with these three easy Christmas Cookie techniques:

1. Use Wilton ColorMist™ Food Color Spray to add a pop of Christmas color using Green Color Mist, Red Color Mist and Gold Color Mist Food Color Spray.

2. Roll your cookie dough log in colored Christmas sprinkles or decorating sugar and then wrap in plastic wrap. Refrigerate for 2 hours before baking so sprinkles or sugar stays put. Slice and bake.Slice and Bake Cookies

3. Bake, brush cooled cookie with piping gel. Sprinkle colored sugar on top.

Christmas Cookies

Go ahead… we won’t tell anyone they weren’t homemade!

Decorate with Candy Canes

10 Ways Decorate Treats with Candy Canes

More than just a traditional icon of Christmas, the candy cane has many uses! You can use candy canes as an inexpensive and unexpected way to decorate Christmas treats and even décor. Add holiday cheer to just about anything. Here are a few tips from our crafty friends at Wilton®:

1. Break into small pieces and use as sprinkles on cookiesCandy Cane Cookies

2. Add them to hot drinks and use them as drink stirrers in hot drinks like hot cocoa.Candy Cane Drink Stirrers

3. Crush them and top ice cream, cake and other sweet treats with peppermint flavor.Candy Cane Crunch Cookies

4. Display them in decorative clear glass jars

5. Use them as edible cake pop sticks.

6. Build a Christmas tree out of candy canes.

7. Make a candy cane wreath.

8. Use two candy canes to make a candy sleigh, stacked with miniature candies and tied with a bow.

9. Tie two together upside down and use as name card holders at a dinner party.

10. Pulverize them and the rim of your glass in for an instant Christmas cocktail.


What out-of-the-box ways have you used candy canes?

Preserve Your Gingerbread House

How to Preserve your Gingerbread House, Christmas Tree or Cookies

Wilton’s easy Pre-Baked Gingerbread Christmas Tree is easy to assemble and fun to decorate. Plus it makes a great centerpiece all season long!

Gingerbread Christmas Tree Step 1Gingerbread Christmas Tree Step 2Gingerbread Christmas Tree Step 3 Gingerbread Christmas TreeHere’s a tip! You can also preserve it and display it every year. Use clear acrylic to seal it. Warning – once sealed, your gingerbread treat is no longer edible! Not even a lick!

Gingerbread House Preservation Tips:

  • Let your gingerbread house dry in a warm room for 24 hours.
  • Place the dry house in a well-ventilated room and spray well with varnish.
  • Warning: A brush might knock off candy.
  • Make sure to cover the house completely with varnish – inside door frames and windows included. Spray the inside first, and then circle the outside.

You can use these tips to preserve your gingerbread Christmas tree, gingerbread houses and cookies. You can cut holes in gingerbread cookies and loop ribbon through to make homemade Christmas ornaments. What a lovely memory to hang on the tree year after year!