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Brighten Your Classroom Décor with a Heidi Swapp Lightbox

If you are a teacher, today we are celebrating you! Hello, it is Jen Evans from Heidi Swapp’s team back to share with you some of my favorite classroom ideas. From one teacher to another, these are a few ways I love to make a classroom feel like home while also staying organized.

Heidi Swapp Light Box

One of my favorite ways to celebrate a holiday, classroom theme, or lesson unit is with the Heidi Swapp Lightbox. It is easy to slide the letters in and out. You can even have your students do it!

Lightbox Teacher Decor

You will be surprised how the children take pride in coming up with inspirational quotes for the classroom too!

Only the Brave Teach

If you need a shelf to place your Lightbox on, check out the unfinished wood section of the store and find this one! Just add a coat of your favorite paint to match your classroom décor!

Teacher Decorations

I love having some of my favorite supplies right next to my desk. This Heidi Swapp Instax Tropical Photo Holder makes a great photo display but also can hang some office or school supplies from it as well! Slide your favorite washi tapes right across the bar too. Just pull the tape right from the roll on the bar.

Lightbox Classroom DecorUse the clips to hang photos or inspirational quotes – or both! Save these free printables and print them as a 4×6. You can also print them with an Instax Share Printer like I did here! Hang and enjoy!

Teacher Quote Printables

Teaching is a Work of Heart

Teaching Print 1 – Click Here to Download

2 Teach is 2 Touch Lives 4 Ever

Teaching Print 2 – Click Here to Download

Create your own supply holders using an unfinished wood canvas board and metal can.

School Supplies Storage

Just paint the board your favorite color and then glue the can to the top with E6000 Adhesive. Just let it dry flat overnight! It’s a great way to keep your supplies close to your desk!

School Supplies Storage

Lastly, I knew I needed something large to hold my collection of Lightbox Inserts. Having them in an organizer really helps keep them sorted and saves me time looking for what I need.

Lightbox Insert Storage

I used this jewelry storage container to store the letters and icons.

Lightbox Insert Storage

It is tiered so it can hold a lot more!

Lightbox Letter Storage Lightbox Letter Storage

With the icon images easy to see the kids will have a lot of fun finding what they need to decorate the Lightbox!

If you are a teacher, thank you for all that you do to shape the future and for making your classroom a fun creative place to learn!

Share your DIY teacher décor ideas with us on Instagram using #MakeItWithMichaels!



Just Chill Out Summer Flamingo Party

Hi! I’m Jen Evans,  a member of the Heidi Swapp Media Team. I’m thrilled to share my “Just Chill Out Summer Flamingo  Party” with you today! Invite your friends to bring their suits and appetite and make this bash the best one yet!

Just Chill Out Summer Flamingo Party

Party prep has never been easier with the Heidi Swapp Lightbox! Let the regular and mini Lightbox make the statement on your table! Just add your sentiment or quote and let it do all the talking!

Just Chill Out Summer Flamingo Party

This snack ‘n’ play table is the perfect place to add party treats, drinks, bubbles, and water balloons! It sets the stage for all the fun!

Need a fun cake stand to add height to your table? Take a fun patterned bowl and glue two glass candlesticks together with E6000 adhesive and then glue them to the bowl. Let it sit overnight to seal and you will have a stylish platter by morning!

Add a ‘pop’ of color without helium! Make a bold statement with balloon clusters on either side of the table. Blow them up and tie three of them together. After you have four groups of three, place them on a stake in the ground. Twist twine around the balloons and stake to keep from blowing in the wind. Repeat for the other side.

Just Chill Out Summer Flamingo Party

A party wouldn’t be a party without a few selfies in the mix! Use the new Instax Mini 9 to get that perfect selfie with your friends!

Heidi Swap Mini Instax 9 Cozy

The new Mini 9 has a convenient mirror on the front of the camera so you can get that perfect selfie! Customize it with a new Heidi Swapp Instax Tropical Camera Cozy!

Display the photos right away while snapping them with the Heidi Swapp Wood Photo Stand. You can give the stand a summer look by painting it a bright color!

Have guests decorate their photos with an Instax frame or clear sticker from the Heidi Swapp Cards Pack.

Now that all the photos are finished it is time to “chill out” and get wet! Whether your guests are floating in a pool or enjoying their water balloon fight, take few more pictures!

Then, as your guests are about to leave, let them put together a fun Instax book to take with them! They will love adding to it with more summer memories!

Have guests add cards from the Instax Card Packs too. It is so much fun to swap and share cards with friends!

Whether you and your friends are chilling out by the pool or cooling down with a water balloon fight make the memories last with a fun party! Capture it all with the new Heidi Swapp Instax collection!



How to Make an Easy Americana Tablescape

Hi! I’m Jen, a member of the Heidi Swapp media team and the creator and party-planner behind the Create Often blog. I’m thrilled to be sharing this DIY patriotic party décor idea with you today.

Outdoor dining is number one on my list for the upcoming summer holidays. While my husband is planning his BBQ menu, I love creating a tablescape that guests will remember. This Americana tablescape is easy to pull together, in just a few simple steps!

Americana_JenEvans-16 Americana_JenEvans-3

I picked up a table runner, chargers and candleholders from my local Michaels. Their new Summer Heritage Décor collection is versatile enough to style any patriotic holiday this summer. Keeping the color scheme with white, blue, and gold will allow me to use the décor later in the year, but adding touches of red pulls Memorial Day and 4th of July in nicely.


I love a centerpiece I can use anytime of the year! These beautiful succulent photo holders are customized for the summer holidays but the flag and photo can be changed out for other summer occasions like graduation, a wedding, or even a baby shower. The best part is you can make it in minutes and you don’t have to have a green thumb!

Here’s how to make them:

Americana_JenEvans-5 Americana_JenEvans_Collage

Start off using the Heidi Swapp Instax Photo Frame Kit. The kit comes unfinished, which makes it easy to customize each shadow box to match your color scheme.

  1. Paint the wooden frames.
  2. Add floral foam to the frame box with hot glue. Here, I cut 1 block in half to use in both boxes.
  3. Gather a variety of faux succulents, cacti or even small floral stems to add a little glam to the centerpiece.

Maker Tip: Look for florals that have a touch of red to tie in the colors of the summer holidays.

Americana_JenEvans-2 Americana_JenEvans-13 4. Glue craft moss to the floral foam to hide it. Trim the succulents & stems and push them into the foam. Arrange the tall ones in the back and small and medium in the front. Use hot glue if necessary.

5. Cut gold floral wire to 12” long with wire cutters. Use your finger to wrap the wire twice and press together to make a photo holder. Measure it to stand 7” tall and snip off excess. Then just poke the wire into the foam and add your photo.

The best part of this center display is the custom Instax photo! When using the Fujifilm Instax Share™ Wireless Printer, you can print image from your phone into an Instax print!

Americana_JenEvans-4 Americana_JenEvans-20

Fun prints with sayings and sentiments are the latest trend in home décor and adding these to your tablescape is a fun way to foster feelings of nostalgia for your guests. I created these patriotic images that you can download for free!


Click here to download these free printables! 

I saved the files to my phone and added more holiday stickers to them using a photo-editing app. Then I printed them using the Fujifilm Instax Share™ Wireless Printer. Watch how easy it is!

 You could easily swap out your favorite photos on this centerpiece to go with any event.


 Add a couple of American flags and just like that, your patriotic centerpiece is ready to party! Celebrate the summer holidays with a beautiful tablescape, good food, family and friends. Memories are sure to be made.

What are you making this summer? Share your projects with us on Instagram using #MakeItWithMichaels!



Make Your Story Come to Life

Hi everyone! I’m Jamie Pate, a member of the Heidi Swapp Media Team. I’m thrilled to share our new collection and my love for storytelling with you today.


I love simple. I love beautiful. I love simple stories told beautifully and ready and waiting in my albums for me to recall a moment in time. The new Storyline™ Collection by Heidi Swapp® is just the perfect mix of simple and beautiful wrapped up in a new line of albums, embellishments, and journaling kits.

Our stories are so very important. They are the evidence of life lived. Our lives. And we are the tellers of such story. Heidi Swapp’s new Storyline collection is the very essence of storytelling in a concise and meaningful way. Follow me as I tell about some of the pieces that are part of this collection, and then let me show you how very easy it is to tell your story.

This collection is simple and beautiful.


There are eight kits called Deck of Days included in this collection. The kit is full of die cut prompts, square and rectangle quote cards and photo corners.

JP_HS_Storyline-3 JP_HS_Storyline-4
Journaling Sticker Kits also make up the mix. Four different packs of themed journal spots, clear stickers, plus months and dates for the year.


The album in today’s post is an 8.5” x 11” kraft paper album with D-ring binding. When opened, a plastic storage envelope is at the start of the pages. Perfect for holding any of the Deck of Days or Journaling Sticker Kits so you can keep everything together.


The opening page is titled with a most welcoming statement to invite one to create beautiful memories.

JP_HS_Storyline-7 JP_HS_Storyline-8

For this page I am using a 4×6 and a 3×3 photo. Each of the pages included in the page protectors found in the album are pre-stamped requesting needed information.

Who, What, and Where is found at the bottom of the page.

JP_HS_Storyline-9 JP_HS_Storyline-10

At the top right is a space for adding in the date. These may seem like obvious entries, but very often we forget the basic information that goes with our story. I love how these prompts are stamped right on the page to remind me of the little things.

I want to show a step-by-step page creation so you can see how simple it is to tell your story with Storyline.


The Deck of Days comes with photo corners to make getting those photos on a page super easy.


Both photos were added to the Storyline page using the photo corners.


The journal spots included with the Journaling Sticker Kit are all backed with adhesive.


This journal spot was adhered to the Storyline page and will be filled in momentarily.

JP_HS_Storyline-15 JP_HS_Storyline-16

The Baby Deck of Days includes an assortment of die cuts with words, prompts and the perfect phrases to fit this baby page.


The die cuts also have adhesive backing. Having all these die cut embellishments ready to stick down on a page only adds to the simplicity of documenting moments with Storyline.


The Journaling Kit includes an entire sheet of clear word and phrase stickers. One of my favorite things I use is a Silhouette Spatula to pull the sticker off the sheet and adhere to the page.


Loving how this page is coming together so easily.


A gold arrow clear sticker from the Journaling Kit finishes this page off for me. Now I just need to tell the story on the journal spot and I am going to call this page good.


After having filled in the who, what, where, and some date information at the top, this page is ready to slip into the page protector.


A beautiful album. A sweet page. A mix of ready to use embellishments for many occasions. And that is what is at the heart of telling a story simply and beautifully with Storyline.

Check out Heidi’s inspiration behind the creation of her Storyline Collection below:

We’d love to know how you tell your stories with memory keeping! Share with us in the comments below.

Memory Planner Memory Keeping

Hello everyone.  My name is Lindsay Bateman and I am excited to talk Memory Planner Memory Keeping with you all.  I am a member of the Heidi Swapp Media Team and as members, we absolutely love to share our memory keeping passions with you all.

Heidi Swapp Memory Planner

Speaking of these passions, memory keeping in the form of a ‘Memory Planner‘ (for me personally) has become my one true love.  I cannot tell you how excited I am that it is also a brand new year!  That means a fresh start….AND a brand NEW planner!

Heidi Swapp Memory Planner

Some of you already might be seasoned planner keepers and lovers, and many of you might be new to this whole “planner movement”.  Regardless of where you may find yourself, there is SO much inspiration and creative work out there to get your heart inspired and the creative juices flowing.

Today I wanted to share some basic ideas and creative inspiration when it comes to using a Heidi Swapp Memory Planner and a Heidi Swapp Memory Keeping Embellishment Kit.  Sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming as to how all the pieces “work” together.  No fear! I am going to break that down for you into simple steps to get you going and started on your very own Memory Planner for 2017.

As you can see I have an array of products from the Memory Keeping kits displayed.

Heidi Swapp Memory Planner

These kits look like this in store.  There are 4 of them and they come with an array of beautiful embellishments and supplies….including stamps!


Memory Planner Embellishment Kit Memory Planner Embellishment Kit Heidi Swapp Memory Planner Family Embellishment Kit Memory Planner Embellishment Kit

I want to share with you how I get started each month.  For me getting started always begins by building my monthly calendar page.

Step 1:  Date Stickers

Date StickersLocate the calendar date stickers that are included in the Memory Keeping Kit.  There are 2 sizes, the smaller one is meant for the calendar page.  The other larger numbers are for your weekly pages.  Simply peel off and adhere onto the corresponding days of the week.

Voila!  Step one is done.  So easy and already your month is coming to life.

Heidi Swapp Memory Planner Heidi Swapp Memory Planner

Step 2:  Decorate that Blank Canvas!

Heidi Swapp Memory PlannerI always love to then add a little bit of embellishment and personality onto my calendar pages.  They are so much fun to personalize and make pretty.  The kits come with so many wonderful pieces that make this part a breeze!  There are chipboard pieces, tags, glitter stickers, tabs…you name it!  Choose what ever pieces you love and place as desired.  It is incredible how quickly these embellishments can transform a basic calendar into a work of art.

Heidi Swapp Memory Planner Heidi Swapp Memory Planner

Step 3: Add Stamps

I am obsessed with stamps for various reasons.


I love their simplicity, their ease of use, the endless designs, layering possibilities….I could go on and on.  They are also wonderful tools for planners.  They add such a professional looking touch to anything they are added too.  Plus, I just think they look amazing on calendars.  Simply choose your design/designs and stamp on your calendar as desired.

Using Stamps in Your Planner

You can use as many different images or stamps as you wish. No rules here!

stamping in your planner

Step 4: Printing & Adding in Photographs

Instax Share Printer

Memory Planning for me always means incorporating photographs into my pages.  I love placing a current photo from the beginning of each month onto my calendar pages.  I do this for many reasons but mostly to see how life changes from month to month once the year is complete.  I always print my photos for my Memory Planner using my Instax Share SP-1 printer.  It prints straight from my phone and the Instax photos just look so adorable.  I love that the Memory Keeping Kits come each with their own set of unique clips and washi tape.

Fun clips for your Memory Planner

That makes it super easy to add in my photos simply and effortlessly.

Once you put all these steps together, voila!

Heidi Swapp Memory Planner

Your month is ready to be filled with even more memories, notes, journaling and fun extras!

Heidi Swapp Memory Planner

This really is only just the start.

Heidi Swapp Memory Planner Heidi Swapp Memory Planner

I hope you enjoyed my basic tips and tricks for establishing and creating your monthly planner calendar and are inspired to create your very own!  Grab yourselves a brand new Memory Planner and Kit for 2017.  I just know you will love it…your memories are waiting for you!


Light Up Your Holidays

Hello everyone, my name is Maggie Massey and I am thrilled to be here today coming to you from the Heidi Swapp Media Team.

It’s Christmastime again! The most wonderful time of the year…and the very best season for decorating. I try to switch up my Christmas décor every year…and this year is all about lights, light, LIGHTS!

Our Christmas tree is in our living room – which is completely closed off from our kitchen (which is, of course, where we spend most of our time) – so I wanted to make sure to add a little bit of the holiday to the room where we hang out the most.

Last year, I decided to make one of the walls in our kitchen a chalk wall…and I’m so glad I did. This wall has become decorating-central and it was the first place I thought of when I was planning my kitchen Christmas décor.

Because I wanted to focus on adding a lot of lights, I decided to use a couple of key pieces from Heidi Swapp’s Christmas Marquee Love and Lightbox Collections…these pieces are so easy to put together and their impact is HUGE.


I started my little vignette with a small Christmas tree…I love the size and it fits perfectly in this fairly small room.

Then came my Marquee Love JOY banner.


This piece actually comes with a number of parts and can be used in a variety of ways to achieve a variety of looks.

mm_christmas-15 The letters themselves are made of a thick chipboard and are incredibly sturdy. You add the lights to them by simply popping the included bulb caps through the holes and then inserting the lights into the backs of the bulb caps according to the included directions. mm_christmas-16 mm_christmas-17 mm_christmas-18 The letters can then be strung (using the enclosed twine) and used as a banner – or you can attach them to a frame (I used the large frame from Heidi’s Gallery Wall collection) like I did here to keep them more stationary. There is a paper banner also included in the set (see above photo), but I decided to leave it out of this project. No doubt it will show up somewhere else in the house this season, though!

Next I added a couple of paper garlands to my wall.

mm_christmas-21 The Marquee Love Reindeer Light Garland comes with two different banners…mm_christmas-7 …the sleigh/reindeer banner and the “TO ALL A GOOD NIGHT” lighted banner. To string the sleigh/reindeer banner, you simply fold the small paper tab on each of the pieces over a length of fishing line (included in the kit) and adhere it to the back of the piece…it’s that easy!

mm_christmas-14mm_christmas-13  There is already a piece of tape included on each piece, so all you have to do is remove the paper covering it, fold and adhere…and done! You do the same thing with the “TO ALL A GOOD NIGHT” banner…remove the paper covering your double-sided tape on each letter…

mm_christmas-9 fold over the light string and adhere the front to the back.

mm_christmas-8 mm_christmas-10 These pieces look fantastic alone or together! I decided to use both for my wall and I’m so glad I did.


My last – and most exciting – piece of my wall is my Christmas Countdown Lightbox.

mm_christmas-24 Even though my kids are getting older, they still LOVE the counting the days down to the 25th – and so do I! Heidi’s Lightbox Christmas icons and letters packs were just what I needed to make my lightbox perfect.


If you’ve never used this lightbox before, here’s how it works: you simply slide your chosen acetate tile between the guides on the box. YEP! That’s all!

mm_christmas-2 mm_christmas-3 mm_christmas-4

I’m keeping the rest of our countdown numbers in our silverware drawer where they’re easily accessible so we can make sure to change out that number each day. I set my lightbox on a stool my husband made…and I love the vintage-y, homey look it adds to the vignette…plus, having the box easily reachable/movable will make it much easier for the kids to change.


I’m so happy with this statement wall. I love the way it looks in our kitchen and it really brings in that wonderful holiday feeling this room was lacking…and everything just looks so pretty when it’s all lit up!