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Guy DIY: Figure-rarium (a.k.a. Figure Terrarium)

When my brother and I were kids, we used to love playing with our Star Wars action figures out in the garden. So, when I saw how popular terrariums and figure-rariums have become on sites like Pinterest, it immediately took me back to the little worlds we used to create (and then destroy) with our action figures.

Below is my take on re-creating some of these fun little domains. Hopefully, you won’t want to destroy yours when you’re done.

Setting up a terrarium is easy. Here’s how to get started:


Find the perfect container, and be sure to wash and dry it completely. I found this one in our Home Decor Department.

Step 1: Add potting materials (rocks and soil).

Terrarium Rocks

Your rock layer should be about an inch thick. Gravel, stones and craft-store pebbles can all be used for drainage. You may also want to mix some charcoal in with your rocks to keep things smelling fresh. Something I forgot to do with my terrarium. : /

The soil layer should be about 2-3 inches thick, depending on the size of your largest root ball.

Step 2: Add plants.

Terrarium Plants

Dig your holes, insert your plants and then firm up the soil around each plant. You can find plants for this project at any nursery or home improvement store. And if you really don’t trust yourself with live plants, Michaels has all kinds of life-like plants to choose from.

Note: You may want to consider consulting someone with a green thumb before choosing your plants. I called my Mom, because she just knows about this kind of stuff.

Step 3: Create a scene.

Terrarium Complete

This is the step where you add the fun! I included a few different looks to give you a better idea of all you can do. I used Safari Toob figures from our Kids Department, and painted the dinosaurs with Liquitex® Spray Paint to give them a different look. The other figures came already painted.


Terrarium Looks

You can also finish off your project with a Basswood Country Round® to give it a more complete look.

Another note: You may want to consider using a drop cloth for this project. Something else I forgot to do when building my terrarium.

Oh, and terrariums make great holiday gifts.

Dig in!