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DIY Valentine’s Day Milk Jar Floral Centerpiece

Gold Glitter Milk Bottle Finished Gold Glitter Milk Bottle Step Out
I can always count on gold, glitter, and florals to bring a smile to my face. When you combine all three into one craftacular project, my heart skips a beat. It is a good thing too, because as my heart goes “pitter patter” over this gilded project, the day of love is just around the corner. This glittering, gold, DIY Valentine’s Day vase is the perfect vessel for a bouquet of romantic, springtime florals. Put this sparkling centerpiece on display at a brunch just for girls, celebrating the loving and kind women in your life. Fill this gold milk jar vase with flowers all year long to remind you of the love-filled day. Try out different metallic paints combined with varying shades of glitter for a whole new look. Simply gather the materials, paint your milk jars, and fill with florals. Let’s get started!

You will need…

•Milk Jars
Design Master® Spray Paint – Antique Gold
•Recollections™ Signature Glitter, Extra Fine – Gold
Mod Podge®
Foam Pouncer, Round
Floral Stems

First, spray the milk jars with the spray paint . Allow it to dry completely. Next, dip the foam pouncer in the Mod Podge® and add dots to the jar. While the Mod Podge® is still wet, sprinkle glitter over the dots. Shake off the excess glitter and allow to dry.

Gold Glitter Milk Bottle Finished 2

Last, but not least, add flowers to your new vase! Make several of these DIY Valentine’s Day vases for friends, family, and anyone you want to show a little love this holiday.


January Trend // Seeing Stars

January Trend: Golden Stars

Adjusting to the pace of the post-holiday flow has some of us seeing stars.

Stars have made a home amongst the trends of the season and have come to life through beads, stickers, glitter paper and découpage.

Hair clips from the early 1900s inspired me to take a risk and make a headband adorned with gold glitter stars. Initially I thought it would simply be a great accessory for New Years Eve, but I quickly realized that these five pointed friends have a longer life than that! Quite literally too, I hear stars in space live a long, long, long, long time… Why not enjoy them?

Iron-on star shaped studs make for a quick and simple embellishment to any piece of clothing and gold glitter star shaped stickers can be a stellar addition to just about any project.

Golden Stars

1. Sparkling Star Necklace

2. Starry Succulent Rose Pot

3. Starry Headband

4. Gold Starburst Wreath

5. Star Adorned Dress

 These beauties from the sky aren’t going anywhere… embrace them!

– Sara, Trend Expert