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Preserve Your Gingerbread House

How to Preserve your Gingerbread House, Christmas Tree or Cookies

Wilton’s easy Pre-Baked Gingerbread Christmas Tree is easy to assemble and fun to decorate. Plus it makes a great centerpiece all season long!

Gingerbread Christmas Tree Step 1Gingerbread Christmas Tree Step 2Gingerbread Christmas Tree Step 3 Gingerbread Christmas TreeHere’s a tip! You can also preserve it and display it every year. Use clear acrylic to seal it. Warning – once sealed, your gingerbread treat is no longer edible! Not even a lick!

Gingerbread House Preservation Tips:

  • Let your gingerbread house dry in a warm room for 24 hours.
  • Place the dry house in a well-ventilated room and spray well with varnish.
  • Warning: A brush might knock off candy.
  • Make sure to cover the house completely with varnish – inside door frames and windows included. Spray the inside first, and then circle the outside.

You can use these tips to preserve your gingerbread Christmas tree, gingerbread houses and cookies. You can cut holes in gingerbread cookies and loop ribbon through to make homemade Christmas ornaments. What a lovely memory to hang on the tree year after year!


Top 5 Holiday Party Ideas

holiday party 6

It’s that time of year – where you get this great idea to throw the Best. Holiday. Party. Ever! You pull out every red and green decoration you have, make a batch of your famous egg nog, scour Pinterest for some awesome DIY holiday details and send out the evites. But how do you keep your guests entertained on that cold winter night? Well, here are 5 awesome holiday party ideas from your friends here at Michaels.
Fido's Reindeer Impression



#5: Share Silly Photos

Of course we are going to say “Have a Photo Booth with Props!”, but make yours more holiday-centric. Have everyone wear their tackiest holiday sweater, and then make sure you have a bunch of funky holiday headbands and wearables on hand to add to their outfits. Get Fido and Fluffy in on the photo fun as well. Don’t forget to include your own hashtag so everyone who missed the party can watch the fun on Instagram!




holiday party 4

#4: A Hot Cocoa Station

YUM! Set up a Make-Your-Own Hot Cocoa bar, complete with marshmallows, whipped cream, crushed peppermint and maybe a few “spirits” for the adults. If your party is kid-friendly, set out a few mugs they can decorate as well!








holiday party 5


#3: Gingerbread House Contest

Ready – Set – Build! Have a contest to see who can build and decorate a Gingerbread House the fastest using the Wilton® Gingerbread House Kit. You can give out prizes for the most festive, best use of candy, fastest time or even ugliest!

#2: Go Caroling

Spread some holiday cheer to your neighbors. You’ve got the group together – why not take them around the neighborhood and sing as loudly and joyfully as they can. Don’t forget to print out lyrics – we don’t need renditions of “Jingle Bells, Batman Smells”.

#1: Give Back

Fill your soul with the spirit of the season and give. Set an admission price to your party in something that you donate, like coats for a coat drive, or canned items for a food pantry. Better yet, take the caroling idea and volunteer at a soup kitchen to sing and feed the hungry at the same time. If you have some crafty friends, make knitted or crochet squares for Warm Up America and drop them by your Local Michaels by February 15th so they can be joined into blankets and donated to those in need.

Make your holiday joyful and have a Merry Christmas!