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Gifts to Spark Creativity in Your Kids

Research shows that creativity is not necessarily an inborn talent, but rather a skill; and one that parents can help their children develop. Being a creative myself, I hope to foster creativity in my children as they grow. I know that it is a key component to happiness, success, and social & emotional intelligence, so it’s very important that I practice creative development in our home.

The first step in doing that is providing the resources for creative expression. When it comes to gift giving, I love to give “creative” gifts to the children in our family.  Today I’ve gathered up some of this year’s most fun & creative gifts that are topping the lists!

1. Crayola® Crayon Carver

Crayola Crayon Carver

I would have LOVED this as a little girl. The Crayola® Crayon Carver let’s you customize your crayons by carving words on them. How fun! See it in action here:

2. Art Sets

Art Sets | Creative Gifts

This is a go-to-gift for me when I’m buying for children. This colorful little case comes with 70 pieces of art supplies and is a great starter set for the beginner artist.

3. Bunchems


These fun, colorful little balls stick to each other and allow you build pretty much anything you can imagine!

4. Kids Art Studio

Art Studio

Another great kit for the budding artist is this Kids Art Studio. It provides a great introduction to painting with acrylic paints and even comes with a little easel!

5. Crayola® Color Alive™ Easy Animation Studio

Crayola Animation Studio

Crayola® Color Alive would be perfect for the kid that is into technology and animation. You can design your own characters and bring them to life using the mannequin in an animated video. How fun is that?

These are all great gifts to give children to help inspire their creative side. Of course, a good old coloring book and box of crayons is a great starting place too. How do you inspire creativity in your children?

4 Father’s Day Gifts for Kids to MAKE

This Father’s Day, celebrate Dad with gifts made from the heart! Get crafty with the kiddos and MAKE something that he will treasure for years to come.

We know your time is precious, so these projects are not only simple, but they all take less than an hour to MAKE. Talk about a win-win!

1. Daddy Clay Dish

This dish is easy to MAKE with air dry clay. Let the kiddos get their hands dirty by shaping a bowl and then painting it Dad’s favorite colors once dry. It’s the perfect gift to hold his cufflinks or spare change.

Maker Tip: While your clay is still soft, let your child write a message in the dish with a toothpick!

2. Photo Transfer Coasters


Get those images out of your phone and put them on coasters! It’s easy to transfer pictures to this 4-piece coaster set and Mod Podge®. Whether they are teeing off, hitting a home run or just doing cute kid activities, preserve those precious moments on coasters that Dad will use every day.

3. Handmade T-Shirts

Father's Day T-shirt

This DIY tee is as messy as it is fun to MAKE! Just place paint on your children’s palms and press them onto a T-shirt.  Don’t worry if it’s perfect. The more handprints, the better!

Maker Tip: Use several shades of the same color paint for a camouflage effect.

4. Dad Doodle Mug

Dad Doodle Mug

Perk up Dad’s morning with a personalized coffee mug that’s easier to MAKE than you think! Using Recollections™ Block Alphabet Stickers, spell out Dad on one of our Personalize It Mug Kits and then let the kids doodle all around. Peel off the stickers and reveal your message!

How are you celebrating Dad this Father’s Day? Share your DIY Father’s Day creations with us on Instagram or Twitter using #MakeItWithMichaels.

Valentine Heart Sugar Cookies

7 Last Minute Sweet Treats for Valentine’s Day

I adore Valentine’s Day! Red and pink hearts, chocolate temptations and Valentine’s Day cards make me smile. It’s also the perfect time to show a sweetheart, family and friends how much you love them. And what better way to show your love than with a delicious treat you make yourself? Whether you are a novice or have some baking experience, here are seven sweet Valentine’s Day confections to inspire you.

1. Valentine’s Day Ombre Cake

Bake a Special Valentine's Day Ombre Cake Stylish and sophisticated, this cake is as fancy as anything you’ll find at a bakery. Cut into the cake to reveal the real drama – multicolor tiers and a tiny heart design baked inside the bottom layer.

 2. Valentine’s Day Candy-Dipped Pretzels

Hand Dip Pretzels in Melted Chocolate No baking required! If you are in a pinch timewise, this sweet and salty treat is for you.

3. The Wilton Method Sugar Cookies (Video)

Watch how easy it is to make these oh-so-charming heart cookies! This free online class takes you through all the steps, including making the dough, cutting out shapes and using a pastry bag to create these colorful icing designs. To see how to decorate the three Valentine’s Day cookies above, skip to minute 39:30 of the 43-minute video.

4. Chocolate Lover’s Deep Dish Cookie

Bake This Decadent Chocolate Chip Cookie Elevate a humble chocolate chip cookie into a decadent dessert by topping it with buttercream icing, chocolate chunks and hot fudge sauce. Yum!

5. Valentine’s Day Sugar Cookies

Decorate Heart-Shaped Cookies Love, hugs and kisses – say it with cookie cutters shaped like a heart, an “X” or an “O”. Use a pastry bag to create designs using icing or to spell out “Love” or “Amour.”

6. Red Velvet Whoopie Pies valentine_whoopie_pie

Super cute and easy to make – nothing says I love you like a Red Velvet Whoopie Pie!

7. Tattoo Your Love Mini Cupcakes

Easy to Make Valentine Cupcake With Edible Decorations How cute is this? Imagine serving your sweetie this tiny cupcake decorated with sprinkles and an edible tattoo heart decoration. What is your favorite “go-to” dessert for Valentine’s Day?

Martha Steward DIY Gift Guide

Martha Stewart Crafts® DIY Gift Guide

I don’t know about you, but the holidays snuck up on me quite quickly! It seems like we went from pumpkins and turkey to glittered tinsel and Old Saint Nick in the blink of an eye. When it comes to gift giving, I fall into the “it’s the thought that matters” camp. This is mostly because A.) I’m a DIY’er at heart and I pride myself upon my creativity; B.) the holidays can get expensive! and C.) nothing means more than a gift that was made specifically for you by hand. Am I right? Thankfully, Martha Stewart understands people like me and you. She knows that handmade gifts are the best gifts for any person on your list. That’s why Martha Stewart Crafts® has released a DIY Gift Guide to help you out this holiday season.

Featuring gifts for the Fashionista, the Sports Fan, the Gardener, the Decorator and the Entertainer, this DIY Gift Guide has something for each and every person on your list.

For the Fashion-Lover, craft a Glamorous Makeup Pouch or add the sparkle with a pair of glittered pumps.

Makeup PouchGlitter Pumps

For the Sports & Fitness Fan, create custom phrases on pint glasses or add a personal touch to a Monogrammed Yoga Mat.

Pint Glasses Yoga Mat

For the Gardener, gift customizable Terra Cotta Pots with chalkboard paint and erasable liquid chalk.

Terra Cotta Pots

For the Decorator, carefully painted ombre stripes on Ceramic Vases are a winner. Don’t forget to paint with your friend’s favorite colors!

Ceramic Vases

For the Entertainer,  try bright Floating Dot Tumblers that will definitely be a hit at your friend’s next party.

Floating Dot Tumblers


Goodness, there are so many fun gift ideas…. I better get to crafting!

For lots more DIY gift ideas from Martha, visit our Martha Stewart Crafts Pinterest board. Do you make handmade gifts? Share what you’re making this year with us!

Teacher Gifts

6 DIY Teacher Appreciation Gifts

It takes a special type of person to be a teacher. Not only are they guiding and inspiring your little one day in and day out, but they’re also dealing with not one but SEVERAL little angels and monsters for at least 8 hours a day. Needless to say, as quick thank you has never been more deserved.

As the end of the school year quickly approaches, (already?!), it’s time to start thinking about ways to show your child’s teacher appreciation for all that they do. We’ve rounded up 5 creative teacher appreciation gifts that you can make in a snap!

Gift Card Holder

Teacher Appreciation GiftsGift cards are the best gifts! They’re a no-brainer and allow the recipient to get something that they’d really love. Pick up a Michaels gift card and craft this cute holder for teacher.

A+ CakeNotebook Cake

Everyone loves cake right? This notebook paper cake is simple to make using a sheet cake, fondant and Wilton® Foodwriter™ Edible Color Markers!

Notebook Paper FrameNotebook Paper Frame

This value wood frame is easily transformed into the perfect class picture holder. Add the school year date and you have a quick gift!

Spa GiftSpa Gift

After a full school year, any teacher would appreciate a jar of relaxing bath salts. You can easily customize the color and scent for this fragrant project.

Notebook Paper JournalNotebook Paper Journal

Transform a sketchbook into a cute journal that looks like notebook paper. Add a fun Rainbow Loom® pencil charm to top it off!

Are you crafting something for your kids’ teachers? Let us know what you’re making in the comments!



5 DIY Gifts for Mother’s Day

The funny thing about Mothers is the evolution of your relationship with them. As you grow from child to teen, you seem to grow ever so slightly apart. And, as a young adult, visiting Mom tends to take a back seat to fun times with friends. But when you start to transition into a responsible adult, you realize how invaluable your Mother is and how you’d never had made it to that point without her undying love and support. And then when you turn 30 you find yourself calling her for advice and family recipes and asking her if she wants to hang out on Sunday. Hi Mom!

As Mother’s Day approaches, kiddos everywhere are handcrafting little tokens of love for their moms. We’ve got 5 DIY gifts that any mother would love and cherish. The best part is that they’re much more useful than just decoration for your refrigerator door.

1. Awesome Mom Mug


Moms aren’t moms without their morning coffee, right? Make her  a sweet mug to remind her of your love every morning.

2. We Love Mom Frameframe

Make a fun chalk frame to hold memories and mom selfies.

3. Spa Gift JarsMother's Day Bath Salts

Mix mom’s favorite fragrance into relaxing bath salts and treat her to 2 quiet “spa day” hours to enjoy.

4. Phone Easelphone-easel

This tiny easel is adorable and perfect for holding mom’s smartphone while she watches episodes of her favorite primetime drama.

5. Lace Clay Pots


Even if you can’t keep a cactus alive, I know you can make these delicate lace pots for your mother. It’s easy!

 So whether you’re a Dad, Aunt, Uncle or Grandparent, gather up the kids to make one of these fun crafts for Mom on her special day. We’d love to see what you’re crafting! Share it with us on Facebook!