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11 Ways to Personalize Your Gallery Wall

If you’ve been itching to jump on the gallery wall trend, but aren’t really sure how to build one that fits your personal style, then this post is for you!

Gallery walls don’t always have to be about framed photos. Adding unique décor items can give your home personality and create walls that tell a story.

Here are 10 out of the box ideas to MAKE a gallery wall that reflects your style!

83437 Farmington Gallery Wall Project - Hero French

1. Showcase Art Prints

83530 Farmington Watercolor Painting

Highlight your favorite artist’s print or crop a quotable sentiment out of a paper pad and add it to a frame.

2. Add Floral or Greenery

wall vase

This décor piece is perfect for adding fresh blooms or greenery to your wall.

MAKER Tip: Swap out your stems with the season for a quick and easy update to your décor!

3. Add Dimension

Alexandria Gallery Wall

Wall hangings like this boho yarn project add dimension and texture to an otherwise flat surface.

Boho Wall Hanging

4. Bring the Outside In

Floating Feather Wall Art

Capture nature in a floating frame like these delicate gold-tipped feathers or even something organic like a fern leaf or dried and pressed flowers.

5. Hanging Mirrors

Alexandria Gallery Wall Project

This hanging mirror was made simply by attaching a leather strip and wooden ring. This easy project is a quick way to add character to a plain mirror.

MAKER Tip: Using mirrors is a great way to MAKE a small room feel more spacious.

Alexandria Mirror

6. Display Instax Photos


Show off your snapshots on a string by making a “clothesline” for your Instax® photos.

MAKER Tip: You can swap them out easily with your latest selfies.

7. Embellish Ledges

Savannah Gallery Wall

Ledges are great additions to your wall because they allow you to place non-hanging items on them. Add a couple of plants or prop up artwork against the wall to create contrast amongst other flat photo frames.

Tassel and Pom Pom Yarn Garland

Drape a tassel and pom pom garland from your ledge for a whimsical touch!

8. Celebrate Family Heirlooms

Featuring heirlooms in your home décor, like these teacups and ukulele, is a great way to honor your family and spark up a conversation with your guests.


9. Your Own Artwork

Framed Faces Artwork

Mixed Media Paper Wreath

Honor yourself as a Maker and include something you’ve handmade. A quick doodle or sketch, a mixed media piece – show off your crafty skills!

For more ideas on how to MAKE your gallery wall, check out our 4 exclusive collections with endless possibilities to fill a blank wall!

Share your gallery walls with us on Instagram using #MakeItWithMichaels.

Gallery Walls We Love

Gallery walls are definitely having a moment. We’re seeing them all over Pinterest and in magazines as one of the hottest design trends in home décor. While the thought of carefully curating the perfect gallery wall can seem daunting, it’s really quite simple! Michaels has 4 exclusive and uniquely designed Gallery Wall Collections with endless possibilities to fill a blank wall and we make it easy as 1-2-3!

A few of our Michaels Makers used our exclusive collections to create gallery walls in their homes and we are in love! See how they’ve used frames, ledges and unique décor to reflect their style.

Farmington Collection

Gallery Wall by LilBlueBoo

Ashley from Lil Blue Boo created a rustic look with modern twist with washed finishes, metal accents and pops of graphic black and white. This collection plays off the “farmhouse chic” trend we are seeing everywhere.

Maker Tip: Use found objects like pieces of nature or vintage pennants in shadow boxes to give your gallery wall character. 

Prints with quotes and sentiments are another key trend that we are loving in home décor. They can be fun, uplifting and even a little playful.


Catalina Collection


Heather from Whipperberry, invites a coastal vibe into her home that is nautical and relaxing with seaside elements.

Maker Tip: Create dimensional décor by layering smaller items into your frames and backing them with fun patterned papers.



She mixes frames with ready-made décor and sweet sentiments that bear reminding to “enjoy the little things”.

Alexandria Collection


Crystal from A Pumpkin and a Princess used the Alexandria collection to add a modern feel to her home with neutral tones and organic textures. Gold and antique details give this gallery wall character and a feminine touch.

Maker Tip: Starting on a buffet or mantel, prop décor pieces against the wall and build your gallery wall up from there!


Savannah Collection

Final collage wall Jennifer Rizzo

Jennifer Rizzo‘s gallery wall is the epitome of casual elegance, featuring distressed surfaces and soft hues.

Maker Tip: add a pop of color by masking off some of your frames and dry brushing them with coordinating paints.

Collage wall close up Jennifer Rizzo

The best part about these collections is that you can mix and match them to find items that reflect your style making it easy to update your home. Get more inspiration and tips on how to build your own gallery wall here and don’t forget to share it with us on Instagram using #MakeItWithMichaels.