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How to Create a Faux Living Wall

Living walls have been trending for some time. We are seeing them pop up everywhere! The idea of building a living wall can be a bit daunting… the logistics of how to get your garden vertical as well as keep your flowers and plants alive – that’s a lot of pressure!

Enter the Floral Mat. This nifty tile will make your floral dreams come true. It’s a flower filled mat with plastic connectors that allow you to snap tiles together to create a large statement piece.

Spring Pink Ashland Floral Mat with Hands

The possibilities are endless. Create a floral backdrop for a party, baby shower, or even for your wedding.

83060 Floral Photo Backdrop - Hero

Use the floral mats to create a fresh look in your home, like this floral window valance.82774 Spring Floral Window Valance - Hero

Create peek-a-boo shadow boxes using cardstock and floral mats.

Shadow box

The mats even come in greenery styles. Succulents, grass and bay leaves make for a lush greenery wall statement.

83048 Green Gallery Wall - Gallery Wall, Succulent, Green Tile, Mat, Green, Frame, Wood

83048 Green Gallery Wall - Gallery Wall, Succulent, Green Tile, Mat, Green, Frame, Wood

Invite spring into your home with this vertical spring door décor.


For more floral inspiration, check out our floral projects. Don’t forget to share your creations with us on Instagram by tagging your photos with #MakeItWithMichaels.

Michaels Makers Spring Floral Challenge

Punxsutawney Phil may be predicting more winter weather, but we’re dreaming of warmer temps and sweet signs of spring! Our new Flower Market has bloomed in stores, full of hundreds of floral styles including real-touch flowers, succulents and cacti.

This month, we challenged our Michaels Makers to invite spring into their homes and they’ve got us dreaming of sun shining days. Get inspired below:


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Michaels Makers March Challenge: Spring Refresh

Warmer temperatures, lots of sunshine and fresh blooms have us excited for spring! It’s time to pack away all of the winter décor and refresh our homes for the new season. Sometime just swapping out a few décor pieces or adding a floral arrangement can make a big difference!

This month, we challenged our Michaels Makers to show us how just a few simple tweaks and projects can completely transform your home for the spring season.

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Spring Floral

Our new floral market has over 500 styles of flowers that can help you make this the prettiest spring ever. How are you refreshing your home this season?


Learn Your Favorite Flower Meanings

A fresh bouquet of flowers is my guilty little pleasure. Nothing brightens up a room, or my mood, quite like coming home to bright blooms. I usually just pick out pretty colors, but I have a few flowers that are favorites. All the heart eyes for ranunculus & dahlias!

flower meanings

Have you ever wondered what your favorite flowers mean? Whether you’re arranging a floral bouquet for your home, or deciding which blooms to send your BFF, the language of flowers is really quite interesting (and useful too!).

flower meanings 101

  • Gerbera Daisy – innocence
  • White Heather – wishes will come true
  • Calla Lily – magnificent beauty
  • Dahlia – elegance; dignity
  • Peony – prosperity; bashfulness
  • Red Rose – true love; desire
  • Ranunculus – radiant, with charms

flower meanings 101

  • Lonicera Leaf  – happiness
  • Hydrangea – thankfulness
  • Pussy Willow – motherhood
  • Pink Rose – happiness, grace & sweetness

Flower MeaningsThese are just a few of my favorite flower meanings, but there are so many more! The ancient history behind the meanings is so intriguing. Keep these meanings in mind the next time you’re picking out  a bouquet!

What does your favorite flower mean?

Floral Crown

Festive Floral: Craft Your Own Crown

Floral crowns have become one of the hottest accessories for the modern girl.  Often seen at concerts and art fairs, these accents are perfectly simple and simply perfect.  With festival season quickly approaching, let’s add some floral to your fashion!
Floral Crowns

Start with the following supplies: floral wire, a few of your favorite spring bush stems from Ashland®, a glue gun, glue sticks and wire cutters.

Floral Crowns

Use the floral wire to measure your head for the perfect fit.

Floral Crowns

Cut the wire so that you can make two loops. Leave a bit extra so you can twist together.

Floral Crowns

Loosely twist the two wires together. To close them, twist tightly.

Floral Crowns

Cut flowers off the stems. Leave approximately ½” of stem to glue to the wire headband.

Floral Crowns

Hot glue the flowers to the headband.

Floral Crowns

A crown fit for a rock princess!

Floral Crowns

For a little more flower power, try this version.

Floral Crowns
Supplies include: floral wire, felt, several of your favorite spring bush stems from Ashland®, a glue gun, glue sticks, scissors and wire cutters.

Use floral wire to measure your head. Make three loops and cut with a wire cutter. Twist the ends together.

Floral Crowns

Cut felt strip 1½”x 9” and hot glue this around the floral wire.

Floral CrownsPull flower blossoms off the stems of the bushes.Floral CrownsGlue the blossoms to the felt headband. Get creative with different types of flowers and color!


 If you’d rather your flower not share the spotlight, this sweet statement-maker is for you.


You’ll need these supplies for your finished look: felt from Creatology™, elastic lace headband, a floral stem of your choosing, scissors, a low heat glue gun, glue sticks, and wire cutter.

Floral Crowns

Cut two circles out of the felt, each about 1½” in diameter.

Floral Crowns

Once your flower location has been decided, hot glue felt circles on each side of that spot.

Floral Crowns

Cut the flower from the stem; leave ½” of the stem. Hot glue the bloom to the outside felt circle.

Floral Crowns

Delicately Daring!


The key is to have fun and be original!! Your floral crown will be as rare and radiant as its creator.

Q & A with a Floral Design Expert

I had the wonderful opportunity to sit down with Michaels Floral Designer, Shirley, from our Irving, Texas store to talk about floral designing, a few of her favorite tools of the trade, and some simple tips to help you make your next arrangement look fresh-from-the-garden fabulous!

Tell me about yourself & how you got started in floral arrangement?

I’ve been with Michaels for 23 years. I started in customer service and would sneak off to be with the designers and learn the art. I used to paint, so I really visualize color and this has helped me in designing because I can see which colors & textures will work best together.

Are there any resources you recommend for beginners?

Take a basic course. (Guess what! We have courses coming to a Michaels Store near you this spring!) Learn the mechanics of arranging flowers and feel the confidence to give it a try and personalize your space. Also, if you see an arrangement you like, say in a magazine or online, try to mimic the style. Floral arranging is trying your hand, then honing your skill. Your first few arrangements won’t be perfect out of the gate. Like any craft, it takes practice.

What are some of the basic tools to get started and try an easy arrangement?

Shirley's Favorite Floral Tools

  • Wire Cutters will allow you to shorten the stems as desired
  • Floral Foam is the foundation of the arrangement, it’s what keeps the flowers standing.
  • The Vase is your fashion statement or functional piece to hold the arrangement together.
  • Filler is what will hide the floral foam. It can be rocks, moss or another loose additive.
  • Flowers… of course! Any color, any flower and any texture- it’s your choice.

You mentioned vase shape, can you expand on the different types of vases and why you would choose one?

There are four basic vase shapes: the bud vase, cube vase, trumpet vase and tall vases. The vase is selected by the space you plan to place it. As I mentioned earlier, it is the fashion statement to any arrangement and the shape will influence your arrangement style. Here’s a little bit of advice in choosing one…

Four different types of floral vases that you can use in floral arranging

  • Bud vases are small but dramatic statements. A single flower or dainty flowers are all you need. This is a perfect complement to any desk or kitchen counter.
  • Cube vases have a wide berth and allow for a tightly packed and low arrangement. The shape naturally says “modern”. The cube shape is perfect in any room, office or coffee table.
  • The trumpet vase has a flare on the top which allows for more flowers, therefor a larger arrangement. This versatile arrangement works best on a dining table or console table.
  • The tall vase can highlight tall dramatic flowers and can also be a stylized fashion statement. Being such a statement this vase works best in large rooms with tall ceilings.

What are some common mistakes that beginners make when designing floral arrangements?

First, being too hard on yourself. Let go, and let the flowers take you where they will. Again, if you learn the basics, you’ll be able to visualize your arrangement quickly. Second, using the wrong Styrofoam. If you have a smaller arrangement (under 18”), use soft. For larger arrangements, you’ll need something more solid to hold up the stems, so use the hard, crusty kind. I guess for most beginners soft is the “go to” Styrofoam.

What is your favorite base to work with?

I like to work with a pedestal vase. It has the same purpose as the trumpet vase and allows for a large amount of flowers or can also be designed as a shorter arrangement since the vase is short and wide. I love having creative freedom!

Do you have tips for working on projects outside of the vase?

Lay out your project before cutting.

Of course! When you work on a wreath, garland or swag, lay the flowers you want to use on top of the base, then take a photo to see if you like the placement before cutting them. This is a great tip since photos always let you see how the colors will work together.

What is the most popularly requested arrangement?

There is a huge interest in regional and tropical flowers here in our store. People love the look of Birds of Paradise, Orchids, Ginger, Water Lilies and Bamboo. (These are some of my favorites as well!). They remind me of warm summer and vacations far, far away. I arrange flowers for all events, personal styles and holidays. Making the arrangement a one of a kind piece of art is my favorite part of the job.