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Just Chill Out Summer Flamingo Party

Hi! I’m Jen Evans,  a member of the Heidi Swapp Media Team. I’m thrilled to share my “Just Chill Out Summer Flamingo  Party” with you today! Invite your friends to bring their suits and appetite and make this bash the best one yet!

Just Chill Out Summer Flamingo Party

Party prep has never been easier with the Heidi Swapp Lightbox! Let the regular and mini Lightbox make the statement on your table! Just add your sentiment or quote and let it do all the talking!

Just Chill Out Summer Flamingo Party

This snack ‘n’ play table is the perfect place to add party treats, drinks, bubbles, and water balloons! It sets the stage for all the fun!

Need a fun cake stand to add height to your table? Take a fun patterned bowl and glue two glass candlesticks together with E6000 adhesive and then glue them to the bowl. Let it sit overnight to seal and you will have a stylish platter by morning!

Add a ‘pop’ of color without helium! Make a bold statement with balloon clusters on either side of the table. Blow them up and tie three of them together. After you have four groups of three, place them on a stake in the ground. Twist twine around the balloons and stake to keep from blowing in the wind. Repeat for the other side.

Just Chill Out Summer Flamingo Party

A party wouldn’t be a party without a few selfies in the mix! Use the new Instax Mini 9 to get that perfect selfie with your friends!

Heidi Swap Mini Instax 9 Cozy

The new Mini 9 has a convenient mirror on the front of the camera so you can get that perfect selfie! Customize it with a new Heidi Swapp Instax Tropical Camera Cozy!

Display the photos right away while snapping them with the Heidi Swapp Wood Photo Stand. You can give the stand a summer look by painting it a bright color!

Have guests decorate their photos with an Instax frame or clear sticker from the Heidi Swapp Cards Pack.

Now that all the photos are finished it is time to “chill out” and get wet! Whether your guests are floating in a pool or enjoying their water balloon fight, take few more pictures!

Then, as your guests are about to leave, let them put together a fun Instax book to take with them! They will love adding to it with more summer memories!

Have guests add cards from the Instax Card Packs too. It is so much fun to swap and share cards with friends!

Whether you and your friends are chilling out by the pool or cooling down with a water balloon fight make the memories last with a fun party! Capture it all with the new Heidi Swapp Instax collection!