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Patriotic Sugar Cookie DIY by Sweet Sugarbelle

Fourth of July is often celebrated in the company of family and friends alongside great food and sweet treats. Why not make the holiday even more memorable with beautifully decorated sugar cookies? Today Sweet Sugarbelle is here to show you a sugar cookie DIY!

Sugar cookie DIY by Sweet Sugarbelle

Sugar cookies take a little time to make, but with Sweet Sugarbelle Shape Shifter Kit, it has never been easier.

Sweet Sugarbelle Shape Shifter Set

To make these delicious delights you will need:

Now, let’s get started!


Following the directions and recipe included in the Shape Shifter Kit, bake enough heart shaped cookies to feed your crowd. Feel free to use your own cut-out cookie recipe if you have one!

Sweet Sugarbelle Sugar Cookie Recipe

Maker Tip: Use rolling pin rings, or 1/4 square dowel rods on either side of the dough to create perfectly even cookies.


Use the Wilton Color Right System to color and prepare royal icing for decorating. Red and the winter formula for blue that’s included in the kit are perfect for this project.

Keep in mind, you may have to reduce the ratio of color depending on the amount of royal icing required. Start small and work your way up if the color isn’t quite dark enough, and remember to account for development. Colored icing tends to darken with time, and as it dries.

Once the icing is colored, thin it to the consistencies indicated above, and put the flood icing into bottles and piping bottle into bags with couplers and tips

Sweet Sugarbelle sugar cookie DIY


When the icing is ready, it’s time to decorate! Since there are two designs, evenly divide the heart cookies. Half will become white cookies with red stripes, the other half blue with stars. We will start with the white.

Begin by using a #2 tip to outline the cookies.

Sugar cookie DIY


Give the outline a few minutes to set up, then use white flood icing to fill the cookie. If necessary, use an offset spatula or the Sweet Sugarbelle food pick to move the icing around. Once the cookies are flooded, set them aside to dry. This might take up to eight hours, depending on the climate where you live. Royal icing tends to dry more quickly in arid climates. You must wait until the white layer is completely dry to add the red details, otherwise the colors may bleed.

Maker Tip: Using an oscillating fan to dry the cookies will create a shiny finish, and help to reduce color bleed.


When the first layer of icing is dry, use red flood icing to create stripes using a “drizzle” technique. The look of the stripes will depend on how fast you move, and the consistency of the icing. After adding stripes, wait until the cookies are completely dry. It shouldn’t take as long since the details are on top of a previously dried layer of icing.

Maker Tip: Sometimes royal icing separates over time, causing unwanted icing accidents. The Sweet Sugarbelle Bottle Spatula is the perfect tool for stirring the icing after bottling.


Creating the blue sprinkle cookies pretty much follows the same steps as above. Begin by outlining the cookies with a #2 tip.


Fill the blue outline with flood icing. Again, use an off-set spatula or food pick to smooth out the icing if necessary.


Give the blue icing a minute or two to set and then drop on a few white star sprinkles and add a light sprinkling of nonpareils and then let the cookies dry.

Sweet Sugarbelle sugar cookie DIY, Wilton sprinkles

Since cookies decorated with royal icing need time to dry, it’s best to make them a few days ahead of time. When the cookies are dry, they can be stored in an airtight container between sheets of waxed paper until you are ready to serve.

Your friends and family will be so excited to eat beautiful decorated, delicious sugar cookies at your next Fourth of July barbecue, and you will be proud to say that you made them yourself.

Now that you have entered the world of cookie decorating, what do you want to MAKE next? With the Sweet Sugarbelle Shape Shifter Kit the possibilities are endless! We want to see your DIY decorated cookie projects on Instagram, use hashtags #MakeItWithMichaels and #sweetsugarbelle so we can take a look! Happy baking!

19 Ways to Give Your Neighbors Front Door Envy

When fall is in the air, transform your entry and create porch envy with these easy-to-do front door décor ideas. For more inspiration, see our newest fall products here! Read on for 19 envious entry ways:

1. Spell it out on pumpkins with marquee letters:1_UGC_KarasPartyIdeas_FB

Image via MichaelsMakers Kara’s Party Ideas

2. Top a crate with a lantern, pumpkin and leaves – done!


Image via MichaelsMakers The Crafting Chicks

3. Create impact with a DIY pumpkin garland:


Image via Michaels.com

4. Rustic leaves, sunflowers and ribbon wrapped on a grapevine wreath:


Image via Instagram @laurenshileimhere

5. Welcome fall and friends with a tabletop vignette:


Image via Instagram @golaville

6. Add a monogram to the door:

Image via Michaels Pinterest

7. Drop dried floral leaves and wheat in a basket:


Image via Instagram @Happytogether

8. Go trendy with white pumpkins and burlap wreath:


Image via Instagram @chapelcottagechicks

9. Deck out your porch with pumpkins and fall flower:


Image via Instagram @raquel_russell

10. Add spooky spiders with cardstock!


Image via Instagram @luluco1

11. Wrap your door as a mummy:


Image via Instagram @nickylyounger

12. Drape it with friendly monsters:


Image via Michaels.com

13. Brighten up your front door.


Image #MadeWithMichaels via Instagram user @peachesandpolish

14. Bring the harvest to the front porch.

file-1 (002)
#MadeWithMichaels by @ashtonwearsthings

15. Make it stand out with mesh!

DIY instructions via Michaels.com

16. A new twist on your halloween front porch!

DIY via Michaels.com

17. Put a floral twist on it:

Image via Michaels Maker A Night Owl

18. Go boho for Fall!

Image via Michaels Maker Jennifer Rizzo

19. Set the scene with a cute scarecrow!

Image via Michaels Maker Giggles Galore

Cool Mom Alert: 14 Back to School Projects Your Kids Will Love!

Read on for 14 back to school projects your kids will thank you!A new school year means new school supplies, teacher gifts and a way to keep you AND your student organized! From cool homework caddies to thoughtful and useful back-to-school gifts, we have everything you need for a successful school year.

1. A cool homework caddy.

duck-tape-organizers-desk-craft-diy-640-2 Image via Michaels Maker Aunt Peaches

2.  Hang their artwork to admire all year long.


Image via Michaels Maker Aunt Peaches

3. Backpack tags made from pearler beads that they’re friends will envy! Perler-Bead-Backpack-Tags-9

Image via Michaels Maker Positively Splendid

4. Add pizazz to their after school totes.@blendingbybetty

#MadeWithMichaels via Instagram user @BlendingByBetty

5. Create memories on the first day with an interview kit.


Image via Michaels Maker Giggles Galore


6. Stay organized.429 copy

Image via Michaels Maker Sugar Bee Crafts

7. These double as a way to keep your pencils in one place or an adorable teacher gift!


Image via Michaels Maker A Pumpkin and A Princess

8. Set up a reading corner at home or in the classroom.  @kimjeffrees

#MadeWithMichaels on Instagram via @KimJeffrees

9. Throw a back to school breakfast before their big day!   main-bts

Image via Michaels Maker Design Dazzle

10. Create a picture frame out of their favorite crayons. @flaviablogger

Image via Instagram by @flaviablogger:

11. Little ones will LOVE giving this cool-green teacher gift: Succulent-Ruler-Planter

Image via Michaels Maker Giggles Galore

12. A not so traditional pencil case.


Image via Michaels Maker Skip To My Lou

13. Create binders that will be the talk of the classroom:


Image via Michaels Makers Aunt Peaches

14. Make their backpacks personal with a zipper embellishment.  zipperpulls12-512x341

Image by Michaels Makers Lil Blue Boo

Stock up for back to school here and make sure you tag us on Instagram to show us what you #MadeWithMichaels!

Michaels Makers July Challenge: DIY Trends

From tie-dyeing to macramé, pineapple prints, tassels & pom poms, there are so many hot DIY trends we’re seeing in our social feeds, magazines and even fashion. This month for our Michaels Makers July challenge, we asked them to share what trend they’re currently loving! Check out all of their DIY trends below and make sure you leave a comment with what trend YOU love.


 Loading InLinkz ...

Brunching 101 from Blogger Mary Elizabeth

First step in your party planning process?

Usually I find one item or idea that inspires me and then run with it!


What was your inspiration for your BBQ/ brunch?

Summer Florals and my always-favorite color scheme: Blue, White, Pinks & Gold.

What are your favorite summer party trends right now?

I love so many trends so it’s hard to narrow it down to the season. For me, entertaining is like the adult version of playing dress up.  It’s a question of, “Who do I want to be today?” That’s one of the reasons I love Michael’s so much – they have so many options for any direction I want to go!

Tips for someone hosting a party for the first time?

Relax and have fun yourself!  Your vibe carries on to the desk and don’t stress. It’s a party after all!


You’re running out of time, what is the first corner cut in your party prep? (Although we’re sure that never happens to you!)

A shower! Lol.  I’m the first to get cut.  I’ll throw on something quick, add some lipstick, give my guests a kiss & a beverage as they arrive & continue any details I’ve yet to finish.  Guests can deal with a few loose ends but an absentee host is a no go!

What is your go-to signature party DIY? 

I love Design Master metallic spray paint.  I tend to always be spraying something gold & rose gold – a little bit of bling goes a long way in my book.

What are the three DIY essentials that are your go to tools for every event?

Hot Glue Gun, Gold Spray Paint, & Flowers – paper or real!


Always your favorite party décor item to shop for?

I love poufy paper items, whether it’s layered paper garlands or DIY tissue paper flowers.

What is your favorite 5-minute party hack for emergencies?

Breath, Regroup, & Rearrange. Even when things go wrong & feel impossible, there is always a creative solution!  For guests, seeming blunders can make the event more interesting & fun! Afterall, wouldn’t you rather it be memorable?

Does everything have to be DIY vs Ready Made?

I’m a fan of simple DIY’s that customize and elevate a ready made situation.  I don’t want to bogged down in minute details and instead, I like to focus on the overall look and feel.  In other words, I choose the easiest solution with the most impact, and it’s usually a combination of DIY & ready made.


Three tips for someone hosting a party for the first time?

Good Tunes, Good Snacks, & Good Vibes!  Invite an interesting array of friends from different groups for lively conversation.  Create an easy snack bar and beverage station that guests can handle on their own & you can prep before hand.  Keep the playlist going & Relax! This is your party too.

Find more summer party inspiration here!


Green is the New Black: 10 Ways to Welcome Succulents into Your Life

Succulents are everywhere! From home décor to garden accents, we cannot get enough of this trend. Here are 10 Ways to Welcome Succulents into Your Life:

1. Make your table décor look oh-so-fancy.

Image courtesy of @jeanlaurentguaugy via @lecactusrouge on Instagram

Image courtesy of @jeanlaurentguaugy via @lecactusrouge on Instagram

2. Upcycling! Turn any broken pot into a succulent masterpiece.

Image via Instagram by @sunshine_succulents

Image via Instagram by @sunshine_succulents

3.  Gorgeous garden upgrade with low maintenance!

Image via Instagram by @thefancygarden

Image via Instagram by @thefancygarden

4. An adorable gift with no green thumb required.

Image via Instagram by @pumpkinandaprincess

Image via Instagram by @pumpkinandaprincess

5. And add sass to any front door!

Image via Michals Maker Pretty Providence

6. Garden gnomes + mini succulents? Who can say no to that?!

Image via Instagram by @oneworld.twopeople

Image via Instagram by @oneworld.twopeople

7. Teeny tiny & oh-so-cute! Even the smallest apartment has room for a mini wreath!

Image via Instagram by @jenssuccs

Image via Instagram by @jenssuccs

8. They look awesome in letters.

Image via Instagram by @jenssuccs

Image via Instagram by @jenssuccs

9. Shadow box+succulent = an instant home upgrade!

Image via Michaels Maker Jennifer Rizzo

Image via Michaels Maker Jennifer Rizzo

10. And last but not least, coffee table perfection.

Image via Michaels Maker U Create Blog

Image via Michaels Maker U Create Blog