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dipped milk bottle vase project

DIY Floral: Dip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah!

Spring is in the air and flowers are in full bloom; sounds like it’s time to spruce up your home décor with some quick and easy floral designs. While we’d all love to surround ourselves with fresh flowers every day, weekly trips to the local flower shop can put a bit of a strain on our schedule (not to mention our wallets), and no one likes when beauty becomes a chore. So what’s a gal to do?

Embrace the world of faux flowers! Available in a rainbow of colors and styles, floral stems can add brightness and life to any room. From roses and lilies to ranunculuses and lilacs, our stores have tons of seasonal blooms to choose from, so take your pick and let’s get started.

Put that old standby vase back in the cabinet. It’s time to freshen up your floral décor with this trendy DIY take on vintage glassware. Get the look of dipped paint without all the mess with our Dipped Milk Bottles project.

Dipped milk bottle stepouts

Everything you need to make your own dipped milk bottle floral arrangement.

Easy enough for even a beginner, this painting project whips up in a snap. By using masking tape and foam pouncers, you get more control over the paint while keeping drips and drops to a minimum. Simply tape off the area you want painted, pounce away with your paint, peel off the tape, wrap your floral bundle and voilà!

You can create one for your desk or a bunch for a party—they’re so cute and quick to make that we bet you can’t stop at just one! Single them out on party tables to create you’re very own Parisian sidewalk café, or use them to create lovely tablescapes for a baby shower. They’d also make fabulous gifts that look wonderful in kitchens, bathrooms or any room in the home.

Dipped soda and milk bottle vases

To add a little variety, consider using different types of bottles (think soda bottles and mason jars), or mix up your paint hues and finishes—a stylish chalky finish is sure to stand out. Share your projects with us using #MadewithMichaels. We’d love to know how you would use them!

DIY Craft Pumpkins

It’s finally that time of year again. When the leaves begin to change and the hot summer air is replaced with cool autumn nights. The aroma of pumpkin spice surrounds us as we go about our day and pumpkins are everywhere you look.

Painting craft pumpkins is a tradition in my household, and as soon as mid-September hits I’ve got my paint, glitter, and glue ready to craft some brand new beauties. To me, it’s the more the merrier when it comes to the joy of decorating pumpkins and each year the end results only get better. This year give some of our favorite pumpkins a try using different styles of crafting.

Color Blocked Pumpkins

Add some fun to your basic painted pumpkins with these trendy Color Block Craft Pumpkins. Just tape off sections of the pumpkin and fill in with various fall colors.

Chalkboard Pumpkin

Halloween wouldn’t be the same without a little bit of chalkboard paint. Craft yourself a simple Chalkboard Label Pumpkin and accent it with your own freehand designs. You can switch up the message as Halloween creeps closer.

Blinged Out Pumpkin

For less of a mess you can give your pumpkin a little flair with some flashy bling stickers to create our Bling Initial Pumpkin. Don’t worry though, our bling stickers come in pre-made designs and letters which are perfect for even the most inexperienced crafters.

Custom Carved Pumpkins

And of course we cannot forget our lovely Custom Carved Pumpkins that can be made for you in-store. Go to your Michaels custom framing counter to your order your very own custom creation today.

Craft pumpkins are a fall staple here at Michaels and we love creating new ideas year after year to keep your home fun and lively. Let your creativity flow and decorate your own simple home décor pieces this season. You can find more craft pumpkin project ideas here.

Trend Alert: Mini Pallet Projects

You may have noticed a growing trend in the craft world that fits right in with chalkboard paint and corkboard: raw wood surfaces! Try something new and create some unique craft projects using these adorable new mini wood pallets, now at Michaels.


How cute is this whimsical décor piece? A bit of calming color and some stenciling is all you need to make a pretty piece of wall décor that can sit with your frames or work great by itself. Add a personalized message to make it your own!


What’s better than a pretty piece of wall décor? A useful pretty piece of wall décor! Give your pallet a beautiful rustic look, and then hang it for some extra storage. You can give that same look to your Mason jars too, which will complement the wood and help keep you organized.


Add a pop of color to brighten up a room and help make it feel more like… well, home! Creating some unique string art for your home is surprisingly easy, and you can personalize it however you like. The possibilities are endless!

The mini pallets are just one of the many pieces in Michael’s new line of unfinished surfaces inspired by nature. You can find more project ideas from the Raw Bar here!

DIY Dorm Room Decor

Back-to-school style is now in session. Learn how to take your dorm room from drab to do-it-yourself fab with these crafty decorating ideas from Michaels.


Deck out your space with creativity!

TulleBannerThe tassel is worth the hassle for this DIY Lighted Garland project.

IconBoardMake it cool for school with these New York City-inspired Stencil Cork Boards.

FlowerPenJarCrafting this Flower Pencils in a Jar project is as easy as A, B, C.

PosterCollageMake your mark with an artsy Poster Frame Photo Collage.

EXTRA CREDIT: Are you a DIY over achiever? Why not create some pomp and circumstance with these additional project ideas?

BlockWoodCanvasMake the grade for creativity when you style your own one-of-a-kind Wood Block Canvas.

PhotoCanvasArtYou’ll be in a class of your own with this DIY Photo Canvas Wall Art idea.

Happy Dorm Room Decorating!


4 Tips to Frame Up Your Entertaining

It’s almost party season! As the weather gets cooler and we want to gather and be around friends and family, decorations and activities are key. Check out these four easy party ideas using readymade frames from Studio Décor™!

Chalkboard Party Sign



Know where to go with this easy to create chalkboard sign. A pretty, painted open back frame serves two purposes, first to match the decorations of your party and second, to point the way! You can scatter a few about if you have different areas, like a kids area, big-screen section or nosh table to help your guests wander freely without making you the night’s concierge.



Frame Tray



Need a way to get drinks to your guests quickly? An 11″x14″ Wall Frame makes an excellent serving tray. Just add some pretty paper behind the glass, make sure you glue in the back so it’s secure, and you’ve got the perfect serving surface. You can even place a few of these around your home, so guests know where they can set dripping glasses, instead of on your reclaimed, hand-stained barn door coffee table.




Framed Menu


By framing your evening’s menu, and placing it on the sideboard as they walk into the dining area or even on the table will help your guests relax and enjoy dinner without wondering if there is any tuna surprise coming their way!





Adding little touches, like framed place cards for a dinner, is a nice gift your guest can take away after the party is over. Try your hand at calligraphy and write their names, or use a printer, either way your guests will love the little details!

Of course, it’s all the little details that count when you host a dinner party. Tell us your favorite tips and ideas for the perfect party!