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Brighten Your Classroom Décor with a Heidi Swapp Lightbox

If you are a teacher, today we are celebrating you! Hello, it is Jen Evans from Heidi Swapp’s team back to share with you some of my favorite classroom ideas. From one teacher to another, these are a few ways I love to make a classroom feel like home while also staying organized.

Heidi Swapp Light Box

One of my favorite ways to celebrate a holiday, classroom theme, or lesson unit is with the Heidi Swapp Lightbox. It is easy to slide the letters in and out. You can even have your students do it!

Lightbox Teacher Decor

You will be surprised how the children take pride in coming up with inspirational quotes for the classroom too!

Only the Brave Teach

If you need a shelf to place your Lightbox on, check out the unfinished wood section of the store and find this one! Just add a coat of your favorite paint to match your classroom décor!

Teacher Decorations

I love having some of my favorite supplies right next to my desk. This Heidi Swapp Instax Tropical Photo Holder makes a great photo display but also can hang some office or school supplies from it as well! Slide your favorite washi tapes right across the bar too. Just pull the tape right from the roll on the bar.

Lightbox Classroom DecorUse the clips to hang photos or inspirational quotes – or both! Save these free printables and print them as a 4×6. You can also print them with an Instax Share Printer like I did here! Hang and enjoy!

Teacher Quote Printables

Teaching is a Work of Heart

Teaching Print 1 – Click Here to Download

2 Teach is 2 Touch Lives 4 Ever

Teaching Print 2 – Click Here to Download

Create your own supply holders using an unfinished wood canvas board and metal can.

School Supplies Storage

Just paint the board your favorite color and then glue the can to the top with E6000 Adhesive. Just let it dry flat overnight! It’s a great way to keep your supplies close to your desk!

School Supplies Storage

Lastly, I knew I needed something large to hold my collection of Lightbox Inserts. Having them in an organizer really helps keep them sorted and saves me time looking for what I need.

Lightbox Insert Storage

I used this jewelry storage container to store the letters and icons.

Lightbox Insert Storage

It is tiered so it can hold a lot more!

Lightbox Letter Storage Lightbox Letter Storage

With the icon images easy to see the kids will have a lot of fun finding what they need to decorate the Lightbox!

If you are a teacher, thank you for all that you do to shape the future and for making your classroom a fun creative place to learn!

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Be My Pun-ny Valentine!

Oh, Valentine’s Day. You know, when I was a kid, it was all about the card. What kind you bought, did it have an awesome character or a joke? Who got it, because we all know you hand picked the ones you wanted to give special friends, then everyone else got “the rest”. And, of course, how many you got back!

Anyone can stop by the big box store and pickup a pack of Valentine’s Day cards with their favorite superhero or brightly colored character. But, not everyone will have a handmade card, especially one that your child can say they made up themselves! So, put your pun writing hats on, come up with a creative phrase and make Valentine’s Day awesome this year. Check out a few of the Pun-ny Valentines we came up with for inspiration!


Give your Valentine a wink with a googly eye covered card!


Sea creatures can say “Be Mine” just as well as cuddly puppies! Check out this card using some ocean inspiration.


Need a card for a puzzle lover? Give a card they’ll love to solve!


We could come up with owl puns for days! Use a few of these fun ones to inspire a Valentine’s Card for your favorite bird lover.


With a Valentine Card this cute, why would you “knot” want to be their Valentine? We used a Loopdedoo™ to create an easy bracelet for an extra gift on Valentine’s Day.


And last, but not least, use your favorite colorful tool, The Original Rainbow Loom®, to create a fun Valentine’s Day charm to share with friends!

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School Project Headquarters

School Project Headquarters

School’s back in session, so tell the kids it’s time to swap their snow sleds in for some fresh new school supplies as they get back in to the classroom. From book reports to dioramas to science fair projects, we know that your budding geniuses need more than just their textbooks to achieve academic success, and we’re here to lend a helping hand. Here at Michaels, we’re proud to be your School Project Headquarters, with everything you need to help young students create wonderful class projects that will dazzle any teacher, regardless of the subject.

Topographical Map

Social studies is always a favorite subject with kids. Learning about other cultures can be so much fun, and geography is a big crowd pleaser with young minds. Help your kids get down and dirty by creating their own 3D relief map with this topographical map project. As they learn tons of new facts during their research, your kids will create a great looking project that could earn some brownie points with their favorite teacher!

Main Character Doll

What better way to show off a love of literature than by designing your very own main character figurine? This creative English project is perfect for in-class presentations, and it will help kids put a face on great literary characters—literally. And, if they want to get even more involved with classroom presentations, they can become key characters themselves with their own wearable masks!

Mask ProjectLet’s not leave out the little ones! Get them started early with this colorful counting abacus project designed to give young students a hands-on tool to help hone their counting skills. Let them choose their favorite colors for the beads, and by counting out the supplies when creating this project, they’ll be well on their way to acing future math tests.Abacus

And, of course, there’s the annual science fair project. After spending weeks (if not months) researching and experimenting, all that hard work needs to be displayed with pride. Let them light up science fair with this bright and bold presentation that’s sure to make the judges take notice.

Presentation Board

Don’t forget that, in addition to a full selection of school and craft supplies, we also have some amazing educational toys that will put your kids on the road to being A+ scholars. For the science minded whiz kid, we have lots of interactive Smithsonian® projects in a box as well as Green Science activities that will inspire them to upcycle and learn about alternative energy sources. And the sky’s the limit for the creative arts, from painting to drawing to 3D crafting.