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Michaels Makers December Challenge: Make It Merry

The holidays are a time for family, friends and memories. The twinkling lights of the tree, the aroma of cookies fresh from the oven or the perfectly wrapped gift – these are things that make the holiday merry.

And it’s the time of year when the personal touch matters most. Michaels is the place that helps you fill every moment with love, joy and the pride of making it yourself. This month, we challenged our Michaels Makers to show us how they Make It Merry during the holidays. From DIY décor and ornaments to making family memories, our Makers have lots of easy and fun ideas to share with you!

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Let us know how you Make It Merry during the holidays in the comments below!


DIY Christmas Ornaments to Make with Your Kids

What better way to create holiday traditions and memories with your kids than by crafting DIY Christmas ornaments with them? I love this tradition, and this is the first year I will be able to craft an ornament with my son. I know if will be one that I cherish for many, many years to come. In addition to crafting handmade memories, these project ideas are a great way to keep those little hands busy and creative while they’re out for winter break.

 Clothespin Christmas Icons

Clothespin Icon Ornaments

These classic Christmas icons couldn’t be cuter! I love how easy they are to clip onto the tree.

Model Magic® Ornaments

Model Magic Ornaments

Embrace your kiddo’s modeling skills with this fun air-dry clay. Roll it out and use cookie cutters to make shapes. You could even create a handprint ornament to cherish.

Felt Christmas Mouse

Felt Mouse DIY Ornaments

Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse! This cute little felt guy can be hung from the tree by his tail!

Dimensional Paper Ornaments

Dimensional Paper Ornaments

These ornaments are so cute, you’d never guess that all it takes to make them is paper, paint, scissors & glue!

Glittered Foam Ornaments

Glittered Foam Ornaments

Add a little bling to the tree with glittered foam ornaments!

Pony Bead 3D Ball Ornaments

Pony Bead Ornaments

Pony beads aren’t just for bracelets anymore. You can make whimsical ornaments too!

Craft Stick Snowflakes

Craft Stick SnowflakeTurn craft sticks into one-of-a-kind ornaments with a little paint, glue and adhesive gems.

Are you crafting with your kids this holiday season? We’d love to see what you’re making! Share your photos on Instagram with us using the hashtag #MadeWithMichaels!


8 DIY Ornaments to Make in 15 Minutes or Less

Some of the most meaningful ornaments hanging on the tree are handmade with love. DIY ornaments add a special, personal touch to your holiday décor. Make them for your own tree or as gifts… you can even host an ornament-making party for your friends! I’ve rounded up 8 DIY ornaments that you can whip up in just 15 minutes or less.

1. Embellished Galvanized Ornament

Galvanized Ornament

Add Mod Podge® and glitter to these fun galvanized ornaments to dress them up and add a bit of sparkle.

2. Mason Jar Lid Ornament

Snowy Scene Lid Ornament

Repurpose mason jar lids and tiny snowy scenes. Make them all a little different and create a tiny village.

3. Christmas Wish List Ornament

Christmas Wish List Ornament

I love this idea of ornament time capsules for your kids. Preserve your child’s Christmas wish list each year in a plastic craft ornament.

4. Plaster Ornaments

Plaster Ornaments

These plaster ornaments come pre-made, you just add the paint! Use colors that match your theme and add a coat of gloss to finish.

5. Snowy Scene Snap Ornament

Cardinal Snap Ornament

These plastic ornaments open all the way so you can fill them with just about anything! We’ve added snow, pine cones & a traditional cardinal. Add your fillers and just snap them closed. It’s that simple!

6. Pearl Filled Plastic Ornament

Pearl Filled Glass Ornament

Clear plastic ornaments are a crafters dream. The possibilities are endless. For this elegant frosted tree, we just filled the ornament with pearls and it made quite a statement.

7. Chalkboard Label Ornament

Joyeux Noel Chalkboard Ornament

This one is another simple plastic ornament project. Just fill it with pom poms (or anything really!) and then add the chalkboard label to the front with a special message.

8. Santa Belt Chalkboard Ornament

Santa Belt Chalkboard Ornament

These ornaments come with a chalkboard finish that is ready to be decorated. Using a chalk marker, draw a Santa belt or any design you wish.

Do you DIY ornaments for your tree? We’d love to see what you’re making. Share your photos on Instagram and tag it with #MadeWithMichaels for a chance to be featured on Michaels’ social media channels.

Michaels Makers 2015 Dream Tree Challenge Reveal

Today is the day we know you’ve all been waiting for… the 4th Annual Dream Tree Challenge Reveal! It’s our one-of-a-kind holiday kick off and our Michaels Makers have been working tirelessly to create the trees of their dreams. This year we have 50 hand-crafted, gorgeous trees that will simply take your breath away.

As if this post could get any better … You could win a $1,000 Michaels Gift Card in our Spruced Up Tree Sweeps! Submit photos of your decorated tree and fill out an entry form to be entered for the chance to win.

Now let’s have a look at those Dream Trees!

After seeing our Makers’ trees, I know you’ll feel inspired to kickstart your holiday decorating. From now until November 14, you can get FREE shipping on all Christmas trees that are 6ft or taller on Michaels.com.

6 Gift Wrap Ideas to Brighten Their Holiday

If you are reading this, you’re looking for that unique gift wrap idea, the one that sets your gift apart from all other gifts under the tree. The one that screams “This gift is for YOU!! You awesome gift recipient, You!” The one that lets your loved one know that you understand their wishes, wants and desires and you hand-selected that perfect item and spent hours carefully creasing corners, matching ribbons and hand-tying bows to make this gift uniquely theirs. Well, look no further my gift giving friends! Below are a few ideas to start your creative gift-wrapping adventure.

1. Fancy in Fabric

Can’t find the perfect pattern in wrapping paper? Love the look of the quilted bag you just bought at the boutique? Why not wrap your gifts in a pretty fabric! Think about it, it’s reusable – so no large trash bag of paper to recycle on Christmas morning, the cut swatches are perfect for your small sewing or quilting project (just make sure to get them back after everyone unwraps their gifts), and best yet, no paper cuts!

Gift Wrap Fabric

Wrapping your gifts in soft, simple fabrics work great for anyone who has a woodland or earthy theme. Use natural textures like burlap, twine, jute or wool for a bow and tie cinnamon sticks, pine twigs and wooden tags to finish.


Speaking of simple fabrics, how cute are these polka dot painted burlap bags? Just dot on paint, add your gift, a cute tag, and you’re ready to go!

2. Terrific Tinware

Whipping up a batch of Whiskey, Caramel, Marshmallow & Bacon Bark (yes, this is an actual thing…and it’s YUMMY) for the sweet tooth in your life is so much more fun when you have a whimiscal tin to wrap it in. They are great for holiday cookies, fudge and candy as well!

Gift-Wrap---TinsCheck out this quick Personalized Gift Tin idea.

3. Bountiful Baskets

Great for themed gifts, baskets are a common wrapping staple.

Gift-Wrap-BasketDress it up by adding a pop of metallic color to the bottom, matching metallic paper shreds and a collection of items to make their celebration shine!

4. Wrapped with Wood

Looking to wrap something for the wonderful man in your life? A dash of paint, some faux leather, a festive phrase, and you have the makings of the best guy gift wrap!

Gift-Wrap-BoxCheck out our Accented Cigar Box wrap idea!

5. Pom Pom Perfection

Stick-on bows are just so ho-hum. Yeah – you’re seeing this right – make your own out of Pom Poms and tie your pretty packages with yarn!

Gift-Wrap-Pom-PomInstructions for these DIY puffy wonders can be found here. And, don’t forget your pom pom makers!

6. The Trusty Mason Jar

What blog post would be complete without bringing up the mason jar! Of course, you can use it for the old cocoa mix stand-by. Or, fill it full of pretty candy to set on their desk at work (and think about how bad they need to get back to the gym after all that holiday sugar). But, my favorite – use them as a gift card holder! (Oh – and don’t forget to pickup a gift card while you’re at Michaels picking up all your mason jars because I know you love this idea the most!)

Gift-Wrap-Mason-JarAnd it does double duty! Dress up the top so they have a cute ornament for next year, and they can always use the jar as a luminary or seedling planter later. Three gifts in one – not bad for an awesome Secret Santa party!

Share your gift wrap ideas with us! #madewithmichaels

Candy Melts

Get Creative with Candy Melts®

Whether using store-bought cookies, take-n-bake or homemade cookies, you can dress them up with easy-melting Candy Melts® candy by Wilton®. You don’t have to worry about clumping and burning, like you would with regular chocolate. Candy Melts Candy comes in tons of vibrant colors and limited edition Christmas flavors too!candy-melts-bars

Use Candy Melts Candy to Dress up Christmas Cookies

  • Melt candy and dip half, or your entire cookie for instant color.
  • You can add interest with sprinkles, while the candy is still wet.
  • Drizzle Candy Melts candy back and forth for a ribbon-like effect.
  • Draw a unique design, or try something simple like a sprig of holly.

peppermint-drizzleVisit Wilton.com for instructions on how to add detailed drizzles to your Christmas cookies.