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6 Gift Wrap Ideas to Brighten Their Holiday

If you are reading this, you’re looking for that unique gift wrap idea, the one that sets your gift apart from all other gifts under the tree. The one that screams “This gift is for YOU!! You awesome gift recipient, You!” The one that lets your loved one know that you understand their wishes, wants and desires and you hand-selected that perfect item and spent hours carefully creasing corners, matching ribbons and hand-tying bows to make this gift uniquely theirs. Well, look no further my gift giving friends! Below are a few ideas to start your creative gift-wrapping adventure.

1. Fancy in Fabric

Can’t find the perfect pattern in wrapping paper? Love the look of the quilted bag you just bought at the boutique? Why not wrap your gifts in a pretty fabric! Think about it, it’s reusable – so no large trash bag of paper to recycle on Christmas morning, the cut swatches are perfect for your small sewing or quilting project (just make sure to get them back after everyone unwraps their gifts), and best yet, no paper cuts!

Gift Wrap Fabric

Wrapping your gifts in soft, simple fabrics work great for anyone who has a woodland or earthy theme. Use natural textures like burlap, twine, jute or wool for a bow and tie cinnamon sticks, pine twigs and wooden tags to finish.


Speaking of simple fabrics, how cute are these polka dot painted burlap bags? Just dot on paint, add your gift, a cute tag, and you’re ready to go!

2. Terrific Tinware

Whipping up a batch of Whiskey, Caramel, Marshmallow & Bacon Bark (yes, this is an actual thing…and it’s YUMMY) for the sweet tooth in your life is so much more fun when you have a whimiscal tin to wrap it in. They are great for holiday cookies, fudge and candy as well!

Gift-Wrap---TinsCheck out this quick Personalized Gift Tin idea.

3. Bountiful Baskets

Great for themed gifts, baskets are a common wrapping staple.

Gift-Wrap-BasketDress it up by adding a pop of metallic color to the bottom, matching metallic paper shreds and a collection of items to make their celebration shine!

4. Wrapped with Wood

Looking to wrap something for the wonderful man in your life? A dash of paint, some faux leather, a festive phrase, and you have the makings of the best guy gift wrap!

Gift-Wrap-BoxCheck out our Accented Cigar Box wrap idea!

5. Pom Pom Perfection

Stick-on bows are just so ho-hum. Yeah – you’re seeing this right – make your own out of Pom Poms and tie your pretty packages with yarn!

Gift-Wrap-Pom-PomInstructions for these DIY puffy wonders can be found here. And, don’t forget your pom pom makers!

6. The Trusty Mason Jar

What blog post would be complete without bringing up the mason jar! Of course, you can use it for the old cocoa mix stand-by. Or, fill it full of pretty candy to set on their desk at work (and think about how bad they need to get back to the gym after all that holiday sugar). But, my favorite – use them as a gift card holder! (Oh – and don’t forget to pickup a gift card while you’re at Michaels picking up all your mason jars because I know you love this idea the most!)

Gift-Wrap-Mason-JarAnd it does double duty! Dress up the top so they have a cute ornament for next year, and they can always use the jar as a luminary or seedling planter later. Three gifts in one – not bad for an awesome Secret Santa party!

Share your gift wrap ideas with us! #madewithmichaels

Candy Melts

Get Creative with Candy Melts®

Whether using store-bought cookies, take-n-bake or homemade cookies, you can dress them up with easy-melting Candy Melts® candy by Wilton®. You don’t have to worry about clumping and burning, like you would with regular chocolate. Candy Melts Candy comes in tons of vibrant colors and limited edition Christmas flavors too!candy-melts-bars

Use Candy Melts Candy to Dress up Christmas Cookies

  • Melt candy and dip half, or your entire cookie for instant color.
  • You can add interest with sprinkles, while the candy is still wet.
  • Drizzle Candy Melts candy back and forth for a ribbon-like effect.
  • Draw a unique design, or try something simple like a sprig of holly.

peppermint-drizzleVisit Wilton.com for instructions on how to add detailed drizzles to your Christmas cookies.


3 Ways to Decorate Slice and Bake Christmas Cookies

The holidays can be hectic, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on baking holiday cookies that look and taste great. Use pre-made, slice and bake cookie dough with these three easy Christmas Cookie techniques:

1. Use Wilton ColorMist™ Food Color Spray to add a pop of Christmas color using Green Color Mist, Red Color Mist and Gold Color Mist Food Color Spray.

2. Roll your cookie dough log in colored Christmas sprinkles or decorating sugar and then wrap in plastic wrap. Refrigerate for 2 hours before baking so sprinkles or sugar stays put. Slice and bake.Slice and Bake Cookies

3. Bake, brush cooled cookie with piping gel. Sprinkle colored sugar on top.

Christmas Cookies

Go ahead… we won’t tell anyone they weren’t homemade!

Decorate with Candy Canes

10 Ways Decorate Treats with Candy Canes

More than just a traditional icon of Christmas, the candy cane has many uses! You can use candy canes as an inexpensive and unexpected way to decorate Christmas treats and even décor. Add holiday cheer to just about anything. Here are a few tips from our crafty friends at Wilton®:

1. Break into small pieces and use as sprinkles on cookiesCandy Cane Cookies

2. Add them to hot drinks and use them as drink stirrers in hot drinks like hot cocoa.Candy Cane Drink Stirrers

3. Crush them and top ice cream, cake and other sweet treats with peppermint flavor.Candy Cane Crunch Cookies

4. Display them in decorative clear glass jars

5. Use them as edible cake pop sticks.

6. Build a Christmas tree out of candy canes.

7. Make a candy cane wreath.

8. Use two candy canes to make a candy sleigh, stacked with miniature candies and tied with a bow.

9. Tie two together upside down and use as name card holders at a dinner party.

10. Pulverize them and the rim of your glass in for an instant Christmas cocktail.


What out-of-the-box ways have you used candy canes?


How to Flood Your Snowflake Cookie Using Color Flow Icing

You may have seen beautifully iced Christmas cookies and asked yourself, “How do I do that?” Learn how to “flood” Christmas cookies like a pro and create stunning cookies for your next holiday party.

How To Flood A Cookie

Fill a decorating bag with thinned Color Flow by Wilton and use tip 3 to pipe along the perimeter of your cookie.


Then, fill in your outline. An angled spatula works great to spread the icing.


If your design requires tinted Color Flow, add the icing color of your choice a toothpick at a time until you reach the desired color. The icing should be tinted before being thinned down.

Next, decorate as desired with more piped icing in a contrasting color or icing decorations!


What is Color Flow Icing?

A very sweet flavored icing, Color Flow Icing does exactly what it’s name states. It flows onto your cookie surface, then dries shiny. The flowing texture can be made as thin or as stiff as you desire, depending on the amount of water added.

Color Flow Icing will create decorations that completely cover your cookies. It can also be used for icing plaques of various designs.

Color Flow Icing yields deep, vibrant colors when mixed with Wilton® Icing Colors. Some may fade while sitting in bright light.

Color Flow Icing can be stored in an airtight, grease-free container at room temperature for up to 2 weeks. Air-dried decorations last for months.

Color Flow designs take a long time to dry, so plan to do your color flow piece at least 2-3 days in advance.

Let us know how much you love Wilton® Color Flow Icing!


Preserve Your Gingerbread House

How to Preserve your Gingerbread House, Christmas Tree or Cookies

Wilton’s easy Pre-Baked Gingerbread Christmas Tree is easy to assemble and fun to decorate. Plus it makes a great centerpiece all season long!

Gingerbread Christmas Tree Step 1Gingerbread Christmas Tree Step 2Gingerbread Christmas Tree Step 3 Gingerbread Christmas TreeHere’s a tip! You can also preserve it and display it every year. Use clear acrylic to seal it. Warning – once sealed, your gingerbread treat is no longer edible! Not even a lick!

Gingerbread House Preservation Tips:

  • Let your gingerbread house dry in a warm room for 24 hours.
  • Place the dry house in a well-ventilated room and spray well with varnish.
  • Warning: A brush might knock off candy.
  • Make sure to cover the house completely with varnish – inside door frames and windows included. Spray the inside first, and then circle the outside.

You can use these tips to preserve your gingerbread Christmas tree, gingerbread houses and cookies. You can cut holes in gingerbread cookies and loop ribbon through to make homemade Christmas ornaments. What a lovely memory to hang on the tree year after year!