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Michaels Makers October Challenge

Michaels Makers October Challenge: DIY Halloween Costumes

Halloween is just two short weeks away and I don’t know about you, but a lot of us here at Michaels haven’t decided what we’re going to be yet. The only thing we have decided is that this year we are going all out! It’s a good thing our Michaels Makers delivered some extra cute (and creepy) projects this month. That’s right, DIY Halloween costumes was the challenge and it looks like we have a lot to live up to. Check out their blog posts below to see what our favorite ladies came up with… And better yet, try to make it yourself with their step by step costume tutorials!

Share with us what you’re going as this year! Check out our Halloween Market Lookbook for even more ideas.DIY Halloween Costumes

Michaels Makers September Challenge: Fall Market

Football games, tailgates and home-cooked meals are finally here and all we can think about is what our first bit of fall décor is going to be. We know that entertaining, party planning and decorating is in our future and luckily our Michaels Makers came to us with some pretty great ideas to get us started! We all have a favorite when it comes to decorating for fall – whether it’s your dining room table, your front porch or you like to go all out and decorate the whole house, these 30 ladies have got you covered. Check out what projects they came up with this month – all different and all inspiring us to get to work!

Which project would be fit perfectly in your house this season?