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An Interview with Cake Boss, Buddy Valastro

Have you heard the news? Cake Boss™ Cakeware is now available in our stores! Yep, THAT Cake Boss. Maybe you’ve seen his show on TLC? A baker myself, I have been jumping for joy patiently waiting for this product to hit the stores. I mean … a Spoonula?? My kitchen needs one of those.

Recently, I got the chance to catch up with Buddy Valastro himself to chat about his new line and love for baking:

At what age did you make your first cake?
I started working at the bakery when I was 11-years-old. I always helped my dad bake cakes, but I had to learn the ropes before I could start making my own. I was a few years older, about 13, when I really started baking and decorating cakes of all sizes.

Cake Boss Decorating

About how many cakes have you baked in your lifetime?
Wow, so many I’ve lost count. Thousands for sure.

What is your favorite part about running Carlo’s Bakery?
My favorite part would be that I am able to keep advancing my father’s dream of making the bakery a household name. As long as I’m doing that, I’m doing my job.

Cake Boss Cookie Scoop

What is the best part of your job?
Being able to grow the business in new and fun ways. There’s the bakery itself, our national shipping, our cake decorating and baking classes. Outside of that I have my TV shows, books, tour and new bakeware line. I’m never bored!

And the worst part?
These days I don’t get as much time as I’d like to sit down and decorate cakes. It’s like therapy for me.

We’ve all had a cake fail or two … Can you describe your worst cake disaster?
We made a beautiful carousel cake for Atlantic City’s Steel Pier last year and on the way to deliver the cake, it completely fell apart in the truck. I mean … really fell apart. There was no way I could fix it and I can always fix my cakes. I’ve never run into that situation and it just felt horrible. I let my customer down and that’s the worst thing you can do.

Cake Boss Frosting

Any cake decorating words of wisdom for our novice baking readers?
Cake decorating is harder than it looks, but having the right tools makes it a lot easier. Don’t let yourself get frustrated if you don’t get it right away. The more you practice with your tools, the better control you’ll have when decorating. Keep practicing over and over. It will be worth it!

What about the experts?
Challenge yourself. If you can already pipe like a pro, go bigger, try a technique or a design you haven’t worked with much before. The more new things you try, the more skills you’ll have and that makes you a better cake decorator.

Hypothetical conundrum: I need to decorate a cake in a crunch. I’m willing to cheat with boxed cake mix (shhhhh), but there’s no way I’m using that store-bought, oozy, frosting-in-a-can. How can I pull off a semi-homemade masterpiece in a pinch?
All you need for a basic buttercream are egg whites, sugar, water, butter and vanilla extract for flavoring. Most of these things you already have in your kitchen, so it’s easy to whip up a batch while your cake is baking and cooling.

What makes Cake Boss™ Cakeware different?
I wanted these items to be tools I would want to work with at home, so I knew they had to be great. I tested each tool myself and made changes where needed and I’m confident this line of products will make baking a fun experience at home for the whole famiglia.

And finally: If you were stranded on an island and you had to decorate a cake (hypothetically, of course) – what is the one cake decorating tool you couldn’t live without?
A good turntable, hands down. It’s the one tool that will really elevate the way you cake decorate.

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Cake Boss™ Cakeware Collection is now available in all U.S. Stores.