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DIY Sharpie Clipboard for Teachers

Hello! I’m Nikkala from The Crafting Chicks. We’ve hit the mid-way point of summer at our house. Which means it is time to start wrapping up our summer bucket list and start thinking about back-to-school shopping and haircuts for my very shaggy boys. Teachers are also gearing up to head back to school, so with Sharpie® I’ve created a clipboard to get them excited for the next year.

DIY Teacher Clipboard

We’ll be creating a notebook paper inspired clipboard. I love wandering the school supply aisles; looking at the new products and the tried and true ones that we all used as children and now get to buy for our children.

Start with a white clipboard.

DIY Teacher Clipboard

MAKER Tip: Washi tape is the perfect thickness for spacing, so instead of measuring and marking both sides of the clipboard (to get those lines straight) I eyeballed it with washi tape. Do whichever is easiest for you.

DIY Teacher Clipboard

Use a Sharpie marker to draw the horizontal lines.  Sharpie has so many color options, choose whichever color you can’t live with out! I used the metallic bronze color. I love the richness it brings to a plain clipboard.

Remove the tape and add more on the side to create the vertical lines running down the side of the clipboard like notebook paper.

 To complete the clipboard, I added motivational scrapbook paper to get our teachers amped up for another year of molding minds of children! Thank you teachers!

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Brighten Your Classroom Décor with a Heidi Swapp Lightbox

If you are a teacher, today we are celebrating you! Hello, it is Jen Evans from Heidi Swapp’s team back to share with you some of my favorite classroom ideas. From one teacher to another, these are a few ways I love to make a classroom feel like home while also staying organized.

Heidi Swapp Light Box

One of my favorite ways to celebrate a holiday, classroom theme, or lesson unit is with the Heidi Swapp Lightbox. It is easy to slide the letters in and out. You can even have your students do it!

Lightbox Teacher Decor

You will be surprised how the children take pride in coming up with inspirational quotes for the classroom too!

Only the Brave Teach

If you need a shelf to place your Lightbox on, check out the unfinished wood section of the store and find this one! Just add a coat of your favorite paint to match your classroom décor!

Teacher Decorations

I love having some of my favorite supplies right next to my desk. This Heidi Swapp Instax Tropical Photo Holder makes a great photo display but also can hang some office or school supplies from it as well! Slide your favorite washi tapes right across the bar too. Just pull the tape right from the roll on the bar.

Lightbox Classroom DecorUse the clips to hang photos or inspirational quotes – or both! Save these free printables and print them as a 4×6. You can also print them with an Instax Share Printer like I did here! Hang and enjoy!

Teacher Quote Printables

Teaching is a Work of Heart

Teaching Print 1 – Click Here to Download

2 Teach is 2 Touch Lives 4 Ever

Teaching Print 2 – Click Here to Download

Create your own supply holders using an unfinished wood canvas board and metal can.

School Supplies Storage

Just paint the board your favorite color and then glue the can to the top with E6000 Adhesive. Just let it dry flat overnight! It’s a great way to keep your supplies close to your desk!

School Supplies Storage

Lastly, I knew I needed something large to hold my collection of Lightbox Inserts. Having them in an organizer really helps keep them sorted and saves me time looking for what I need.

Lightbox Insert Storage

I used this jewelry storage container to store the letters and icons.

Lightbox Insert Storage

It is tiered so it can hold a lot more!

Lightbox Letter Storage Lightbox Letter Storage

With the icon images easy to see the kids will have a lot of fun finding what they need to decorate the Lightbox!

If you are a teacher, thank you for all that you do to shape the future and for making your classroom a fun creative place to learn!

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Michaels Makers Bling Out Back to School Challenge

It’s never too soon to start preparing to head back to school! Stand out this year by personalizing your denim, sneakers, pencil bags, backpacks and notebooks.

We challenged our Michaels Makers to show us how to Bling Out those back to school basics with rhinestones, patches, gems, fabric paint, iron-ons and more!

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Are you DIY’ing anything this back to school season? Show us what you MAKE by tagging your photos on Instagram with #MakeItWithMichaels.

Cool Mom Alert: 14 Back to School Projects Your Kids Will Love!

Read on for 14 back to school projects your kids will thank you!A new school year means new school supplies, teacher gifts and a way to keep you AND your student organized! From cool homework caddies to thoughtful and useful back-to-school gifts, we have everything you need for a successful school year.

1. A cool homework caddy.

duck-tape-organizers-desk-craft-diy-640-2 Image via Michaels Maker Aunt Peaches

2.  Hang their artwork to admire all year long.


Image via Michaels Maker Aunt Peaches

3. Backpack tags made from pearler beads that they’re friends will envy! Perler-Bead-Backpack-Tags-9

Image via Michaels Maker Positively Splendid

4. Add pizazz to their after school totes.@blendingbybetty

#MadeWithMichaels via Instagram user @BlendingByBetty

5. Create memories on the first day with an interview kit.


Image via Michaels Maker Giggles Galore


6. Stay organized.429 copy

Image via Michaels Maker Sugar Bee Crafts

7. These double as a way to keep your pencils in one place or an adorable teacher gift!


Image via Michaels Maker A Pumpkin and A Princess

8. Set up a reading corner at home or in the classroom.  @kimjeffrees

#MadeWithMichaels on Instagram via @KimJeffrees

9. Throw a back to school breakfast before their big day!   main-bts

Image via Michaels Maker Design Dazzle

10. Create a picture frame out of their favorite crayons. @flaviablogger

Image via Instagram by @flaviablogger:

11. Little ones will LOVE giving this cool-green teacher gift: Succulent-Ruler-Planter

Image via Michaels Maker Giggles Galore

12. A not so traditional pencil case.


Image via Michaels Maker Skip To My Lou

13. Create binders that will be the talk of the classroom:


Image via Michaels Makers Aunt Peaches

14. Make their backpacks personal with a zipper embellishment.  zipperpulls12-512x341

Image by Michaels Makers Lil Blue Boo

Stock up for back to school here and make sure you tag us on Instagram to show us what you #MadeWithMichaels!

Tie Dye Book Covers with Aunt Peaches

Our friends at I Love to Create teamed up with Aunt Peaches to bring you this awesome Tie Dye book cover project – just in time for back to school. Check it out!


Textbooks are expensive. Many teachers advise their students to cover their books to minimize damage. Also, book covers just look cool! Traditional paper textbooks covers are great, but not nearly as durable as fabric. These no-sew tie dye book covers offer an endless variety of colors and patterns, and what an awesome way to keep your books in great shape all year long. Let’s get started!

2-tie-dye-fabric-book-coversChoose a different color for each book, or perhaps a designated color scheme for every person in the family. The possibilities are endless.



When you open your Tulip One Step dye kit you will find several plastic squeeze bottles, each filled with a small amount of pigment powder – simply add water and shake. Your dye is ready to go! You will also find four pairs of gloves and some extra durable rubber bands. No need for mess or extra materials.

Inside your kit, you will also find an instruction booklet on how to achieve a variety of tie dye patterns. Beginners may want to start out free-form, then move up with each new project. Warning: it’s a little addictive.

6-pinch-twirling-fabricTo achieve a random sort of spinning pattern, pinch the fabric in the middle then swirl until the entire garment is enveloped. Use the provided rubber bands to secure in place.

Use your Tulip One Step squirt bottles to soak different areas of your fabric with dye. Segmenting each color will create stronger patterns, but layering dyes of similar values (like blue and purple) will create additional variations in colors. Set inside a plastic bag and let it set overnight.

After removing rubber bands and rinsing with water, throw your newly dyed fabric into a washing machine on the hottest setting with a teaspoon of detergent. Dry as usual. Now stand back and admire your work!

9-size-of-fabric-on-bookTo cut your fabric to size, cut a rectangle that is wide as your book plus 10”, and twice as tall as your book plus 1”.


Fold the fabric into one long tube that is just barely as tall as your book. There should be a 1” overlap seam running down the middle.


Use your Fabric Fusion glue to draw a thin line down the middle. Press to secure and allow to dry for at least one hour.

After the glue has dried, slip the fabric tube over the front and back cover of the book. To achieve a smooth finish, you may find it easier to pull back the covers from the spine (sort of like the wings of a bird) then slip the cover on all the way, then close the book as usual.


And there you go! Leave as is or use fabric paint and markers to make a design on the front and spine.


Michaels Makers August Challenge: Back to School

It’s always sad to see summer go. It seems like we were just planning trips to the beach and DIYing our flip flops and totes. The change of seasons is always a great time to get organized, whether you’re sending kids back to school, redecorating your classroom or just shaking out the sand and refreshing your home for fall. Searching for some inspiration? We were too, so we asked our Michaels Makers to share some of the creative ways that they tackle the back to school season. Take a look at their projects and let us know what you think!

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Which project are you going to take on before the fall sets in? Do your kids have a favorite back to school project too?