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Garden Party Featured Image

Bring the Outside In – Host a Garden Party

When I think about a garden party, I am immediately overcome with a variety of senses. I can practically smell the fragrance of spring blooms. I hear the sounds of birds chirping and a faint buzz of bees floating lazily above the full flowers. Lace accents cover the table, allowing …read more

February Trend // Handwritten

Write this down: Our words have power. The power to uplift, encourage and inspire. These projects were created to be reminders of the good around us and how taking the time to create a handmade piece that features your own handwriting can mean something extra special to the recipient. It …read more

Guest Post: Lil Blue Boo’s Random Acts of Kindness

Today is Random Acts of Kindness Day! Did you take part in our #MadeWithKindness handcrafted heart swap?  One of our favorite bloggers, Ashley Hackshaw from Lil Blue Boo did and below is her story – enjoy! Last year for Random Acts of Kindness Week my daughter and I filled tiny hand …read more

Guy DIY: Paracord Dog Collar

During World War II, paracord was first used to connect paratroopers to their parachutes. Nowadays, it’s used to do things like secure tents, make tourniquets and hoist food into the trees for safe keeping. The inner strands of paracord can be used as sewing thread, fishing line and even dental …read more
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DIY Pet Love Gifts

Clearly people around the Michaels office love their pets. I mean, what would we do without our furry family members? They are always there to cheer us up when we are feeling blue! Our dogs, cats, and other pets are constantly providing us with joy, comfort, entertainment, and companionship. If …read more