Christmas & Gifting

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Do-It-Your-Elf: Episode 4

  The night before Christmas, Mr. Elf baked something sweet A batch of sugar cookies, Santa’s favorite treat! Mr. Elf made Christmas Eve dinner, what did he choose? Of course peppermint candies for a few of his Boos!   He had a last minute gift he wanted to knit, A …read more
DIY Wrapping

Unique Christmas Wrapping Ideas

You know when the packaging is prettier than what’s inside? Oh! How I LOVE the trendy “Old-Fashioned Christmas” way of wrapping gifts… I’ve gathered some of my favorite Christmas Wrapping ideas to share with you! I personally just adore the rustic look of this style and the raw and natural …read more
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Do-It-Your-Elf: Episode 3

Now that he’s home and ready to settle in, It’s time for the fun and decorating to begin. Mr. Elf must pick the perfect tree So many choices… Which will it be?   Now that he’s found the perfect one, Time to get it home and start the decorating fun. …read more
Handmade Cards by Tim Holtz

Guest Post: Tim Holtz Handmade Cards

Who doesn’t love to receive a handmade card in the mail. These quick and easy cards are sure to impress your friends and family. Gather your favorite supplies, Stamps, Distress Markers and Ink, Mirrored Stars, Word Keys, Linen Ribbon, Rub ons and sit down to create some beautiful but simple …read more
Elf Pt 2

Do-It-Your-Elf: Episode 2

Now that he’s free and ready to roam Mr. Elf is going on an adventure before he heads home   He went shopping in Paris along the streets And ended up ice fishing to find some treats   He set up his paints to create a work of art, This …read more