Cinco de Mayo Watermelon Piñata

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In preparation for Cinco de Mayo, Sara, Jillian, and I decided to turn our fondness for the ever-popular fruit trend into a festive watermelon piñata. We had so much fun cutting the tissue paper into fringe and transforming a cardboard box into a sweet fruit slice. I personally want to leave this piñata up for decoration year-round! :)

This watermelon piñata project is perfect for any summer celebration! For Cinco de Mayo, simply fill it with treats and have fun celebrating with friends and family.

Here’s what you need to get started…

Tissue Paper
Martha Stewart Crafts™ Fringe Scissors
Sharpie® Marker
– Cardboard Box
– Black Cardstock
– Tape
– Candy
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Step 1: Cut out your desired shapes. Trace the shape on the cardboard with a marker and cut out the shape with scissors. For the watermelon, start with two large triangles. Use the first triangle as a template for the second triangle.pinata 2Step 2: Next, trace and cut out a long and thin rectangular piece for the edge of the watermelon. Use this template as a guide for the second piece. Also cut a rounded piece for the bottom edge.pinata 8 pinata 4Step 3: Use tape to attach the pieces together. Before closing, fill the inside of the shape with candy. pinata 5Step 4: Wrap the pinata with the tissue paper. Wrap the bottom edge with green tissue paper to represent the rind and wrap the majority of the watermelon with red tissue paper.pinata 6Step 5: Fold the tissue paper sheets in half. Leaving an inch of space at the top edge along the fold, use the fringing scissors to cut along the the bottom to create the fringed look. Repeat this step for all of the fringe pieces.

Step 6: Starting at the bottom with the dark green section, begin layering the fringe sections. If the fringe piece isn’t long enough to wrap all the way around the back, use a second piece to fill in the gaps.  Repeat until the entire piñata is covered.pinata 7Step 7: Use black scrapbook paper to cut out the watermelon seeds. Apply the seeds to the watermelon with tape.pinata 9Ta-da! Now you can hang up your watermelon piñata and get the party started!

Have fun celebrating Cinco de Mayo!

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