My Favorite Watercolor Palette by Amy Tangerine

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Hi everyone! I’m Amy Tan, fashion & scrapbooking designer and artist behind Amy Tangerine. I’m so excited to share about why I love the Artist’s Loft watercolors so much. There’s also a process video where I go in depth and you can see the set in action, along with a free printable. I’ve been using this set for years. In fact, we have used this set of watercolors to create the artwork used for my scrapbook collaboration with American Crafts since 2011. It’s also my go-to set for a project I started in 2015 where I scripted an inspiring or funny quote for my Motivational Monday project, which can be seen on my blog and Instagram. Here are just five reasons this set is my favorite.


1. It’s a fantastic beginner set. There are lots of vibrant colors so you don’t have to worry about mixing your own if you’re just starting out. Even if you’re a pro, it’s lighweight and compact so you can take it with you if you want to practice or get creative on the go.


2. Such a great value. Love that you get so many colors and each pan has plenty of pigment to last a long time. Even with my daily usage, I find that one palette can last me several months! Because of the good price point, you’re more likely to experiment and try new techniques to expand your horizons.


3. It’s consistent in quality. I’ve gone through several palettes and have found that every single one of them works like the last one. You know what to expect when you open a new pack and can jump right into getting creative.


4. It photographs well. This may sound a little silly, but nearly every time I post a photo with a quote I’ve scripted for #ATmotivationalmonday or any other project, I get asked about the set. It’s so colorful, vibrant and happy.


5. It makes you feel like an artist. With some practice and getting used to, anyone can feel like an artist when they play with this set. Even my 2.5 year old enjoys “painting with mama” and has a great time using it. Whether you’re just working in a sketchbook or your planner or on a large piece you plan on displaying, this set is wonderful to work with all around.

Want to see this beautiful palette in action? In this video, I’ll show you how I use these watercolors to hand letter artwork.

Now for a little fun freebie! Download this colorful, free printable:


Amy Tangerine Free Printable Amy Tan Free Printable

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