Let’s Make it Together: Warm Up America’s Joining Party is January 25th

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There’s something special about the time spent crafting in a group.  I don’t know about you, but most of my crocheting is done alone, in the wee hours of the morning during bouts of insomnia.  If I’m feeling especially ambitious, I might try it in fits and starts amidst the evening chaos of plating dinners, checking homework (a typical quote: “No, honey, macaroni is not a state of matter.”) and dipping reluctant minors into the bath before pajamas.

Warm Up AmericaBut community crafting gives me time and space to really focus on the work I’m holding in my hands, surrounded by the gentle click of tools and hum of conversation.  This was where I found myself just before the holidays – happily parked in a chair in our Support Center’s auditorium, with my size I crochet hook and a skein of Red Heart® Soft Yarn in Teal. I was in the company of an excellent group of women, all of us crocheting and knitting away for Warm Up America.

Yarn Yoga

Clockwise from top: Hooks and needles await those who come to visit Yarn Yoga’s Kickoff for Warm Up America!; completed projects, including blankets and baby clothes, are ready for donation; a Yarn Yoga member crochets a 7″x9″ piece; colorful yarns are available for volunteers.


The event was our Warm Up America! Kickoff, sponsored by Yarn Yoga, a volunteer group of Michaels employees who regularly meet to crochet and knit together.  Every single one of their projects, once complete, is donated.  So, it’s only natural that they’ve been busy making the 7” x 9” pieces that are used to construct blankets for those in need.  Since October, they’ve collected boxes and boxes of squares, and they’re still going strong!   At the kickoff, Yarn Yoga members handed out yarn, needles, hooks and templates to everyone who stopped by.  They even gave instruction to those brave souls trying knitting and crochet for the first time.

Granny Squares

What could we possibly do with all these squares?  Throw a Joining Party, of course – and you’re invited!  Come and join us in stores on January 25th, from 1-4 pm, and help us stitch pieces together into finished blankets.   We’ll have certified instructors from the Craft Yarn Council available to help you if you’re new to needlecrafts, or even if you just need a refresher.

Sure, there’s that thing you have to do, and that other thing, and a whole list of things after that.  But, the holidays are over (you made it!).  Take a little time, if you can, to sit with other makers, really look at the work in your hands, listen to the click and the hum, and breathe.  We’ll be glad to see you there.

Best wishes to you and yours for the New Year!

- Joanna


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  • jane lawson

    I want to do this ! Don’t have any clue how but I’d like to learn.

    • Jo (not *that* Jo)

      Hi, Jane! Are you interested in crochet or knitting? You’re very welcome to come to our Joining Party on the 25th. There’ll be Craft Yarn Council instructors there to help you get started. You can click here: http://bit.ly/1avu0a1 to read more.

      The Craft Yarn Council provides their instructors for our regular classes, too. You can find your nearest Michaels store here: http://bit.ly/1eZQqTX and sign up online (click here: http://bit.ly/1jb42k5).

      We also have lots of videos on our site that will introduce you to knitting and crochet. You can even try out arm knitting! Just click here: http://bit.ly/1eQAyVx

      Let us know if you have more questions. Thanks for writing!

      • Marisela

        So do we need to sign up or just arrive at Any Micheals from1-4 ?

      • Jillian

        No need to sign up, just show up to the store!

    • Cathy

      if I have no idea how to knit or crochet but want to help out can i still join inTualatin, Oregon

      • Jillian

        Hi Cathy! Check with your local store to see if they’ll have an instructor present this Saturday. They’ll help you learn!
        Here’s a link to our store locator: http://hosted.where2getit.com/michaels/

  • Phyllis Swearingian

    I would like to join in. Might be to late for this year??

    • Jo (not *that* Jo)

      Hi, Phyllis! It’s definitely not too late to join — we’re accepting squares until February 15th of this year. You can drop them off at any Michaels store. And, of course, you’re welcome at our Joining Party this Saturday from 1 to 4 pm. (Also at any of our stores!)

  • Laura

    I knit on looms. Can I bring some squares in to you on Saturday?

    • Lisa

      I was wondering that same question? Any advise? I, too, knit using a long loom.

    • Jillian

      As long as your square is 7×9, it’ll work! Thanks ladies!

  • Dianne Stover RN

    I will be there the 25th! Tried to register but couldn’t find a way. I’ll be at Michaels off of Tunnel Road in Asheville, NC. I am an experienced crocheter. Was there buying lots of yarn last week!!!!!!


    • Jillian

      Yay! We’re glad you’re attending. Don’t worry about registering, just come to the store!

  • Mar

    Hello, All!

    I am a knit and crochet instructor for Michaels, at the Delray Beach, FL store – the “squares” (actually rectangles, for they are 7′x 9″), are accepted year round – there will never be too many, for we can join as many as we can, and donate several throws!

    Instructions for the squares can be found at WarmUp America at Michaels, and also through the CYC.

    Too much fun awaits for you – never too late to learn, either by yourselves, or with our assistance!

    Hope to see you there on this Saturday, or anyday now!

    Warmest Regards,

    • Brie H.

      Hi Mar,

      Do you know if the Royal Palm Beach or Boynton stores will be doing the event also? I don’t usually see instructors there.


  • http://Centurylink Karen Murray

    I would really like to join.I’m retired and would like to do a refresher and learn more. I live in the Logan Utah area, and are they doing it at their store here?

    • Jillian

      Hi Karen, all stores should be holding the Joining Party this Saturday, but be sure to check with your local store to make sure.
      We’d love to see you there!

  • Jamie F

    All stores accepting? And do the makeup of the squares matter, yarn-wise?

    • Jillian

      You can use the yarn of your choice Jamie. Double check with your local store to make sure they’re hosting the Joining Party. You can find it here: http://hosted.where2getit.com/michaels/

  • Linda

    I am excited to learn of Warm Up America project! I may not be able to join you in-store on the 25th, however, I assure you I will stop by the Michael’s near my home to drop off as many squares as I am able to construct. This is so wonderful! 7×9′s coming right up!!! Thank you!!!

    • Jillian

      Yay! Thanks Linda!

  • http://michael's mira

    Will the party be happening at any Michael’s? What do I need to bring? Knitting or crocheting?

    • Jillian

      The party is happening at all stores, but be sure to double check with your local Michaels: http://hosted.where2getit.com/michaels/
      Crochet or Knit will work; all you need to bring is your needles/hooks and any squares that you have made. Of course, there will be some there ready to be joined as well.

  • http://Michael's Caroline

    I would like to know when/where we can pick up crochet hooks/knitting needles. I have a group that can make squares since it has been extended until February 15th. Can one person pick them up or do we have to come individually. Thank you so much for sending out the email. Years ago I did this with school children and we made over 100 of the squares. Look forward to hear from you.


    • Jillian

      Hi Caroline,

      We will not have hooks or needles available for pick up. If you have squares that are ready to be joined, please bring those to the Joining Party to stitch together. And, yes, we’re accepting squares until 2/15 at all stores. We’re so thankful that your group can make squares for this great cause.

  • Susan Periano

    How wonderful to know this endeavor is expanding to craft stores!

  • Kim

    Is there are minimum age you have to be to attend? My 8y11mo daughter and I would like to attend and learn.

    • Jillian

      Hi Kim! There is no minimum age requirement, so bring your daughter along! You can double check with your local store to make sure an instructor will be available at your Joining Party.


  • http://Www.sammylittle.com Sammy Little

    Can I knit these 7 X 9 pieces at home and turn themin to the store any times?

    • Jillian

      Yes Sammy, we’re accepting squares until February 15th this year!

  • Annie

    Can we bring in our own 7 x 9 inch squares to put together on the 25th or should we drop them off ahead of time?

    • Jillian

      Either way will work Annie. We’ve extended our donation date until 2/15 this year, so keep on making those squares!

  • Tracey Crowder

    Unfortunately I can not make the party this year! I wish I had know about this project. Would love to become a part of it. Does it start every October or is it year round???

    • Jillian

      Usually we start in the Fall each year, so that gives you plenty of time to make some squares. Just think of how many blankets we could make if we crocheted year-round for this event!

  • Mary Reynolds

    I would love to join this Saturday I am rusty nut crochet is my choice see you there

  • Michele C.

    Any guidelines for the squares, other than the 7″ x 9″ dimensions? Color, yarn type/weight or gauge?
    Also, if there’s not a Joining Party at my closest Michael’s store (they don’t seem to offer the yarn-related events that I’ve seen advertised on the Michael’s website & emails; I think it’s something to do with no available instructors) is there some other way for me to submit some squares?

  • Marcia wilson

    I have a ton of scrap yarn and was wondering what the requirements for making the squares for donation are. I see the blocks are to be 7 x 9. Is there a certain pattern, yarn weight or size hook preferred? Thanks.



  • Roberta

    Is it too late to sign up for this?

    • Jillian

      It’s not too late Roberta! No need to sign up, just come to the store. We recommend that you double check with your closest Michaels to make sure they’re hosting the party.


  • Linda D.

    It’s been years since I joined blocks, but I will be there to help in the Joining Party. I also have lots of yarn, so I’m up to the challenge to make blocks for next years party just let me know the particulars.

  • Diane H

    I can do this!!! I’ve dragged my feet before on committing. I read this and thought, “what a better way to spend a Saturday normally consumed with housework.” Needlework absolutely calms my soul!! See you all there!!!

  • Paula Damgaard

    I can’t make it this time. But would love to be included next time!

  • Rose

    How do I find out if the Michaels near me is having a Joining Party?


      call them………….

  • Tamara

    Hello I love doing crafts but never learned crocheting I want to be there at the Beaumont Texas store from 1to 4 how much is it and what do I need to bring and can I bring a drink to have I mean a soda lol let me know thanks I will do all I can

    • Meredith

      Hi Tamara! This event is free. Please bring your hooks and yarn to help join squares. We hope to see you there!

  • Parsy

    Would love to help, but should say I don’ know how to do knitting or crouching but am a fast learner .

    • Meredith

      We would love it if you came to the event!

  • Lisa

    I know how to crochet and would love to help out. Is there any way to get the pattern and supplies ahead of time so I can get started on making squares for this wonderful event? I also have a lot of yarn at home that I can use unless it has to be a specific type and/or color. Thx!

  • El

    Sounds like a fun afternoon. Can we come at any time between 1 and 4? Do we need to bring anything with us?

    • Meredith

      Yes! Please bring your needles, hooks, and yarn to help join the squares.

      • El

        I have not made any squares as I just read about his project, but I do know how to sew squares together and will gladly buy a needle when I get here. Do you still want me?

  • http://share Debbie

    Would love to join in, see you there.

  • Tracy

    I am interested in this project! I have been under the weather, so may or may not be available this Saturday, but would like to help in any way I can. I started crocheting last year and love it!

    I also tutor a couple young girls (8yrs old). Is this something they would be welcome to help with as well? I am sure they would probably only last an hour, but think it would be an awesome opportunity for them as well.

    Thanks for any feedback,

    • Meredith

      Hi Tracy! Yes, please bring the girls with you to the event. We hope to see you there!

  • http://www.zenoftangling.blogspot.com Jeanne

    I’d enjoy being part of this and will make the effort to get to my local Michael’s on Saturday barring a snow storm slated for that day. This is truly a wonderful idea.

    • Jillian

      We hope you can make it Jeanne! Stay safe and warm!

  • Tammy

    How many cast ons would I need to start a square if I’m knitting?

  • Jennifer

    Hi! what size are squares to be? I would like to help, but probably won’t be able to be there on Saturday!

    • Jillian

      Hi Jennifer! The squares should be 7×9. We’re accepting donations until 2/15 this year, so you still have time if you can’t make the party this Saturday!

  • Bev

    I just heard of this. Will you be collecting yarn squares during 2014?

    • Jillian

      Bev, our extended donation date for this year is 2/15. However, we encourage you to make squares all year long for this annual event. Just think of how many blankets we could make!

  • Nola

    Not sure if I can make this Saturday but would love to help if you have another “joining party”. I helped my mom years ago with afghans for this great organization! I just moved to Janesville and was happy to see that Michael’s was doing this. Keep me posted!

  • marie

    sorry I missed this didn’t know an thing about it cause I would have done it. think this is a great idea. hope I can do it next yr

  • shari

    I would like to donate crocheted squares. What is the pattern and what kind of yarn?

  • Laura

    This sounds so awesome! I don’t have time to stay for the party unfortunately but I can whip out a square and drop it off to help out! Is this happening at every Michaels store? Happiest New Year to you and yours!

    • Jillian

      Laura, we would love any square you can make! Every little bit helps. All stores are accepting donations, but check with your local store to confirm they’re hosting a Joining Party this Saturday: http://hosted.where2getit.com/michaels/

  • Luz Sosa

    I will like to join.

  • Sue

    I have a bunch of squares I have made with the intent of making a blanket. May I drop them off at the saugus, MA store?

    • Jillian

      Yes Sue, all stores are accepting donations until February 15th this year. Thanks for the help!

  • Cathy

    Is there a pattern I can follow to make a square to donate? I would love to come to the joining party. Is it too late to donate a square?

    • Jillian

      Cathy, it’s not too late! We’re accepting squares until February 15th this year. Here’s a pattern that you can use: http://www.michaels.com/Warm-Up-America!/20146,default,pd.html

      • Regina

        I have a lot of SQUARES! they are 9×9. Am I missing something here?? You keep saying SQUARES but you say 7×9. That’s not a square folks. I’m guessing now all my wot will have to be put to other use. I totally misunderstood and I don’t know how you make a blanket if the pieces aren’t square.

      • Jillian

        Good point Regina! Warm Up America requests that they be 7×9 sections, but they will accept other sizes as well as the instructor mentioned a few comments above. Of course, you’re welcomed to join your squares together and donate the finished blanket too. Thanks for your help in this great cause.

  • Kathy Rygh

    is this an annual event? I would love to participate.

    • Jillian

      Yes, Kathy. We participate in Warm Up America! every year. We hope you can join us.

  • Marion Walker

    I would love to join in and my some squares do they have to be a specific size, color and/or pattern style ? Please tell me how I can help ?

  • Felicia Chau

    I love to do it. I can work on crochet or knitting, just simple.

    Please let me know how.
    This Saturday I’m at work, so I cannot come but please send e-mail let me know what I should do.



    • http://www.michaels.com Cara

      Felicia –
      The Event is this Saturday for joining, however, we will be collecting 7×9 squares you make on your own up to 2/15 at the Warm Up America Collection box. And, if you don’t make it by then, store associates will happily collect your squares year round. Just drop them off at your local Michaels! You can find your store here: http://www.michaels.com/storelocator.

  • Valerie

    This sounds amazing! I have never done either-neither have my three nieces who will be with me for the weekend-is this open to kids and the worst needlework adult ever ?

    • http://www.michaels.com Cara

      Hi Valerie -
      There’s no minimum age, and if kids know how to crochet or knit a square or join pieces, they’re welcome to come. Since this is an event, no one, including kids, would be turned away. You do need your own tools and yarn. But, if you are new (or want to get better at needlework), check out our knitting and crochet classes while you are at the event! They are a great way to learn more about both art forms.

  • anita

    I’m going to try and come and will try to bring a friend with me. Need to know if I need to bring squares with me that have already been made or are we making them there. Also do I need to bring yarn.

    • http://www.michaels.com Cara

      Anita –
      You both are welcome to join! You can do either, bring 7×9 squares that you have, or just come and join some together. Please bring your own yarn and tools. Also, we collect squares all year long, if you don’t see the drop box, just ask one of our employees and they will be happy to collect them and save them until the next joining party for you.

  • tyeona

    do we have to make squares in order to join the “party” I am still self teaching and all i have been able to make so far are scarves. I also only know one stitch lol so I am in the super start phase of this all. I am planning on researching if the Michaels near me is having this event as well.

    • http://www.michaels.com Cara

      Tyeona – No, you don’t. There should be an instructor on site or other, more experienced yarn-addicts who will be more than happy to help you as you go along. Even if you only get one square done, or two pieced together, every little bit goes a long way. Please, come join the fun!

  • Del

    Will there be donated squares to piece together? Unfortunately, I have no squares to donate this time. I will be better prepared if you do it again, but I might be able to piece together squares you already have.

    • http://www.michaels.com Cara

      Del – YES! We could always use help joining squares.

  • Jen

    I am very interested in being involved in this. Is there a specific stitch that is desired for the patches? I am just so excited to help out.

    Thank you and God Bless.

  • Chris Nagelsmith

    Love to help out! See you there.

  • Tina roberts

    Hi there. I would like to come to a joining party. What do I need to bring with me?

    • Meredith

      Hi Tina! Please bring your needles, hooks, and yarn to help join. We hope to see you there!

  • Debbie

    I think this is an awesome idea! I plan on coming in to help!

  • melissa

    I think this is just a wonderful idea.

  • Stef

    Can kids participate? I’d really like to do this with my daughters seven and four to show them it can be a lot of fun when you’re giving back to the community.

    • Meredith

      Yes, kids are definitely welcome at this event!

  • Lorrie

    I would love to join do I need to register for. This

    • Meredith

      Hi Lorrie! There is no need to register for this event.

  • Maxine fausak

    I am very interested in helping with this project…I would prefer to do squares at home, not at the store… I have lung problems, and stay away from groups of people…please let me know how I can go about making squares (I knit and crochet!) at home…. Thank you …Maxine fausak…

  • http://Sapphire503@msn.com Heather Olsen

    I would love to come to, is thus going to happen in Braintree also?
    I crochet all the time so please let me know how I can help


  • Carolyn

    Do you need more squares? What size yarn and what size square? Does color or pattern matter? When do I bring them?

  • Diane

    Will this be at the Old Colony location in Plymouth Massachusetts? I went to the knit in to make squares and no one knew what I was talking about. I would love to meet other knitters and do this with other people and not just drop something off :)

    • Meredith

      HI Diane! This event is taking place at all stores that have a yarn instructor. Please call your local store to check and see if they are hosting the event. http://hosted.where2getit.com/michaels/ We hope to see you there!

  • Brittany

    Is there a complete list of participating stores somewhere online? I would definitely love to join in, but I would hate to get to my local store and hear that they are not participating.

  • Karina

    I want to do this at home then drop off at my local Michaels store. What size of needle should I use?

  • Patty

    Do you make the squares a head of time or why you are there?

    • Meredith

      You can do both! Also, we will accept square donations year round.

  • Alice Roche

    Wouldn’t miss it!!

  • Kim

    I would love to do this! I don’t have any squares made.

  • Alice Roche

    Wouldn’t miss it! I have known about Warm Up America for years, and am Excited to be able to help!!

  • http://www.bryancave.com Suzanne Shapiro

    I have a couple of afghans already crocheted and ready to go. Could I donate them?

  • Lisa Warner

    I would LOVE to do this! But I would like to still contribute some squares if possible also?? Any way to get the instructions? Any special type of yard I should be using? I’m a knitter, so I’m sure I can turn out some squares!! Will go to my Michael’s store to sign up for the joining party….


  • Lynn

    Do you still have instructions available for what the squares should be? I have a TON of scrap yarn and have been looking for exactly something like this to use it up. I don’t know how much I can get done before Feb. 15, but if I have your guidelines, I can have things ready for when you start collecting again in the fall. Unfortunately I missed the information about the kick-off because I would have loved to participate.

  • Twyla

    I didn’t hear in time to make any squares. Can I still show up to help with joining? Will there be enough squares to go around? :/

    • Meredith

      Yes of course you can still come! It depends on how many squares are donated to your store. You can always bring your materials and start a square at the event!

  • Bobbie Overbey

    Will this project be ongoing? I would like to continue making the squares. Do you prefer the ends woven in or left dangling? The pix shows both….

    • Meredith

      Hi Bobbie! Warm Up America accepts squares all year long. You can learn more about the organization here: http://www.warmupamerica.org/ Warm Up America would prefer completed squares, with the ends woven in, before joining into a blanket.

  • cheryl

    I’d like to join too, will there be a joining party at every Michaels or just certain ones? I’m in Ann Arbor, MI.

    • Meredith

      Hi Cheryl! This event is taking place at all stores that have a yarn instructor. Please call your local store to check and see if they are hosting the event. http://hosted.where2getit.com/michaels/

      • cheryl

        Thank you! I will call them.

  • Sarah

    I want to do this! What stores are doing this? What do we need to bring with us? What if we are brand new?

  • Annie

    I would like to come, but there is not much information as to where to show up. Is it safe to assume that it will be at every Michaels location. Please give me more details as to what is needed and how much and the location.


  • Terri

    This sounds like something I would love to bring my group of girl scouts to. I wouldn’t be able to come this weekend since it is in 2 days but I would love to learn more so that we could plan to attend something like this where they can learn to knit/crochet and then make squares for you as long as they wish (and you are collecting them). Could someone give me more information about maybe a class that we could either come to you or a few of your instructors could come to us? We are from Pittsburg, KS.

    Thank you!

  • Mary Ann Merriman

    Wow! i bet it will be hard to find any parking spots at the Michael’s stores! What a great idea! I love it when people help me with my pet project (the troops) and I am ready to turn around and help others with this project!

  • Gail Wilson

    I made several squares and took them to the open house. Unfortunately my region in Florida is not participating in this worthy project. Can you advise me of a location I can send the squares to use for joining.
    My stores are located in Brooksville and Port Richey , FL.

    • Jillian

      Hi Gail,
      We talked to Tara, the Customer Experience Manager at Store 5816 – TAMPA-PORT RICHEY and she said they are ready for Saturday’s event and would be happy to have you join with them and/or collect the squares that you’ve made. We are so grateful for your help with this great cause!

  • Renee

    I have a bag of granny squares – not 7×9. Can you use those?

    • Jillian

      Good question Renee. Warm Up America requests 7×9 to join together, so that they all fit nicely together. I am sure that if you join together your own granny squares they will accept the donated blanket. We’re so thankful that you want to help this great cause!

  • Debbie

    I would love to do this but will be working while this event is taking place. When are squares collected? I probably can’t get any done by February but maybe for next year. When are the meetings to come sit & crochet? A good way to get away for a few hours & have fun. I am crocheting & loom knitting hats to donate for chemo patients.

    Thanks so much,

    • Jillian

      We’re accepting squares until 2/15 this year, but if you can’t get them to us in time, start stockpiling them for next year’s event. Just think of how many blankets we could make! Check our in-store events page for upcoming events. http://www.michaels.com/Store-Events/store-events,default,pg.html
      We’re so grateful for your help!

  • Carol


    • Jillian

      Hi Carol! We haven’t planned another date due to the weather; however, we’ll be accepting squares until February 15th this year. We hope you can make it. Stay safe and warm!

  • http://gmail darlene

    i new how to do but i for got how so i knit now and i like that and i sew blankit to can’t spell today but i think you get what i am trying to say any how .

  • donna nix

    Is this something that will be an on going project?

    I would like to be able to knit all year for this. Sounds great. Wish I had known about before now.

    • Jillian

      Hi Donna, We’ll take your squares all year long! After 2/15, just donate them to the store classroom. Thanks for the help!

  • Linda

    This sounds like a lot of fun! I haven’t done any of this for a long long time!
    I hope I can Make it on Saturday.

  • FT

    Hi…..Reviewed your materials list. It stated you use acrylic or acrylic blend yarn. I have several 7 x 9 inch pieces that were for a 40 x 60 blanket knitted from 100% cotton yarn. Would cotton yarn pieces be ok ?

    • Jillian

      Yes, those will work! We hope you can join us this weekend!

  • Carol

    I must say that Jillian and Meredith must have lots of patients to keep answering the say questions over and over!! Just curious. I don’t own any supplies to bring on Saturday, will there be any loaners or do we have to buy our own? Thanks for your help.

    • Jillian

      Thanks Carol, we love our commenters ;)
      We encourage you to bring your own supplies, as we can’t guarantee each store will have them. Maybe you can bring some friends along?

  • Emmy Lee

    I will come to join the party.

  • Tina

    What store is this being held at ?

  • Carol

    I want to be part of the party .I do know how to knit. and crochet. but I don’t have any yarn or money to join in. so if you provide the yarn ,I can bring my skills to help out.
    Please let me know.

  • Deb J

    Hi Everyone! I am the yarn instructor at our Michaels on State Line Road in south Kansas City MO.. We are having a joining party Saturday from 1-4pm. I will be there too so if anyone is in the area and would like to come it would be wonderful!! :-)

  • Bea Willis


    When will this begin in 2014? Where should I be looking for the announcement? I don’t recall seeing anything at he Michael’s store in Goleta, CA. I know several people who would be happy to participate in making squares. We just need to know what the specifications are and where to deliver the product. Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Bea Willis

    • Jillian

      Hi Bea,

      The Warm Up America! event is happening now. We’re accepting square donations for this year until 2/15, but you can actually drop off your squares year ’round. We hope you can participate and come to our Joining Party this Saturday! Check with your local Michaels to confirm:

  • Rosette

    What a worthy cause this is, and what a fun idea! I am planning to attend the Joining Party on the 25th, weather permitting.

  • https://www.facebook.com/Marcy.Dadian.Wallis Marcy Wallis

    My daughter and I would love to be a part of this at our local Michael’s store in Fresno, CA. We are beginners and she’s 9 so I just need to know if it’s ok for us to join?!??

    • Jillian

      Of course Marcy! Check with your local store to see if they’ll have an instructor there Saturday to help you out. We hope you can join us!

      • https://www.facebook.com/Marcy.Dadian.Wallis Marcy Wallis

        Ok, will do! Thanks :))

  • http://Yahoo Karen Ying

    What a wonderful idea! Please count me in. I am no needle and wool person, but I would love to join in and learn a quick thing or two. Thank you for this neat opportunity to share.

  • Tawny

    I wish I had known about this earlier, I was recently given a whole bunch of yarn, I’m talking 5 big garbage bags full of yarn and I have been looking for projects like this to work with and this is so easy and simple and a great idea. My question is. do all the squares have to be plain single or double stitch or can we do different patterns? I’m gonna get started tonight and bring in everything I got. I don’t have a michaels near me so I’ll be traveling 2 1/2 hours to get to one, but that’s ok because I can visit my sister then.

    • Jillian

      Wow, that’s great Tawny! You are free to use the yarn and design of your choice. We just ask that it be in a 7×9 square. And, we accept squares all year round for this cause. I recommend calling ahead to your closest store to confirm that they’re hosting the Joining Party.
      Thanks for your help!

  • Allison

    Wow, I really wish I knew how to crochet. I just started a Good Samaritan Club for my 6th and 7th grade students and they are making no-sew baby blankets to send on a mission trip. They would love to attend an event like this. Is it going to be at all stores? Is it simple enough for 14 yr olds to do?

    • Jillian

      Allison, What a great idea! Check with your local Michaels to see if they’ll have an instructor present this Saturday. They can teach you and our students!


    I noticed it said you are accepting squares until 2-25-14. If you are just starting to make squares and they won’t be done before 2-25 will they post on the web site when you will be accepting squares again.

    • Jillian

      Sharon, we accept squares all year long. You can drop them off in your local Michaels classroom.

  • sam4vishi

    Do we need to be there for 3hours for sure to do the blanket there it self or you will guide us? how long we should be there?

    • Jillian

      You don’t have to be there the entire 4 hours; any help you can lend is appreciated!

  • kamico

    I’ll be there with bells on…

  • Jayne Burrell

    My daughter knits and i crochet! Count
    Us IN!!

  • Sue Welfley

    I am the instructor at the Michaels at Bearss & Dale Mabry in Tampa FL and I will be providing free supplies and refreshments for all the helping “hands” that show up to help us!!! Hope to see you there on Saturday 1-4pm!!!

  • Deb

    Would any of the Michaels Stores here in Fort Wayne Indiana be participating in this? I would love to take my Daughter who is 11 today and she does a little bit of knitting & crocheting and I think something like this would be beneficial in learning how to help others!

  • Juaita Kozikowski

    Michaels Traders Point in Indianapolis IN will have the joining party….Join the party or drop of squares anytime in the classroom or leave with a cashier or any associate…Any colors…pattern…crochet/knit accepted… Use up all those left over yarns. The instructor even accepts any odd shapes/sizes…as she crochets around the odd shapes/size so into a block size that will fit in with other squares…Those getting the blankets are not picky. ..Warmth is the purpose for the blankets will be welcomed by any receiving then no matter color of design…..8>)

    5750 W 86th St
    Indianapolis, IN 46278-1338
    (317) 876-0063

  • Linda Dickerson

    I wish I knew sooner….I do crochet pretty fast ….so I can definitely try to get some squares made to donate as well as stitch together. I use to be the crochet instructor at Michaels so I will try my best to get there Saturday to join in on the project.

    • Jillian

      We appreciate any help that you can lend! And, we’re accepting squares until 2/15 so you still have time!

  • Dawn Kamlage

    My mom is 80 has crocheted forever am going to try to get her to come with me. We live in maineville Ohio any local stores doing this?

  • Sharon

    I must have missed the announcement. Have tons on “leftovers” in my “stash” box. Will work on these for next year. Can we still get templates?

  • cindy

    What stitch is being used to connect the squares? AND..with different colored squares–how do you choose what color to use to connect?

    • Jillian

      Hi Cindy, I don’t believe there is a specific stitch required. They just join any squares possible to create an afghan. Here’s some more info from the Warm Up America! website: http://www.warmupamerica.org/?q=join.html

      • cindy

        Thank You Jillian

  • Mary Ann Merriman

    I’m glad that I followed the recommendation to call and see if my local store was participating. The first person I spoke with yesterday had no idea what I was talking about and told me to call the manager today. Today, the manager says she doesn’t have an instructor and the store is not even collecting finished pieces. Now I have to call around and see if there are any other stores nearby that are participating just to drop off the pieces.

  • Kaitlyn

    I don’t know how to knot or crochet, but I use a loom to make hats, do you have to have experience of knitting/crocheting blankets, or will there be swine to help us?

    • Jillian

      Hi Kaitlyn, check with your local Michaels to see if they’ll have an instructor available tomorrow. They can help show you how!

  • JoAnn

    I can’t find a Michaels having a ‘joining party’ on 1/25/14! Where is one? I live in Alexandria, VA.

    • Jillian

      Have you called the stores nearby? They’re all accepting 7×9 sections, and most should be holding the Joining Party.
      Here’s a link to our locator: http://hosted.where2getit.com/michaels/

  • Madelyne

    Are we supposed to provide our own yarn? I have a needle but left it at home this morning. I can buy one always good to have a extra!

  • Paula

    Don’t brother going to the store in Hillside, Illinois…..they didn’t know about the ‘joining party’. They said they didn’t have any squares, so they didn’t ask the instructor to come in. They did say if I wanted to sign up and PAY for a crochet class there wouldn’t be a problem.

  • Sandra

    I went to my Michaels in Woodland CA and nothing there. They didn’t know anything about this..

  • http://www.ChixThatStitch.com Judy L

    I attended the Warm Up America event at the Skokie IL store today. I was disappointed to see there were only 4 people including myself and my friend who attended. Why? Let me tell you why:
    1. No reminder email was sent today.
    2. There was zero info on your landing page.
    3. There were ZERO signs at the front door notifying customers who come in the door about the event.
    4. The manager didn’t even come in and say hello and/or thank us for attending. To me, that means the manager wasn’t in touch with the importance and the meaning of Warm Up America.

    If Michaels had followed through, there would have been a better turn out. You know what happens with better turn outs? You get more people in the door. You get more people to see what Michaels is doing to pay it forward. You get more people in the door who end up buying something on their way out.

    Here’s my biggest concern. It turned out we didn’t get to create our own squares. Why? They had a tub full of squares from LAST year. There’s no follow through to have more events to provide those less fortunate with beautiful blankets people are taking the time to make. Hence, there is no difference being made. The unused squares will now sit another year with no progress being made. There was only ONE baby blanket made today. ONE!?!?!?!?!?!

    I would love to take the responsibility in the Chicagoland area to get this event off the ground and spread the word of the importance of helping those less fortunate. Today is all about pay it forward; Michaels needs to do so.

    I look forward to hearing back from someone who will advise why there is no urgency within the Michaels organization for this phenomenal cause to help those in need.

    Chix That Stitch

  • Virginia Wentzel

    Went to Michaels in Mission Valley San Diego CA. I was the only show. A lovely sales person, Ana, also a crafter, sat with me and we made squares. I thought there would be a room full. Enjoyed my time but we would have had many more squares if more had come.
    Next time maybe it should be more hyped. Virginia Wentzel.
    PS People at this Michaels are very nice and accommodating. Thanks

  • Jeannette

    While this was fun, I was terribly disappointed at the very low number of participants. I don’t think this was promoted enough.

  • Julie

    Sadly, our Joining Party was a complete bust! Not one person showed up to assist with the joining of nearly 200 donated sections. With only myself and our knitting instructor on hand, after sorting all the sections, we were each able to assemble only one 4×5 afghan. Lots of work to do, but we need some help!

  • Cathy

    I was very disappointed when I drive to 3 different Michaels yesterday to participate and no body was there.

  • Lynda

    Can we send our squares to a Michael’s store via the mail? I have about a 30 mile drive to my nearest Michael’s.

  • maryann

    I would like to know how to put blanket together

  • Von Smith

    I wish I had known about this event prior to the day of. My granddaughters 4 of them and myself would have loved to attend. I will be buying yarn and supplies this week so we can make some rectangles to be donated before 02/15/2014.
    This is such a worthy cause I think if Michael’s had spent a little time promoting this event, it would have had a better turn out.

  • Susan

    I was very disappointed to arrive at the Ithaca, NY store and find that the only thing there was a table set up in case someone showed up. I called ahead and was told the event was going on. When I asked an employee, she told me the plan was for anyone to bring their own squares and sew them together. There were no instructors and although she told me that they were collecting squares and she was happy to take mine, she said there were no squares there to sew together. Really disappointed after driving in to town only for this event.

    • Jillian

      Hi Susan,

      We apologize that no instructors were present and for the lack of participation at your location. We are definitely taking your feedback into consideration for next year’s event. Thank you for the comment!

  • Renee Beard

    I wish Joanna would write more posts. She is so funny and smart. So witty. Make it so. :)

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