Repurpose, Reuse & Upcycle with Paint

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Giving new life to old things can be very gratifying. From that broken old chair in your basement to those outdated candlesticks in your closet, all they need is a touch of paint and voilá! You have great new things to decorate your house with! You will be amazed at how easy it is to upcycle when you have the right paint.

Chalk or Chalky Finish Paint

Chalky Finish

This is a great paint to use on furniture, but it works well on so many surfaces. Wood (sealed or not), metal, plastic and glass offer a great surface for this paint. The best part of using chalky finish paint is that you don’t need to do any prep work – no sanding or priming is required! Just make sure the surface is free of loose dirt or paint and you’re ready to go. The hardest part will be choosing your color! Add a coat of wax when you’re finished and your old chair will be unrecognizable!

Chalkboard Paint

Chalk Paint

Chalkboards are all the rage these days and there’s nothing cuter than turning an old frame or a silver tray into a new chalkboard. Chalkboard paint comes in several colors in addition to the traditional black, so have fun with it.

Acrylic Paint

Acrylic Paint

There are many multi-surface acrylic paints options out there. These are great to use on most finishes and they are an inexpensive way to transform a plain old container into a beautiful vase!

Spray Paint

Spray Paint

Probably the fastest way to transform your stuff; spray paint is a great solution and there are many colors and finishes to choose from. A few thin coats on most any finish will give you great coverage. Just be sure to use spray paint on a protected surface and in a well-ventilated area.

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