Michaels Makers Dream Tree Decorating Tips

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Did you all hear about the 30 amazing holiday trees our Michaels Makers created this month? Well, if you have been hiding out from this crazy cold weather and did not get a chance to look at them you must do so now! They were given just two short weeks to complete the Third Annual Dream Tree Challenge, and they are truly dreamy. Today the Michaels Makers are sharing with us a closer look at all of the work that went into creating their trees this year. They are also providing some insight on how to decorate our trees in new, creative ways without the stress that comes with it. Check out their tree decorating tips below. We’ve got everything from a countdown-to-Christmas advent tree to an ABC kids Christmas tree and much more!

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How are you going to decorate your dream tree this year?

Tree Decorating Tips

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  • I love to see some of my fave DIY’ers creating with my favorite store. This is such an awesome group of talent Jillian- xoxo Tanya twelveOeightblog.com

  • DerwinandFaye Creech

    This is probably not the correct forum, but I just wanted you to know that as much as I love Michael’s products, I will not be buying anything from you this Holiday season due to the decision to open on Thanksgiving Day. I hope others will “vote with their dollars” too so that in the future stores will allow their employees to take at least one day of the year to be truly thankful for all we have been blessed with. Thank you.

    • MST66

      I came on here to post the very same thing. This really makes me want to not patronize Michael’s anymore. I vote with my dollars every day, and those votes are going to another store.

    • Cat Martin

      My question for you Derwinand Faye and MST66, is while you are boycotting Michaels about being open on Thanksgiving, have you stopped to consider The military who is protecting your freedom to say this? They are away from their families and not allowed to go home Or the Police, Fire Dept. EMT techs, or the hospital staff that work?? Did you share your dinner with any of them, take them a pie?? Truly being blessed is considering the others, not whether a store is open . You choose to shop or not.

      • DerwinandFaye Creech

        Actually, yes, Cat. My nephew is a policeman who had to work extra shifts before, during and after Thanksgiving due to stores opening and my son is former military, so we not only are grateful to these serving but help to support them, especially at the Holidays. One reason I object to the choice of stores whose only purpose is more money without regard to effects on employees and families is also that those required to work can no longer join in on our traditional service to the military families and homeless that are usually served on Thanksgiving, making it harder to have enough volunteers to help out. Thanks for bringing this up!

      • MST66

        The individuals who work these jobs, who include my family members and friends, are fully aware that their jobs require them to work holidays, nights, weekends and it’s always been that way. They are NOT paid minimum wage, most, if not all receive pensions and health benefits. How can you fail to see the difference. People NEED emergency services, they don’t NEED to shop. Period. My appreciation of their service and sacrifice has ZERO to do with this conversation.