So Sweet: Sugarbelle’s Autumn Stamp Cookies

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I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely ready for fall. I love cozy sweaters, warm drinks, and turning leaves…but more than anything, I love autumn baking. With the hustle and bustle of a new school year, plus three major holidays, it’s sometimes hard to find time for holiday baking projects. The Sweet Sugarbelle’s Cookie Stamp kit makes cookie decorating quicker and easier than ever!

Sugarbelle's Autumn Stamp Cookies

To make these cookies you will need:


Following the directions and recipe included in the cookie cutter stamp kit, prepare the sugar cookie dough. Feel free to use your own cut-out cookie recipe if you have one.

Once mixed, follow the instructions on the dough dye package to color the dough. I used orange with a little touch of yellow to brighten it up.

Sugarbelle's Autumn Stamp Cookies










Sugarbelle's Autumn Stamp Cookies




Maker Tip: If you are only using one color, add the dye while mixing to incorporate it into the dough.


Roll the dough out to approximately 1/4 inch thick on parchment paper or a lightly floured surface

Sugarbelle's Autumn Stamp Cookies

Maker Tip: Use rolling pin rings, or 1/4 square dowel rods on either side of the dough to create perfectly even cookies.


Working one at a time, first cut and then stamp each cookie.

Sugarbelle's Autumn Stamp Cookies

Maker Tip: If the stamp sticks to the dough, lightly dip it in flour and tap off the excess before stamping.


Place on a cookie sheet and bake according the the recipe you used.

Sugarbelle's Autumn Stamp Cookies

After baking, the impression from the stamps will still be visible.

Sugarbelle's Autumn Stamp Cookies




Now it’s time to decorate! Prepare a small batch of royal icing (the recipe is included in the kit) and use the Wilton Color Right System, to create green and black icing. You won’t need a lot of icing, but the amount will vary depending on the number of cookies.

Sugarbelle's Autumn Stamp Cookies



Use water to thin the icing to flood consistency, which is about the consistency of honey or shampoo, and pour it into bottles.

Sugarbelle's Autumn Stamp Cookies

Maker Tip: Sometimes royal icing separates over time. The Sweet Sugarbelle Bottle Spatula is the perfect tool for stirring icing that has separated in the bottle.

Maker Tip: Use a small spray bottle to thin the icing to prevent adding too much water at once.


Use flood icing to fill the impressions left in the dough. If necessary, use the Sweet Sugarbelle 2 in 1 tool to move the icing into small spaces or to pop air bubbles that may appear as you work.

Sugarbelle's Autumn Stamp Cookies


Let the cookies dry for six to eight hours and they’re ready to share!

Sugarbelle Autumn Stamp Cookies

Since royal icing needs time to dry, it’s best to make the cookies a few days ahead of time. When they are dry, they can be stored in an airtight container between sheets of waxed paper for up to a week.

Decorated cookies are great for holiday parties, and you will be proud to say that you made them yourself.

Now that you have entered the world of cookie decorating, what do you want to MAKE next? With the Sweet Sugarbelle Stamp Cutter Kit the possibilities are endless! We love to seeing your DIY decorated cookie projects on Instagram so be sure to use hashtags #MakeItWithMichaels and #sweetsugarbelle so we can take a look!


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