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One thing I’ve learned during my time at Michaels is that this place is filled to the brim with creative folk.  Just for starters, we have amazing designers who are responsible for creating the inspiration you see in stores and on our site.  But, that’s only the beginning.  Michaels is a mecca for those who love to make things, whether it’s party invitations, crocheted amigurumi or Rainbow Loom Christmas ornaments.  Almost everyone I’ve met here has some kind of special talent or crafting ability they pursue on the side.  So, let’s take a look at some of the action going on behind the scenes with our new series, Maker Spotlight.

For our first installment, we’re sticking close to home.  Joanna is a member of the web content team, and one of our blog contributors.  As you can probably tell, when she’s not working or making things, Joanna likes to monkey around with the fam.

Joanna H.

Name:  Joanna H.

Title:  Web Content Specialist

What I Make:    Drawings, illustrations, slightly wobbly crochet creations

How long have you been working at Michaels? 

I’ve been working as a specialist on the web content team since April of this year.  I love it!

 What’s your job like?  What does a web content specialist do?

My job is to showcase content – usually products and inspirational projects – on the Michaels website.  This may mean writing descriptive copy, selecting appropriate images, and managing certain landing pages for our categories.  My categories at the moment are Art Supplies, Apparel, Beads & Jewelry, General Crafts and Craft Painting.  When I’m lucky, I get to write for the blog, too.

Maker Spotlight

What is it that you make?

Ever since I learned to read, I’ve been drawing silly pictures to go along with the stories.  We all thought I’d grow out of it but, no.  Instead, I got a fine arts degree and worked as a designer for several years before coming to Michaels.  However, I also learned to crochet when I was in sixth grade, and am still busy making scarves, blankets and little baby leggings when I can.  I’m so lucky, because I get a first-hand look at all the fantastic crochet projects on our site.  My current favorite:  the Turkey Tissue Box Cozy by Twinkie Chan.  The baby potatoes just kill me!

Do you have a current craft obsession?

Yes, I cannot stop making pom-poms.  I’d been making them using just my fingers, but Sara’s recent blog post sent me over the edge, and I finally had to go out and buy a set of the Clover pom-pom makers.  So much faster!

Are you also a customer of Michaels?  What do you look for in the store?

I usually have to be physically removed from the yarn section, or I’ll come home with a double-armful of skeins, every time!  I love stalking the fine arts section, and am almost always on the lookout for a new sketchbook.  I may or may not be obsessed with the Artist’s Loft™ Octopus Journal because, octopus!


Maker Spotlight

Tell us something about your creative work that almost no one knows.

Once upon a time, I worked as a women’s shoe designer in NYC.  You can tell always tell a shoe designer because they’ll be staring at your feet during a conversation, trying to figure out who designed your shoes.


Do you want to learn more about a particular role or crafter at Michaels?  Reply in the comments and let us know!


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  • Jeff

    We just went on your website to order arts and crafts supplies, but could find no prices listed for anything on the site. Obviously, we will not order anything with no prices known. This has to be the worst commercial website I have ever seen. Why don’t you list prices???

    • Jillian

      Hi Jeff,
      Currently we are not an online retailer and that is why there are no prices listed on our site. We hope that you can visit us in-store to find your craft supplies.

      Visit this link to find the store closest to you: