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Create Your School Project Display Board Quickly & Easily.

Before you know it, Spring will have sprung, birds will be chirping, and your child’s science fair project will be in full swing! It’s time to pull out the theories, double check the hypothesis and show the results of what is sure to be a prize winning school project! Now – where to start?

Well, we went to the experts at Elmer’s for some handy tips on creating the perfect project display, but we’ll get to that in a minute. First, you’ll want to pick up a few necessity items before you even begin, and we’ve got you covered there. Start with your Display Board. We’ve got tons of colors to choose from, and I suggest you pick up a couple just in case you mess one up, or so you have and extra on hand for next year.

School Project Display Board Example

Second, color is important when creating your project. Since you’ll be using a lot of it, pickup a pack of our Creatology™ Recycled Construction Paper (we are doing a science project here, so kudos to saving the earth at the same time!!).

Make your board neat and tidy by using Elmer’s® Project Popperz Accent Borderz to highlight each section. And, don’t forget your Project Popperz Vinyl Letters for the perfect easy to stick headers.

Finally, you’ll need some glue to stick it all together. We carry all kinds of Elmer’s® school glues and glue sticks, perfect for your project (and for those fun crafts you’re going to do after the project, too!)

Lots and lots of Elmer's® Glue!

Now, time to plan out your award winning board. Elmer’s has some awesome ideas to help you get started, and it’s so easy! Check out their tips for planning your perfect board:

Want more ideas? Check out the full line of project board tips and tricks at Elmer’s® Presentation Ready.


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    I am going to pass this on to my daughter who Home Schools and is very creative. Please see her blog; LemonLimeAdventures