Renegade Craft Fair

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Renegade Craft Fair in Austin, TX is one of the coolest collections of handmade wares and artisans around. Even the name “Renegade” has such a “rebel with a cause and a pair of scissors” ring to it, don’t you think? A few of our team members went on a road trip to Austin to visit the marketplace and meet the talented artists behind these inspiring creations. We meandered our way through the aisles of woodworking, screen printed posters, ceramic vases, vintage collectibles, felt buntings, crochet taxidermy, and everything in between. It was such a pleasure to strike up conversations with the artists and learn about the inspirations and passion behind their craft. The impeccable attention to detail and personal touches present in their work clearly reflects the passion these artists have for their work. Handmade is a way of life and they live it to the fullest! Here are a few of our favorite creations we discovered during our trip…

renegade--3Art District Printing Co.

renegade-1 The Plaid Pidgeon


When I came across the jaw-dropping booth Nothing but a Pigeon, I knew I had to meet the artist right away. Taylor Hart’s whimsical crochet taxidermy art ranges from a stitched squid to a plushy panda. She was so sweet and talked about her love of combining her many hours of crochet work with a Netflix marathon. Sounds like the perfect way to stay entertained while stitching the day away. The amount of work put into each piece is simply astounding!renegade crochetrenegade-5

I was immediately enthralled with Lauren Cooke’s felt banners and handmade wedding creations for her shop, Beta Wife. Her cheerful phrases combined with bold colors instantly brought a smile to my face! After speaking with her for a minute about her creations, a smile is clearly the desired end result when she shares her products with the world.


We also met the founder of CRAFT studio in Austin, a walk-in DIY studio where friends can come together and make something fun. They describe their space as something like a restaurant or a gym, except instead of eating and working out you come inside to make a craft! Such a fun concept.

All in all, I was overwhelmed with creative inspiration after our trip to Renegade. Every single booth made me want to give three cheers for handmade! These artists are only a small sample of the talent present at Renegade this year. You can see a full list of the vendors here. I hope I get the opportunity to visit this amazing market again! Have you ever experienced Renegade? We would love to hear your about your favorite vendors, too!



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