Guest Post: Lil Blue Boo’s Random Acts of Kindness

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Today is Random Acts of Kindness Day! Did you take part in our #MadeWithKindness handcrafted heart swap?  One of our favorite bloggers, Ashley Hackshaw from Lil Blue Boo did and below is her story – enjoy!

Last year for Random Acts of Kindness Week my daughter and I filled tiny hand sewn paper mâché boxes with treasures and a note asking the recipient to pay if forward. My daughter took some of the boxes around town and handed a few out to strangers she met along the way. This year we wanted to do something similar so we made small canvases with inspirational quotes on them. They are easy to make and we hand stamped each one with a tiny hand carved heart stamp.

Basic Materials Needed:

Artist’s Loft™ 9-pack Mini Canvases

Liquitex® Spray Paint in a variety of colors

Extra-Fine Sharpie® Paint Pens

RAOK Materials


Spray paint the canvases in a variety of colors. Two coats is plenty to create a nice basic finish.

Spray paint your canvases

Use an Extra-Fine Sharpie® to create “guide” lines for letters. The guide lines just become part of the art.

Draw your guidelines Draw your guidelines

Carefully write out inspirational quotes or sayings onto the lines.

Write an inspiring quote!

To add a heart to the canvas, use an Xacto knife to carve the end of a regular pencil eraser into a heart shape to make a small heart stamp:

Make a heart stamp!

Press the stamp onto some red craft paint or a red stamp pad and then onto the canvas:

Stamp with eraser & paint

The tiny heart print:

Random Acts of Kindness

For my own project, I made 18 canvases total, each containing a unique quote or saying:

Mini canvases ready to go

I printed out RAOK tags from Michaels (click here to download) and tied a tag to each canvas using twine.

RAOK with tag

Ready to leave some random kindness around town:

RAOK A big thank you Michaels for letting me share my “heart” felt Random Act of Kindness project again this year!

Check out the digital short of my daughter making and sharing her project last year. All materials can be found at Michaels Craft Stores:

– Ashley Hackshaw


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  • Fantastic Random Act of Kindness Project!

  • Hannah

    Could you please post some of your favorite quotes you shared?

  • Helen

    You are just lovely.
    Such a fun idea!
    Hope you receive all that you give.

  • April Huber

    I would love to see all the quotes you used.

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  • Marsha

    So cute…and I sooo wish I Knew it was RAOK day, I’d have loved to have done something like this with my little one…and what kills me is this: we have all kinds of Awareness or Tribute months for all kinds of things, breast cancer, autism, ALS, Asthma, Celiac, Black History, Jewish American, Irish American, Womans History, Haitian, S.Asian, Asian Pacific, National American Indian, National Cyber Security, National Guide Dog, National Book, National Work & Family, Nat’l preparedness, LGBT, Bullying prevention, Honey Month, Pet month, Bike month,Nat’l Mentoring, Poetry, Womans History…and a few more, and I did not make a single one if these up! I Googled it and these are from a list on Wikipedia!!! Now, not that I don’t think these are bad, or good, I actually think ehh, a bit muuuch on some, and I think sometimes when u have too much, it desensitizes people, but it also doed help the ones who DO care…..bit wouldn’t u THINK, with alllllll the rotten, no good things we hear about what people do to one another and all the Bad news we hear on a daily, they’d AT THE VERRRRRY LEAST, have a Random Acts Of Kindness WEEK, if not a MONTH???!!!??!?! We do sooooooo many other things Backwards in this Country….and trust me, I’m GD Proouuud to be an American (for the most part, lately, however, the species…not so much) and looove my Country….I just don’t get why we are alllll so afraid to be kind, or kinder, to one another? Mind you, I do live in New England, more specifically, the Southcoast area, where people walk around all day like they will be Charged a fee to say Hi, or somehow run out of smiles if they were to ever give one while passing them on the street…and if YOU give them a smile, it truly looks like it actually Huuuurts them physically to smile back! In all actuality, they really only manage to get out a smile that looks like something between a grimace and a facial tick that leaves to wonder if they were giving u a smile back?….or did they just step on a tack?!! And, it is this, all of this ⤴⤴ that makes me wonder, and to be honest, gets me a little upset, as to WHY something so positive and action driven is only given a DAY?!! And, a day I’ve never even heard of, until now??!! Isn’t this the kind of thing that should be all over the place, like Heyyyy Don’t forget, its Nat’l Random Act Of Kindness DAAAYYY (not even week, let alone month, my Gawd, do nice random things foe a whole month

  • Erin

    Great idea! I got all the way up to writing on the canvases but the paint pens barely work on the canvas. The paint come out of the pen but then when placed on the canvas it doesn’t flow. Any thoughts? I’m using sharpie brand paint pens

    • hmm… are you using the oil-based Sharpie? I’m not sure if that would have anything to do with it. I do know you’ll have to hold the paint pen upright and perpendicular to the canvas as opposed to the normal slanted way you would hold it while writing. I am hoping this helps!