The Perfect Party Checklist

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I love throwing parties. My favorite part is crafting all the little details that make the party unique and heartfelt. While throwing a party may seem a bit daunting, you can pull off a professional and whimsical party with just 5 main ingredients. We’ve rounded them up just for you in the Perfect Party Checklist.

1. Invitations

Birthday InvitationSet the tone for your party with a handcrafted invitations. Make them at home or design them online, either way you can create the perfect invite for a very special party. Don’t forget the Thank You Notes!

2. Decorations

Party DecorationsWelcome guests into your party with a simple chalkboard sign.  The best part is that you can reuse this sign for future parties or in your home décor. Table DecorAdding details to the table really help set the scene. Frame your invite or scatter some pom poms; you’ll be surprised how easy this will add a little oomph to your party table.Celebration BannerBanners are the easiest way to create a backdrop to a dessert or present table by giving it some height and drawing guests eyes to this area of the room. You can create a paper banner with pre-cut pennant garland, chipboard glitter letters, twine and ribbon. How easy!

3. Treats

Dessert TablePerhaps my favorite part of any party … the treats! Putting all of the snacks on a table makes a great focal point for your party. Warning – with a treat table like this, you may want to have Dad standing guard.Sprinkle Cake PopsCake pops are a favorite. Not only are they adorable, but they’re easy for kids to eat and a great addition to a small cake.Sprinkle CakeThis Sprinkle Cake just makes me happy. Everyone loves rainbow sprinkles, right?Party Treat ConesAnother fun treat – Party Cones! In just a few easy steps, you can make these fun cones to fill with popcorn, cheesy poofs or your favorite snack.

4. Entertainment & Favors

Party ActivitiesFun outdoor toys like bubble wands are sure to keep the kids busy for at least 10 minutes. You’ll want a few of those, trust me.RL StationAnother fun activity – a Rainbow Loom® station! Tell guests to bring their looms, then separate band colors into baking cups and let them go at it. Swapping bracelets is such a fun party activity!Party DrinksThis dual purpose party activity keeps kids busy crafting and results in a favor they can take home with them.Party HatsHave the kids craft their own party hats with adult supervision. In just a few easy steps each child will have their very own, handcrafted party hat!Favor BagsDon’t forget the favor bags. Colorful paper bags, washi tape & labels make these treats come together in a snap.

5. Gift Wrap

PresentsGift wrap is made easy when you stick with basic solid surfaces and embellish. Glue pom poms to a brightly hued gift bag. Use adhesive letters on kraft paper,  add a felt ornament or washi tape to present. Your efforts won’t go unnoticed and will make the guest of honor feel extra special.

Gift Wrap

If you can cover these 5 essentials, you’re all set for the perfect birthday party.

Party on!


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