Alternative Storage Ideas

8 Alternative Storage Ideas

Get Two Weeks of Your Life Back According to the National Association of Professional Organizers, the average American spends 55 minutes a day searching for things they know they own, but cannot find. We did the math and that equates to roughly 7 hours a week; 28 hours a month; 336 …read more
holiday party ideas

Top 5 Holiday Party Ideas

It’s that time of year – where you get this great idea to throw the Best. Holiday. Party. Ever! You pull out every red and green decoration you have, make a batch of your famous egg nog, scour Pinterest for some awesome DIY holiday details and send out the evites. …read more
DIY Christmas Ornaments

15 DIY Christmas Ornaments

Have you ever seen the clear glass and plastic ornaments at Michaels and wondered how you could decorate them? There are tons of ways to embellish these ornaments and turn them into pretty little things, but mostly, it’s a great project to do with your family or girlfriends! Hi, my name is …read more
Bird Cage Decor

The History of Bird Cages

Ok everyone, gather around. It is time to learn about the history of bird cages. Wait! Come back! Don’t fly away just yet. I know, I know…the history of bird cages sounds like the beginning of a long-winded, and possibly made up, story you hear from your grandparents. I mean…it’s …read more
Do-It-You-Elf Pt. 1

Do-It-Your-Elf: Episode 1

‘Twas the weeks before Christmas and all through the store, The yarn started stirring and fell on the floor. It shook, shimmied, pooled, and it swirled, Then out came an elf! “What in the world!?” With mischief and charm he crept through the aisles, Ready to bring the world sparkle …read more