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Viewpoint Savannah Collection Wall and Tabletop Frames by Studio Décor®



Viewpoint Lincoln Park & 1 Collections Wall and Tabletop Frames by Studio Décor®


I don’t know what it is about spring, but when the weather warms up and the sun starts shining through the windows on my probably dust bunny infested shelves, I feel the need to change up my décor. I want to hang new art on my walls, clear out the clutter on my shelves, and bring the fresh feel of a new season inside my home. However, my desire to redecorate lasts for a few days until the thought of actually “doing” something seems too exhausting and eventually overpowers the inspiration. Wow…this is getting a little dramatic, huh?

Thankfully the solution to sprucing up your decor isn’t dramatic at all! Adding a new grouping of frames to your walls, shelves, and tables can quickly give your home a whole new look. If you are looking for a way to update your home this season, check out our new frame collections from Studio Décor®!

The exclusive Viewpoint Savannah Collection will give your home a rustic cottage feel with decorative accents. These on-trend, rustic frames are designed for those who like to decorate their home with a cozy, comfortable style. The collection includes high-quality, hand-distressed frames and accessories with unique detailing.

The Viewpoint 1 Collection features one stylish frame design in a variety of sizes. The profile is timeless, styled to preserve your memories and fit with any design aesthetic.

If you are feeling inspired to decorate with clean lines and a contemporary design, our exclusive Viewpoint Lincoln Park Collection is the perfect fit! Give your home a look that’s classy and refined with coordinating frames and décor designed to fit your modern lifestyle.

Visit your local Michaels store to see the collections in person and fuel your inspiration! I resolve to change up my décor this spring….will you join me?



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  • mary elizabeth strong

    I truly enjoy the framing work that is completed by the framers at the Rosenberg Michaels in Brazos Town
    Center. Pat and Sherri are two wonderful women of whom I will bring more framing to be done. Thanks
    for having such pleasant people working to make my art look wonderful in my home.

    • Jillian

      That’s great to hear Mary! Thanks for sharing with us.

  • Katie

    Will these designs be available to purchase online?

  • Sabrina Winn Burbanck

    Had a very bad experience in their frame dept. mishandled some expensive art work after they framed it UPSIDE DOWN! It turned out okay but I won’t take anything else there.