Maker Monday: Chelsea from Lovely Indeed

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It’s Maker Monday! Check out another one of our Michaels Makers bloggers and some of her crafting secrets below.

Lovely IndeedChelsea Foy is the maker behind Lovely Indeed, a DIY and lifestyle blog about all of the lovely things in life. Her work has been featured on Apartment Therapy, Buzzfeed, HGTV, Better Homes and Gardens, and more. She recently co-authored Make Your Day, a digital crafting book. Chelsea resides in Los Angeles with her adorable husband, where they spend their time exploring and looking for creative adventures.

1. When did you start crafting?

I’ve been making things ever since I can remember! My mom was always finding little bits and pieces of ephemera in her supplies that my sister and I could play with. And one of our favorite things was to go to the craft store and pick out things with our few dollars that we would save from doing chores.

2. Describe your ideal environment to create a craft project.

I have this dream room in my head, that’s all white with a zillion drawers and boxes and shelves for organization. I love making things in a really clean, plain environment so that the project is clear in my head.

3. What is your favorite type of craft?

Anything unexpected or upcycled – I love not following instructions on packages and thinking outside the box. I think it’s so fun to take an object or a supply and use it for a purpose other than the one originally intended.

4. What craft tool can you not live without?

These days, I use my paper cutter daily.

5. What inspires your blog posts?

Things that I see in the real world! Traveling and going on adventures is the most inspiring thing for me.

6. What project have you always dreamed of doing, but haven’t tackled yet?

My husband and I would love to make a reclaimed wood dining table.

7. What project are you most proud of?

Suede & Gold Mousepad

The suede and gold leaf polka dot mouse pad I made a couple of years back is still my very fave. It’s small and simple but came out better than I imagined. I use it every single day.

8. What project was your biggest craft fail?

There are almost too many to count! Most recently, I was trying to use a wood burning tool and scorched my way through a potholder!

9. Describe your craft style.

Fresh, fun, hip, and unexpected!

10. What is your favorite craft trend right now?

Gold spray paint. I want it on everything.

11. Who is your favorite person to craft with?

Lovely IndeedMy partner-in-crime husband – he’s great at tackling the large-scale stuff while I cover the details. It’s a great partnership.



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