How To Make Peeps® S’mores

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When I say Easter candy, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Some might say jelly beans, or creme-filled eggs. But for me, it’s Peeps®! My Easter basket always had these marshmallow treats nestled between a new swimsuit and a chocolate bunny of some sort. That was our tradition. Peeps have been around for some time now, and while we have seen new colors and even flavors, lots of people have been getting crafty creating clever reci-Peeps. We’ve joined in on the fun and are going to start you off with a really easy one!

Peeps® S’mores

Here’s what you need to get started:

S'more Ingredients

Peeps® – any color or style will do. We used the classic Yellow Chick and Pink Bunny.

Chocolate Bar of Choice

Graham Crackers


Heat Source – We recommend the classic campfire, but you can also make these in the oven. We caution any use of a Peep in a microwave. Note: adult supervision is required any time a fire is involved.

Peep Math

Some people prefer to use peanut butter cups over classic chocolate squares or chocolate chip cookies over grahams, but personally, I am a purist when it comes to those ingredients. Let the Peep sing in this s’more!


1. Choose your heat source.

The embers from a grill are perfect for making these s’mores.

Tip: If you use wood, make sure it¹s all natural (paint, preservative and accelerant free).

2. Grab a graham cracker.

Break it in half so that you have two square pieces for your “sandwich.”

3. Time for chocolate.

Break the bar into smaller pieces to match the size of your cracker. Place two to four chocolate pieces on the cracker.

4. Toast a Peep.

Insert the skewer into Peep. Suspend a few inches above the fire and rotate slowly. When your Peep is lightly browned and melty, remove from heat.

Immediately place the hot, melted marshmallow on top of the base cracker and chocolate.

5. Place top cracker on melty Peep and chocolate.

Use your top cracker to pull the melted peep off your skewer.

Hot marshmallow goo will melt chocolate pieces. While s’more is still hot, eat graham cracker with melted chocolate and marshmallow. Enjoy!

S'more Closeup


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