Learn Your Favorite Flower Meanings

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A fresh bouquet of flowers is my guilty little pleasure. Nothing brightens up a room, or my mood, quite like coming home to bright blooms. I usually just pick out pretty colors, but I have a few flowers that are favorites. All the heart eyes for ranunculus & dahlias!

flower meanings

Have you ever wondered what your favorite flowers mean? Whether you’re arranging a floral bouquet for your home, or deciding which blooms to send your BFF, the language of flowers is really quite interesting (and useful too!).

flower meanings 101

  • Gerbera Daisy – innocence
  • White Heather – wishes will come true
  • Calla Lily – magnificent beauty
  • Dahlia – elegance; dignity
  • Peony – prosperity; bashfulness
  • Red Rose – true love; desire
  • Ranunculus – radiant, with charms

flower meanings 101

  • Lonicera Leaf  – happiness
  • Hydrangea – thankfulness
  • Pussy Willow – motherhood
  • Pink Rose – happiness, grace & sweetness

Flower MeaningsThese are just a few of my favorite flower meanings, but there are so many more! The ancient history behind the meanings is so intriguing. Keep these meanings in mind the next time you’re picking out  a bouquet!

What does your favorite flower mean?


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